Abandon Hope?
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Posted 12/8/11 , edited 12/8/11
Okay let me paint a quick picture for you. You have a family of 4 your mom passed away 1 1/2 ago from cancer. Your currently unemployed you have huge dreams of becoming an illustrator for comics/video games/graphic/web design and etc. But your family doubts your ability to succeed, they also disregard any positions that's yours. For example you bought new shoes and take good care of them but say one of your family members wants to work in the garden they'll use your said shoes. Simply because of the fact that it's yours. Also due to certain reasons your dad hates your guts so. to put it simply your stuck with people who disrespect you and think your beliefs and values are piss poor. Next you also don't have any friends you graduated from high school 3 years ago and now your currently not in school either due to financial reasons. and your sister maxed out your credit card. You also have a ex girlfriend who treated you like crap just cause you didn't really have the will to fight back after your mom passed away yet you still have some feelings for her.Also the friends whom you still have left treat you like your a idiot and talk down to you all the time Not to mention your bills and stuff r piling and you don't know what to do. In all truth should this person end there life? Or will it get better...
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Posted 12/8/11 , edited 12/8/11
It will get better, but only if you make an effort to make it better.
While some people are born in more privileged surroundings than others, everyone has to work for something.
Rather than just looking at the bad things, think of the good things as well. You can be almost certain that there are people who live generally way shittier lives in comparison. You just need to change perspective a little.
Think of the possibilities and opportunities you have that others don't, and suddenly, things won't seem so dark.

After you've done that, you must try work your way up socially.
Ask yourself WHY you are in the social position you are. Why do that talk down to you? Why do they not respect you? And then make efforts to change that.
Also concider how your relationship is with your family and friends in general. If things are like they are, I'm certain there are individuals there that you don't really have any need for, and who don't really care all that much about you in the end. Those people, you should have no problem disposing of in favor of someone better that may come further down the line. Might as well keep that spot open if you don't like them anyways.

As for your dreams of becoming an illustrator, it's very simple. If you stick to it and keep improving your skills, there is no reason why it can't happen eventually.
Should you EXPECT it to happen? No. That's why you must have something to fall back on. A job or an education that will land you in a steady job, so that you can support yourself if it doesn't happen. And then work towards your dreams on the side.
And if you really are only 20 years old, you have a long life ahead of you. So if it doesn't happen within the first years, or even the first decade or two, don't give up hope. If you give up hope, it will definetly never happen...
A decade of not being an illustrator will seem like pocket change, compared to the several decades that you could potentially spend on actually being an illustrator, if you're patient and keep towards achieving your goal.

As for the bills and your sister maxing out your credit card, seek out an advisor. There are people out there who specialize in helping people out of these situations. Find one that fits for you, explain your situation, and they'll help you out.

If you just keep fighting and make effort for things to improve, things WILL improve. That much is certain.
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