Video is not working for latest ep of Beelzebub on iPad app
Posted 12/10/11 , edited 12/11/11
As stated in the title!

p.s. I feel weird posting here but Abby is too busy to reply to his gb anyway.
Posted 12/11/11 , edited 12/11/11

Kippu wrote:

There currently is up to a 3-7 hour delay from when the videos are released on our site and released to our various apps due to technical reasons. Though we are actively working to resolve these issues so that the videos are released across all platforms at the same time. Check again in a couple of hours, Stareye.

I actually tried watching it after bout 10 hours from when it is released. O_O Anyway it's working now hun, me loves you.
Posted 12/12/11 , edited 12/12/11

Kippu wrote:

No you were trying to watch it 1 hour after it was released on the site. I made sure before I replied back yesterday. Love you too <3

LOL guess what, i mixed it up with the broadcast time for Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi which is at 11:35am One cannot lie to the poooooh! <3
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