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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 12/6/11 , edited 12/8/11
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Form <3
User(In link if you know how):
Character name:
How you died:
Do you have your memories:
Are you in battle front or not yet or No:

Appearance Pic or description if pic please put in spoiler:
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In your Dreams
Posted 11/16/12 , edited 11/17/12
User: YumeHagino

Character Name: Yume Hagino (Hagino Yume 萩野夢)

How You Died: She slipped off performance stage and hit her head on a metal pole, resulting to her bring in a coma for 6 months. When she woke up, she was in a bad weak state but went to the bathroom with assistance. Halfway while washing her hands, she collapsed so quickly that the nurse couldn’t hold her up and hit her head on the sink. After that, she never woke up again.

Do You Have Your Memories: Yes. She remembers that she has a younger brother named Jetto Hagino and an elder sister. She also remembers she was in a band/group before she died.

Are You In Battle Front or Not Yet or No: Yes.

Personality: She tries to become a calm level-headed person but she never balances well and either speeds past everyone or falls behind. With big dreams, (as her name Yume means ‘dream’), she always wishes everyone a good night and wakes up saying she had a wonderful dream, even if it was a nightmare. She is keen on doing everything by herself, even in her recovery state and is hardly ever lazy. She is an introverted person with little to say but her confidence boosts when she is performing. She quotes “Music carries me to my dreams” right before a performance one day. Her personality sometimes changes with music.

Weapons: A Scythe.

Talents: Singing, playing bass guitar, dancing, writing poems.

Likes: Cats, birds, singing, dancing, pop/rock/classical music sometimes screamo, milk tea, playing with her younger brother, reading, lots of others etc.

Dislikes: Bullying, loud noise, pollution, coffee, milk (though she likes milk tea).

Appearance: She has wide crystal blue eyes and hazel brown hair that reachers her chest. She has an uneven front fringe and the left side of her hair at the front is tied into a small plait. The rest of her hair isn't tied. She only ties her hair into a low ponytail when thinking or doing practical activities.
She is 14 and 160cm tall. She weights 42kg. Her SSS uniform is the same as everyone's except her sleeves reach her forearms. She also wears grey and black striped stockings/shoes that reach above her knees.

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