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The Other World

The Other World (Tenkai; called the "Cosmos" in the "Super Exciting Guides") is the afterlife in the Dragon Ball series. It is where characters go when they die, and also where the higher deities of the universe reside.
Hell and Heaven are the two main destinations for deceased people in the afterlife, however, there is also a level that exists between the two. This level contains the personal planets of deities such as Lady Kai and Grand Kai, as well as the celestial bureaucracy who are in charge of running the day-to-day activities of Other World such as King Sin.

Places in Other World
Check-In Station

Check-In Station is a gateway between the physical plane of existence and the Other World. It serves as both King Sin's palace and his office, where he passes judgement over dead souls, sending the good ones to Heaven and the bad ones to Hell. In this mansion, King Sin is staffed by other ogres. Under certain circumstances, King Sin has allowed certain deceased individuals to retain their bodies, usually those who have done heroic deeds (e.g. Zeek and other), or who have high power levels. The Check-In Station is also adjacent to Snake Way, and Hell

Lady Kai's Planet

Lady Kai's planet is a planet located in the Other World. It is home to Lady Kai, ruler of the North Galaxy. It is also home to Lady Kai's helper, Snow. Even though the planet is relatively small, it has gravity that is 35 times that of Earth's, allowing for more intense training (clearly seen through Zeek's struggle to even stand up). In addition, the planet carries apple trees, of which the apples in question, when dropped, would burrow down into the ground.

Heaven (天国, Tengoku)

is a gigantic planet in the Other World, covered with flowers and plants. It has a strange glow around it. It looks slightly like Earth but every one on the planet has a ghostly tail (as they have not been allowed to keep their bodies like Goku and the other Z Fighters once they died).

Hell (地獄, Jigoku), or HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers)

in the edited version, is a place in Other World where evil characters (and sometimes, in the case of Piccolo, Goku, and Pikkon, protagonists) go after they die. Hell is never actually shown in the manga; however it is shown several times throughout the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT anime series. Hell is also featured in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.The Hell of the Dragon Ball universe is apparently a mountainous area located beneath the Snake Way. Its most distinguishing feature of those shown is the "Bloody Pond" in Area 1, Sector 3, which, true to its name, is apparently composed of blood;

Grand Kai's Planet(Coming Soon)

Other World Events( Coming Soon)

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Other World Characters

This a Character that plays minor or big parts in Dragonball Z Legends Rp. This Character Can be Rp by anyone.

Played By : (Currently Shinsonic23 and Anyone who wants to help )

King Sin

" Dont make me send you to Hell!"

Lady Kai

" I am a deity, the ruler of the North Galaxy. You'll be wise to remember that"

"Give me a ball of yarn and sum cold milk and you got your self a deal"

More to come....
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Day 7 - Zeek's Training On Lady Kai's Planet

Zeek who is excited about his training tries to jump for joy but couldnt even hop
Zeek: It there a way to lift the gravity so we can start training?
Lady Kai: No but...
Lady Kai then snaps and a wrist band appears on both of Zeek's arms, a Vest and boots all appear on Zeek. and then Zeek falls to the ground.
Lady Kai: I just put 400lbs of weights on u. And you will keep in on for your whole training. Your first task is to climb the tree.
Zeek who was laying on the ground looks at the tree and then Lady Kai then back at the tree.
Zeek: o...k!
Lady Kai turn around and walks to her little house and Snow follow behind her.
Snow: You know his the first Male you trained in a long while...not to mention the first to set foot on this planet in over a 100 years. Do you really think it was necessary for you to add weights to him.
Lady Kai: I know what i'm doing. He may be and idiot but his eyes. They show a true warrior. And True Warriors need to be pushed.
Snow: yeh yeh....
Snow hops on Lady Kai's shoulder as they both watch Zeek thur the window as he crawls to the big tree in the yard.
Zeek: Here we GO!

It has been 7 days since Zeek reached Lady Kai's Planet and started his training. Zeek finally was able to climb the large tree. As he reaches the top a branch breaks and he falls to the ground hitting it like a lead ball. He lays there looking at the pinkish yellow sky.
Zeek: i never knew how tough training in 35 time Earth gravity would be.
Snow(Cat Form): And dont forget the 400lbs of weights ur wearing
Zeek lifts his head and sees Snow sitting on his chest.
Zeek: Hi Talking Kitty Cat.
She shakes her head as Lady Kai stands on the right side of Zeek
Lady Kai: Good Job Zeek. It only took you 900 trys and a week but you did it.
She says very sarcastically but Zeek didnt know and looks at her and smiles
Zeek: Yeh I did. I think I got thing gravity thing down.
Zeek then does a cool hop getting up off the ground and Snow hops on Lady Kai's Shoulder.
Zeek: So whats next Ms. K?
"Ms.K? no one has ever given me a nickname before.." He thinks to her self.
Lady Kai: You need more Movement training. I dont think you quite ready to learn My teachings yet. You will have a Sparring Session with Snow. This will be the start of your advance movement training.
Snow: i wont go easy on him Lady Kai
Lady Kai: I'm not asking you to.
Zeek: But ur a cat. A talking cat but a cat none the less.
Snow jumps off Lady Kai's shoulder doing a flip in the air transforming into her humanoid form.
Snow: Ta-Da!
She yells as she lands on both her feet. Zeek jaw drops
Zeek: Your a Woman?!!! You can transform?!!!! Ur Naked!!!!
Zeek gets a nose bleed and faints and Lady Kai shakes her head.
Lady Kai: Go put some clothes on Snow.
Snow: M'kay
Snow then runs inside the house
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Day 52 - Zeek's Training On Lady Kai's Planet

Zeek's power was rising quite a bit Zeek's aura started to glow golden and his hair was turning black to yellow but back to black
Zeek: ArrrrhhhhAHAHAHHA!! ....
Zeek falls to his knees out of exhaustion
Zeek: *Pant Pant Pant*....I....Cant Do it Ms. K

Lady Kai was standing about 5ft away from Zeek. She had her hand behind her back. She had her everyday stern look on her face.
Lady Kai: Zeek....If you wish to be like your friend Ringo. You must become angry. You must feel it. Your almost there Zeek.
Zeek sits on the ground like a kid.
Zeek: I...just cant....We've been at this for a month now....I just....I cant Ms.K Im sorry. Cant we get do more Sparring or more Spirit Bomb training?....
Lady Kai sighs then Snow in her Cat form hops on Zeek's head
Snow (Cat Form): How do ya except to be seen as a rival to this Ringo guy if ya cant even do this Super thing?
Zeek looks down at the ground and says nothing.
Lady Kai: That's enough Snow. *Looks at Zeek* We can do another training if you wish Zeek.
Snow (cat form) :Lady Kai....what about your Mind powers. Cant ya my Zeek see and experience an tragic event?
Zeek lifts his head and looks at Lady Kai
Lady Kai: Yes but....
Zeek: Ms. K Please!....I want to be Stronger to Protect my family and Friends!
Zeek places his head at her feet bowing down. She sighs.
Lady Kai: Get up Zeek....fine fine....but dont blame me if your Mind, Body and Spirit are broken.
Zeek gets up smiling and Snow was smiling as well.
Lady Kai: Stand right there. Closes your eyes and empty your mind.
Zeek does as she says stand there and Snow hops up on Lady Kai's right shoulder
Lady Kai: Zeek what you are about to feel will be very very real. As if you are there. If things get to hard for you I will stop.
Zeek: I'm ready for anything Ms.K. Dont hold back.
Lady Kai takes a breath in then she starts to glow white as she puts out both her hands towards Zeek. Zeek is then hit with a shockwave. And then he opens his eyes and his is on Earth.

Zeek: What the?! Is this Earth? Lady Kai! where are you?
Chaos: Who the hell are you call out to Human?
Zeek turns around and is super shock to see Chaos.
Zeek: Ch-Chaos?! but but...Ur Dead!
Chaos: Hahahaha....Foolish Human. I am Mighty and unstoppable. There is no one who can Kill me.
Chaos vanishes to appear with a knee into Zeek's gut
Then Chaos then grabs Zeek's Head slamming him into the ground then he starts to laugh. Zeek gets up
Zeek: He is even strong then he was...Tho I am too!
Zeek Darts at Chaos and throws a punch but Chaos catches it and punches Zeek in the face. Then everything went black. The next time Zeek opened his eyes he was in a wasteland and all his friend's bodies all around him. He looked in terror.
He spots Yaen's body and runs to him
Zeek: Yin! Yaen! Speak to me buddy!
Yaen:...Ze-Zeek...He is...
Yaen dies in Zeek's arms
Zeek: YAEN!
Ancient Form Chaos was fighting a Super Sayian Ringo. And Zeek with tears in his eye looks up and sees Ringo get grabbed by the neck by Chaos
Zeek: Ringo!
Zeek flys up to try and help Ringo but it was too late. Chaos snaps Ringo's neck like a twig and then drops Ringo. Zeek catches him the lifeless body of Ringo the strongest fighter on earth.
Zeek: No....No...
Ancient Form Chaos appears in front of Zeek slapping him into the ground. Zeek gets up but only to get knocked down again.
Rin: Leave me Son Alone!
Chaos looks at Rin, Zeek's mother, and charges at her.
His mom takes her fighting stance but with one punch from Chaos she falls to her knees then is grabbed by her hair being slammed back and forth like a rag doll. Zeek's eyes couldnt believe what was happening. Chaos slams her body on the ground one last time and her body bounced and Chaos blasted her killing her.
Zeek pupils where gone as the tears from his eye went away.
Zeek: I'LL FUCKING KILLL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeek's aura turn golden as he flew towards Chaos

Lady Kai: Zeek Zeek Zeek!
Zeek eyes open up and he sees Lady Kai. He was back on Lady kai's Planet.
Zeek: Ms. K?!
She and Snow, who was in her transform state, they where smiling at Zeek.
Lady Kai: Its ok Zeek it was all in your head. An illusion.
Zeek: It felt so real....So real....
Zeek eyes look at the ground
Lady Kai: I know Zeek
Snow: Lady Kai stop after she saw the pain it was causing you. But....
Snow puts a mirror in front of Zeek.
Zeek: WHAT THE HECK?! My Hair its its Blonde! and my Eyes are Blue!
Snow: I like your black hair and grey eyes better tho your cuter that way
Zeek rubs the back of his head
Lady Kai: Good job Zeek. That will be all for today's training. Come help me make dinner.
Zeek's hair turns back black and he turn back to nomral as he runs behind Lady Kai to the house.
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