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Please... Keep going... New chapters are posted towards the end.
[Caution: This novel contains Yaoi love scenes]... Arigatou Gozaimas.


Chapter 1: A Blank Page

If there is a name that would describe her, it would be a “Pest,”—without any doubt. Because that’s what she is: a blooming pest! A ghostly character that keeps hanging at the back of my mind, but never wishes to be a part of any story—that I was trying to introduce her into; up to a certain point that she even deletes, what I have written already. However, on the other hand, perhaps, this is the very reason; why I simply couldn’t forget her. Her personality is somewhat similar to the type of color that I couldn’t quite figure out, whether she belongs to majestic blue, cheerful yellow or perhaps, annoying pink. So, I named her, “Jade” instead. Suddenly, speaking of the devil…

“~Ohhh… I’m Jade?” Pointing her finger on herself cheerfully out curiosity, as she peeks from behind my back; resting her chin on my right shoulder—reading the introduction I have written on the computer screen about her. “And… and, I’m a PEST?! WHAAAH! I’m NOT a P-E-S-T!!” She cried out from the top of her lungs, while pulling my head back forcing me to look at her growling grizzly bear expression as a threat.

“I see,” I replied, with a rather bland tone of voice, while her hands maintained a firm grasp on both sides of my cheeks, few inches away from her face when our eyes meet… I noticed how her grizzly bear expression melted away… into a sweet kindly face that I always loved.

“You’re not going to kiss me, are you?” I asked quietly, while somewhat being allured by those tantalizing eyes of hers… into absolute submission.

“Do you really think? I’m a pest..?” she whispered softly.

Enamored by her charm, I replied rather shyly with sincerity, “Ye—yeah, and a very annoying one—I must admit, perhaps… probably; because, I couldn’t stop thinking about you… Jade.” With my heart, just about to jump—out of my chest, I slowly closed my eyes, as a sign for surrender… while, I waited for her; to bestow my reward, or my punishment for telling the truth.

It was then, when I felt a warm gentle touch on my forehead, and someone breathing softly, aside from my own… slowly I reached-out without opening my eyes, seeking to ensnare a delicate kiss and warm embrace from the one, who made every fiber of my being; inflamed with passionate desire. “I don’t need to open my eyes to see you… my beloved,” I thought.

I felt a slight hesitation at first; when I found her lips with mine… So, wrapped my arms around her body in tight embrace; with our lips still entwined in passionate kiss, every time she grasp for breath… my kiss deepened, until finally; she allowed herself to be swept away with my feelings.

~Ahhh! “I never thought that day-dreaming could be this good—until now.” I thought to myself… “I wouldn’t want it to end, if I could...” But, when, I slowly slither my hands under her shirt, to fondle her bosom… ~Eh?! I couldn’t find it; not even a little bit? The soft, and yet tight, delicate skin that I felt within my hands… made me wonder “This is not a dream… isn’t it?” I asked myself quietly.

With my heart still racing; I slowly opened my eyes, and let go… “~Huh, Yos-hi..?” Stunned, and without comprehension of what to do, next… I found myself on top of someone else, speechless… “I must have been blushing all the way to my ears, just like he is,” embarrassedly, I thought.

His teary eyes and the innocently helpless expression on his face, ~My! He looked absolutely adorable; as time seemed to have stopped momentarily… mesmerized by an overwhelming feeling… I never thought; that I would find another dude rather cute and actually admit it; I smiled shyly. It was then, when I felt a slight tugging on my sleeves “Se—Sempai…” he uttered softly, with teardrops rolling down from the corner of his eyes. I couldn’t help it… I leaned forward a little and caressed his teardrops away with my finger tips. Could it be? That I was drawn by the earnest look in his eyes, and find myself tracing the contour of his lips with the same finger tips that dries his tears away—driven by an overwhelming desire to kiss it, once more..?

I shook my head in disbelief, and tried to muster a sincere apology to Yoshi kun,—instead. But, before I could finish, what I was about to say… He grabbed the collar of my shirt and kissed me back, although it wasn’t the kiss that surprised me at the time, but his love confession afterwards…

“Dai suki da yo, Seiji Sempai… Tsu,—tsuki ai te kudasai!” He uttered anxiously and without delay as soon as he let go of my lips. The way his face blushed in deep pink, while quivering uncontrollably—as he waits for my reply is somewhat admirable, so I thought, “why not?” I took my jacket off and put it around Yoshi kun and smiles, “Sure, I’ll go out with you” I casually replied. Shortly afterwards, the bell rings, “~Huh? I think visiting hours is due in ten minute—not to mention, it’s been a long day… Yoshi kun, would you like me to walk you back to your place?” Yoshi simply smiled…

“It’s alright; Sempai… my room is just across the hallway: Serenity room” Yoshi answered, while pointing his finger towards it. “Thank you for the warm jacket,” he added before he left my room.

~Eh?! That’s when the penny dropped, as soon as I heard, about “Serenity room”, I realized, it finally make sense! Because that was the same room… where Jade’s ghost and I first met!

“Jade, you little…! Of all the available heart that you could possibly posses, why didn’t you posses a drop dead gorgeous female body instead of a bloody Dude!” I shouted, while glaring at the blank page on my computer screen… yet again. ~Phew! Thank goodness… I remembered to save a back-up copy. He he he…

[To be continued…]


Chapter 2: Nice Dream

How often do you think; an opportunity of landing a goddess would occur in a lifetime? My guess would probably be the same as the sync ratio of someone who would try to pilot an Evangelion for the first time, 0.000001%. Ha ha ha!! In other words “Not a chance, so, don’t even dream about it!” And this is exactly where my sentiments started. ~Oh, hold on a sec, let me rephrase that… I should have said, thanks to that blooming ghost, ever since I met her… my easy going life, turned upside down and inside out… sigh. If you happened to be one of those who believe in supernatural phenomenon, well, that’s what they call it… I bet you might find his place quite interesting; to say the least.

Let me to tell you a story… The day I met Jade, was the time; when I moved into this guesthouse, right after I was transferred in the High School nearby. Most of the residents here are either pilgrim monks or students, and yeah… those who seek accommodation temporarily. The rules are simple: no wild parties or excessive noise aside; from their own chanting and ceremonial stuff; you know what I mean… which happens pretty much regularly, since the adjacent building next door is a blooming temple… After that everything can be negotiated, under the circumstances, and considerate amount of donations. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s nice idyllic place, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and not to mention, just walking distance away from the school, which I happened to get myself transferred into, however, everything this good must have had a catch, one-way or the other, I thought. And it didn’t take very long; for me to find out.

The moment I entered the door, I felt a cold chill at the back of my neck. Although, I thought it was just my imagination at the time. The interior design resembled a traditional Japanese mansion. A labyrinth of sliding shoji doors, that looks exactly the same; adorned by dimly lit paper lamps placed on strategic locations, which somehow gives you an impression that, they were not placed there to brighten the hallway, but rather, to serve as guiding light to your destination. It’s really nice and all that… but on the same token, it feels kind of creepy to me. The Managing Monk, who welcomed my arrival, mentioned that since it was off season, it is alright for me to pick any room of my liking. ~Yawn… after the long trip and all the formalities I went through, I am pretty much worn out and very sleepy. So I chose the room that spelled out exactly what I have in-mind; “Serenity” the room at the very end of the hallway right across to the room named, “Tranquility.”

A room with ample amount of light, simple, and yet, elegant… “~Ah! It feels just like home…” so, I thought… I drop my stuff off and lie down on the tatami mat, as soon as I entered the room. ~Hmmnn, it feels great! Looking at the ceiling while enjoying the homely ambiance, I wouldn’t mind saying it again, I thought, “I’m finally home…”Just when I was about to close my eyes, I heard someone said…

“Okaeri nasai….”

~Huh? I sat right up and looked around franticly, “Dare, dare nan desu ka?” I asked anxiously. And when I look behind; there she was… a foxy lady, wearing nothing but a very revealing rather cute white apron. “~Whaaaat the…! Whiiite Laaady?!” Blushing almost instantaneously, I turned my back away quickly before my nose bleeds started turning into a humiliating fountain and apologized with my eyes tightly shut while pinching my nose, “Shumimashen, shumimashen, ShumimaShen desu taaa…!” Afterwards, I grabbed my stuff and left the room in a hurry.

Instinctively, I run inside the first open door that I could find, which is right across the hallway, shut the door; rush into the corner—and sit there, with my entire body still trembling uncontrollably.

“~Pant, pant… that was really… disconcerting!” I said to myself, “I have no idea women in this part of town are so liberated.” Despite my initial shocking encounter, my curiosity grew stronger—until I found myself stalking her, with no avail. A week passed by and yet, I’ve never heard or seen anyone going in, or, out of her room. However, when I mentioned it to the Guesthouse Manager, he gave me a heavy pat on my back and replied with a big grinning smile on his dial, “You are a real joker my boy, haven’t you notice it yet? You are the only residing guest around here see?” While, pointing at the wall behind his desk showing all the available rooms with keys still hanging on the hooks; except mine.

That was it! I felt as if my head started spinning until everything turns black. I couldn’t remember what happened afterwards, all I remember is that, as soon as I opened my eyes the Manager asked me, “Did you have a nice dream?”

[To be continued…]


Chapter 3: Paper Lanterns

Gently tracing the contour of his lips, while gazing at the beautifully lit paper lanterns;—floating freely on the pond. I would have thought, that he must have noticed me by now. Since I am literally right-behind him…

“Care for something to drink?” I casually asked after placing a can of chilled coke on top of his head.

“~Huh?! Tha—thanks…”

I leaned forward and flick my index finger on his forehead, “Whoa! What’s up with the silly expression on that mug of yours for?” I teasingly asked, and then, sit next to him on the veranda.

“~Uh! Nothing, nothing at all! I,—I was surprised… that’s all,” Yoshi replied rather anxiously;—blushing all the way to his ears; while trying to avoid a direct eye contact.

~Hmmn… Absent minded, again?" I thought to myself, while looking towards the direction of the floating paper lanterns,—mesmerized by the flickering light within the beautifully crafted colorful petals of the lotus flower that signify the idea of the soul that resides in every living things. It was then, when a stray thought flew into my mind… while opening the can of coke, “Could it be? That… that my Beloved truly resides inside his heart?” I asked myself quietly with a slyly smile on my dial.

Time slips by, as the glowing light within the paper lanterns started to dwindle. The diminishing colorful light reflected on the pond, paved the way for the moon to cast its own radiance. While the crisp cool winter temperature started to penetrate through our clothing, shivering… we found ourselves being drawn to each other closer and closer, until our shoulder touches. “~Huh?!” The same odd sound that escaped from our lips while blushing in deep red: “One glimpse…” that’s all it takes, to confirm what both of us couldn’t express with words… ~Barely made it inside my room, we found each other being consumed by an overwhelming desire.

“This burning desire to hold you…” Yoshi asked, “What would you call it?”

“I couldn’t describe it myself…” I replied helplessly, “Perhaps, maybe, we might be able to find out afterwards, don’t you think?”

Time seemed to have stopped momentarily, as we held each other in a perpetual embrace… leisurely listening to our hearts desire.

“I want you…” I whispered softly.

“We want you more…” Yoshi replied softly.

“~Eh? Chotto Matte…” I halted his attempt to kiss me by blocking his face with my bare hand, “I don’t do three-some… ” I said snobbishly.

Yoshi removed my hand forcefully off his face with irritated looked on his dial, sat upright and replied, “Nan… nan desu ka, kimi wa.”

“You heard me… I don’t do three-some.”

“What do you mean three-some? It’s obvious; there’s no- one here, but the two of us,” Yoshi protested.

“~Oh? Then, what do you mean; when you said, ‘We’ earlier?”

“~E heh he… Bad grammar?” Yoshi uttered pretentiously.

“~E heh he… ja nai;—tell me honestly… which one are you?” I asked sternly.

Without uttering a word, Yoshi got up and opened the sliding shoji door leading to the pond, and then looked back at me, “Why don’t you find out the answer by yourself, Seiji sempai?” The crisp cool breeze snuffed out, every single one of the flickering light within the paper lantern, making it unnoticeable under the radiance of the moon and its reflection, on the placid surface of the pond. “Look and you will see… the answer is right in-front of you,” he continued.

“Nothingness and Endless Illusion, ~huh… I see,” I thought, with a slight grin on my dial. Afterwards, I pulled out the thick blanket on my bed and wrapped it around Yoshi. “Understood… let’s go back inside before you catch cold, shall we? I have a proposition to make…” I kindly suggested.

Yoshi, I mean, Jade rest her head on my shoulder quietly as we both walked back inside my room. “When did you know?” she asked.

“After you deleted the latest story I wrote for you… Although I must admit, that I am still having second thoughts, until now. He he he.”

“~Whaah! Sonna!! You already know that I was having a hard time, but you didn’t even do anything…?”

“~Oh, come-on…” I replied; “that’s the reason, I told you, I have a proposition, haven’t I?” I reminded Jade while digging my way in-between the mattress. “Found it!”

“Found what?”

“What else, the solution to our little problem… of course!” I proudly affirmed, while spreading out the pictures of drop dead gorgeous models in-front of her. “Sa-a,—why don’t you ditch this dude’s body and posses the heart… of these lovely pussy-cats instead… ne?”

Suddenly, I felt cold chills went up and down my spine, while sensing the ominous feeling, as if my life is in grave danger; ~Gulp, feeling sheepish for pulling out a cheap trick,—I froze… upon hearing the sound of her gnashing teeth. Unceremoniously, she slammed her left hand on top of the pictures of the foxy babes that I laid out before her, and then, grabbing my shirt collar afterwards. ~Gulp…

“Here I was pouring out my feelings…” she seriously stressed out angrily. “Seiji no Baka! ~Grrrrr… HENTAI!!”

She shook off the thick blanket that I wrapped around her earlier and hit me with it rather rashly, afterwards, she dash-out of my room, crashing through the sliding shoji doors, like she used to—when she was still a ghost, unfortunately this time... it didn’t worked-out too well. Which I found somewhat weird and rather amusing: Not-to-mention, being called a “Hentai” by another “Hentai..?” Man… that was absolutely awesome! My cheeks puffed-out while I was trying to bottle up my feelings, but, I couldn’t hold it in… I burst out laughing anyway! Bwa ha ha ha!!!

[To be continued…]


Chapter 4: Simply Complicated

A woman’s charm is not only based on her appearance, but on her personality as well. That’s what I thought, when I met her: a pretty? No…BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately, she is now currently residing inside Yoshi’s body… A blooming Dude! Perhaps, may be, I’m a bit too harsh… ~sigh.

Yoshi, as in Yoshimura, Chiaki… Well, we were school-mates back in middle school, I know him well; he is the only one who qualified to become a member of my prestigious club called, “The Biological Ecology Club.” In other words, a club that does nothing but hang around in the most peaceful and luxurious venue within the entire school; “The Green House,” having tea and tea cakes served, while discussing the interrelationship of organisms and their environment, with fellow collectors who are willing and able to contribute an ample amount of donation in order to secure a seedling, or a sapling from our exquisite variety of exotic flora and fauna. Nerdy club you say? ~OF COURSE NOT! We are capitalist in disguise, “The Green House;” host most of the rarest species of orchids from every corner of the world, along with carnivorous plants and butterflies… It is a treasure chest that every collector would have dreamed of;—and on the same token bonsai enthusiast drop-by quite regularly to have a glimpse of our living treasure: The Heritage Bonsai collection.

Between the two of us, we actually raised a lot of donations… which brightens up the smile on the Head Master greedy mug… despite the fact that the collection itself and the biologist who looks after them was borrowed from the specialist that works for my family’s precious collection from Yokohama. It’s is rather difficult to borrow one without the other, so… why not take both, I thought.

As, our business gradually become quite popular with non-paying clients as well, (i.e., female admirers) to a point that we have to post visiting hours for our sake, as it gets too crowded—upon hearing this; my parents found out that the reason, behind my declining marks, which was down-graded to nothing more than extra-curricular activities; they confiscated my money making collection and transferred me over here, as result.

My first priority should be my studies, according to my Dad with my Mom nodding her head in the background. My parent’s policy were absolute, “Obey first, and ask questions later.” However, I did mention to my Mom, that if my allowance was raised… I wouldn’t be so keen on making extra cash; and would most likely concentrate on my studies instead. As a reward for honesty, my allowance was doubled. But there’s a hitch, they transferred me into an exclusive school for boys only. Thanks to this place, my living expenses was rather, dramatically reduced after having a ghostly spirit for a pesky companion, instead of partying from dusk till dawn. ~If my memory serves me right, it has been a year, since then… and yet, I couldn’t recall a boring moment ever since I’ve met her.

Looking at her, —I mean him, sleeping peacefully. After knocking himself out cold; if the shoji door didn’t give-in, it could have been much worst, ~yokatta…

Logically speaking, it doesn’t make sense… I have no idea how long it has been since Jade’s spirit started to haunt this halls. However, a habit of going through walls instead of using the door is proof enough that she must have been aware that she is a ghostly spirit; for quite a long time—in order to get used to it.

I couldn’t help thinking,—why on earth didn’t she possessed someone’s heart earlier on ~Hmmn… right after she died for instance, rather than later… And why, Yoshi? How did Jade manage to posses his heart so easily? Did it occur to her that she could have taken mine as instead? ~Aaah! This is mind-boggling! However, what worries me, the most; is not being able to know, what happened to Yoshi’s soul, while his body was taken over by her.

~Tsk, tsk… I’m pretty sure Yoshi was the one who asked me out at the time… it was his habit of calling me Seiji sempai that will vouch for that… meanwhile, the one who deleted my story is undoubtedly Jade’s handy work, she can move objects just by using her mind, which makes her a much better friend,—and the worst imaginable enemy.

Besides, Yoshi wouldn’t run through a door without opening it first, that’s for sure! ~He he he… Hold on, if Jade is unconscious… I wonder; if Yoshi could hear my voice, or perhaps… Will he wake up if I do this..?

“Stealing another kiss, Seiji sempai?”

“Ehe he he… I was just about to…” I replied with a big smile on my dial. “What a party pooper you turned out to be.”

“What are you doing in my room?” Yoshi asked curiously.

“Do you remember,—how did you get this..?” I let his hand feel the lump on his head. Afterwards, I pat the side of his bruised right arm and shoulder.

“~Yowch! Aw,—Awww! That HURTS!! When, did this happen?!” Yoshi abruptly shouted, nursing his head and his bruised arm alternately afterwards.

“You don’t remember?” I sincerely asked

“You didn’t beat me up unconscious… did you? Sempai..?” Yoshi asked, while still nursing his bruised arm and shoulder.

“If I happened to have done something with you, getting beaten, afterwards or before-hand should be the least of your worries,” I replied teasingly, while watching his pale cheeks blush in pink. Then, I asked him again…“Are you sure? You have no recollection of what happened earlier, Hmmmn…?”

“Stop beating around the bush, Sempai, and tell me…” Yoshi asked anxiously.

“Well, if you are that keen to embarrass yourself, why not?” with snobbish expression and a grinning smile, I answered, “You run through the shoji door head on—knocking down the panel and knocking-out yourself unconscious in the process. After lustfully peeking on my butt-naked body in the shower, still covered with bubbly soap,—all wet, hard, and very slippery…”

“I did… WHAT?!” Yoshi’s blushing pink cheeks turned bright red in an instant. “Lie! Lie! It’s all LIES!!” He shouted defensively… he grabbed his pillow and covered his face with it, in an attempt to hide his blushing face.

“~Oh… Really?” I replied teasingly, while tugging the corner of pillow, “How did you know? If you can’t even remember..?”

“That’s the reason, I know… because, I can’t remember.” Yoshi responded shyly with muffled voice.

Tugging the corner of the pillow, once again… “Oi! Did you say something? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

When, he finally peeled-off the pillow that he stuffed his face into… he shouted, “I CAN’T REMEMBER!!” So loud… it nearly blew my eardrums-off.

“~Ohh… Yeah? Why is your nose bleeding, then, I wonder?” I replied, right after shaking my head and caressing the side of my ear that received the shock wave from his outburst.

“It’s the way you described it…” he bashfully replied.

Yoshi instinctively pinch his nose and look for the traces of blood on the pillow and on his shirt. When, I handed over a box of tissue in-front of him. “Here, stuff your nose with these… don’t mind the blood-stain.” I said, while obviously trying to keep myself from laughing… upon approaching the crucial moment of not being able to hold my feelings, I run into his bathroom and laugh out-loud while muffling the sound at the same time with his bath towel on my face… My cheeks are still blushing and my eyes were still moist from laughing myself silly… when, the bathroom door flung open; seeing Yoshi’s nose stuffed-up with tissue, I burst out laughing, yet again. ~Bwa ha ha ha!!

Embarrassedly teased and laughed-at; Yoshi went back to his bed, wrapped himself up with a thick blanket and sulk. As for myself, I washed my face with cold running water from the tap to stop giggling, pat myself dry with the same bath towel that muffled my uncontrollable laughter earlier, and then, rushed-out to apologize, half way there;—I slowed down and approached his bed quietly… not knowing how to break the icy atmosphere, I sat next to him—wrapped up with thick blanket that somehow resembled a cocoon… and waited for him to emerge; minutes turned into hours… the temperature dropped like a stone as snowflakes started to fall. Even the heater couldn’t ease the chilled temperature of the first falling snow of the season… while, my eyelids felt heavier and heavier by the minute—I flake next to the cocoon… and wake-up inside it; beside his warm body and within his gentle embrace. I must have been forgiven, I thought… I leaned closer to his ear and whispered softly, “Thank you…” kissed his cheek and went back to sleep. It was then, when I felt a kiss, as light as a feather landed on my lips; along with a sincerely spoken confession of his feelings, “Aishiteimas… Seiji sempai.”

[To be continued…]

Chapter 5: Cherry Moments

On the following morning, the sun has barely risen above the horizon, when Seiji found himself, still wrapped up snugly in thick blanket,—all alone, remembering the warmth of his embrace and the first falling snow of the season from last night, he smiled. Afterwards, instinctively, he got up and walked straight into the bath, as always… and, as always; he found Yoshi already in it. While wearing a grin on his dial… he quietly slithered through the canvas curtain and approach…

“How long are you going to stare at that thing? Hmmnnn...? Seiji’s unexpected remark to unsuspecting Yoshi, or more likely… Jade.

“NAZE! koko ni des ka?!”

“Naze… des ka? To have a bath, of course…Silly,” Seiji replied teasingly after jumping quickly into the bath before Jade could even think of running away. He wedge his naked physique in-between Jade’s thigh and then, grabbed her excited joystick without any hesitation. “Gotcha!” The grinning smirk on Seiji’s dial and the combined sensation of being held tightly all of the sudden… made Jade’s face blushed deeply as usual.

“Still, not used to it?hmmm…?”

“Who will? I’m a woman and this… ”

“This…? What?”

“Hanashite Kudasai!” Jade pleaded, while embarrassingly trying to loosen Seiji’s grip. The weird male body that she is desperately trying to come to terms with… still feels odd and rather scary: Especially, when she is just a breath away from him. And yet, for some strange reason, the body that she possessed doesn’t seem to mind Seiji at all. No goose bumps or anything that comes across as a sign of rejection. Suddenly Jade come up with an idea, “~Hmmn, I wonder what this body would do… if I let it do what it wants?”

Coincidently, it was then, when Seiji revealed what was hidden on his right hand, —a thin slippery elastic cellular membrane nicely rolled-up resembling a circular form.

“Nan, nan… des ka?” Jade asked inquisitively.

“Condom… des.”

“ Con—dom des ne?”

Seiji nodded; while his left hand, were still holding on to her joystick…

“This is it,” Jade thought… she let go of her control over Yoshi’s body and quietly observes… Animal instinct takes over with almost child-like curiosity; stretching both of her legs and then, folding both of them tightly around Seiji’s torso like tentacles, bringing their throbbing body even more closer together; —afterwards she released him, and then gracefully folded both of her legs all the way to her chest, exposing the tight little portal hidden in between seductively… invitingly.

“Never mind,” Seiji thought quietly; as he flicked the condom into one of the empty bucket nearby… with a grinning smile on his dial.

The cool and crisp temperature of early winter morning and the steamy hot bath, created an atmosphere of being engulfed within a mystified cloud. Jade slowly unfolds her legs, and rest her bare feet against Seiji’s chest; wiggling her toes gently, on and around the pink sensitive bit that adorns it. While their gaze were both romantically fixed on each other, —instinctively, Seiji licked his fingers seductively… And then, he made them tiptoe like spiders legs; starting from the tip of her toe that was resting comfortably against his bare chest, slowly, playfully—all the way towards the tight little portal in between her legs, but as soon as he inserted his middle finger inside her… In an instant, out of sheer reflex, she stretched both of her legs, kicking him with the tenacity of a spring-loaded catapult resulting, a loud crashing sound that alerted the Manager,—giving him a grave enough reason to call for an ambulance in a hurry.

Meanwhile… few hours later, Seiji woke up in an orthopedic hospital nearby: Diagnosed with a concussion and hair line rib fracture on his chest.

“How do you feel?” The doctor casually asked while reviewing the clipboard with his record.

Seiji slowly directed his gaze towards the kindly person that was warming his right hand with both of his, and replied with a slight smile on his dial, “It felt like being kicked by a horse.”

A solitary teardrop fell from the kindly lad—who held his hand, when Seiji reach out to him with his other hand and asked curiously, “Do I know you..?”

[To be continued…]

Chapter 6: Smile

“Do… I know you..?” Seiji uttered it only once; and yet, for some reason—it rings into her ear, over and over, like a broken record; reminding her, of her unknown existence until that very encounter; when they stumble upon each other face to face, —after almost three hundred years of restless confinement within the walls of that temple, and even after, it was restored and renovated as guest house: No one ever seen her; let alone accepted her for what she really is… until he came along…

Loneliness… And memories of meaningless existence flooded in… It was then, when Jade’s effort to keep her feelings bottled up was betrayed once again, by another solitary teardrop,—her deep concern; however masked by her stoic expression captured the attention of the doctor who was currently browsing through his clipboard on the other side of Seiji’s bed; and called her attention with a reassuring smile and asked:

“Are you his next of kin, by any chance?”

“I’m just a friend and a school mate.” Jade answered, shyly—fully aware that the doctor was not talking to her; but rather, to Yoshimura Chiaki: the vessel of a young man that contains her spirit.

“~Oh, I remembered you! You are the one, who brought him here; —you and the Manager of that Buddhist Shrine Guest house, aren’t you not?” the doctor uttered enthusiastically, “we received a lot of incoming patients from that Guest house, every year, mostly holiday makers or paranormal geeks, ~Oops, (with a sudden pause,) I meant, enthusiast...” The doctor added, with a slight grinning smile on his dial; in an attempt to break the ice a little.

“The Managing Monk is a very kind man; —and a well known patron of this hospital.” With a cheerful smile, he uttered. “We practically made him the honorary recipient of a corporate discount, ~Ehe he he,” he continued in a sort of humorous reply. While he put his hand inside his pocket pulling out a business card and offered it to Jade.

“If you don’t mind, please take my card.” Both of them stretched out their hands with an air of politeness—standing and kindly leaning forward from the opposite sides of Seiji’s bed.

“You see, I also run a chiropractor clinic few paces away from the Guest House, next to the convenience store.” The doctor casually added: While jade looked away, trying to disguise the tinge amount of insult being added into her already injured pride, which instinctively caused the twitching of her left eyebrow in a sort of intimidating-annoyed expression; —knowing by heart, that she was more or less directly, and perhaps, indirectly the cause of all those accident.

The cheery expression on the doctor’s face melted away when he uttered; —“He received a traumatic concussion on his head that’s all; his physical test concluded otherwise, aside from that…” with calm and collected tone of voice; —skipping the part where Seiji might also experience temporary loss of memory as an immediate side-effect. After a deep breath he continued, “Well, he will be back on his feet in no time; as for now, let’s give him a chance to recuperate, shall we?” The doctor pulled out a syringe and a little bottle from his other pocket; afterwards he administered an injection of the substance through the dextrose drips directly connected into Seiji’s bloodstream. Jade watched Seiji slowly falls back to sleep with an innocent wondering look in his eyes… still riveted at her direction, until he can’t keep them open any longer.

Meanwhile, as Seiji’s grip on her hand eventually loosened, Jade tucked him nicely under the sheets and gently brushed away those few strands of hair stuck on the edge of the bandage that was wrapped around his forehead. Only until then, when she thought, that there is nothing much she could possibly do, but wait… she decided to go back to the Guest House to take a much needed rest herself.

Upon arriving; she went past through Seiji’s room without even noticing that the damaged shoji panels were replaced. Exhausted, she flaked on the bed, but couldn’t spare a wink. Contemplating, as she stares at the ceiling, aimlessly; “What the doctor said and Seiji’s inquiry doesn’t seem to add up,” she thought, over and over… tormenting her. Time passed by…

The sunlight streaming through the paper thin shoji panels slowly diminishes by the minute; as the cool winter temperature creeps in little by little; the squabbling sound of the migrating birds as they compete for the best branch to spend the night were quietly resting already, —and not even the tinkling sound of chime that was still hanging by the veranda since last summer could be heard.

“What’s wrong with this place?” she asked herself quietly, “And how did it get to be, —so lonely in here without you… stupid! Perverted little… prick! ~Ah! I Hate You! I hate you, —for driving me nuts at any given opportunities you could muster, and missing you,—when you’re not around, I hate you so much… but, I can’t get over the thought—of you leaving. ~Oh god! I don’t want to be alone anymore… Please, I don’t wish to be forgotten… once again…” Jade cried out,—her heart tightens with her tears welling up, soaking the surface of the very pillow that they shared together last night.

As the sound of the bell signifying the commencement of the evening prayer echoed within the Temple compound… The flickering lights from candles and butter lamps; along with sandalwood and jasmine scented incense beautifully transcended the mystified atmosphere into somewhat heavenly. After-a-while, exhaustion overwhelmed her restless mind; Jade slithered under the thick warm blanket and finally falls into deep slumber.

On the following morning, the new day greeted Yoshi with a splitting headache, as he opened up his eyes,—tossing around a couple of times, and then eventually, lie down flat on his back for few more minutes of grace period, while nursing his head with his hand and looking at the ceiling… in deep thought.

The sun has already risen above the horizon and yet, there seemed to be something missing… He thought… “It’s awfully quiet,” he whispered. While literally peeling himself off—from the bed, when he noticed something… “What the…? Why? On Earth, am I still wearing a school uniform for?” He directed his gaze towards the digital alarm clock sitting on top of the bedside table. And couldn’t believe what he saw… “GOOD LORD!” He exclaimed upon reading the digital display showing: 10:36 A.M. Sat.

Shaking his head and ruffling his own hair in disbelief;—he distinctly remembered that it was Thursday night when he and Seiji had a fight and cuddled up, afterwards. “~Hmmn, I don’t remember waking up and going to school,” he thought. “Let alone imagine going to bed without having a shower and changing into my pajamas… What’s going on?!” he exclaimed out. Few moments later, after cooling himself down a little, he thought of the person that more likely—to have a clue…“~Ah, Seiji sempai might know…” Then, he smiled.

Having his mind made up, Yoshi get out of bed, and staggeringly walked towards the bathroom to freshen up, but when he walked past the dressing mirror… “Whoaah!” He uttered out shock, as if he saw a ghost.

“My Face!”

“What’s wrong with it?” A woman’s voice echoed on his head.

“It’s swollen” he replied instantaneously without thinking; and then, he realized something… “~Huh? Hold on?" With a trembling voice continued, “Wh—who are you? Where are you?! St—stop hiding! Show yourself!” Yoshi turned himself around and round frantically, while searching on the defensive gesture—shivering out fear at the same time. Few moments passed by… Stillness prevailed once again; thinking that the-coast-is-clear without any hesitation Yoshi dashed out of his room and into Seiji’s room. Breathing heavily; he called out for Seiji as he looked around, but with no avail…

“It seemed he went out for a while… Yeah! That must be it!” Yoshi thought, while examining the stuff that was left scattered all over the place, before he decided to seat at the edge of Seiji’s messy bed and waited for him… quietly.

“He’s waiting for you…” a woman’s delicate voice echoed inside his head once again… in a subtle and almost apologetic tone this time.

“~Huh? waiting for me..?Who?” Yoshi curiously asked.

For some strange reason or simply pure coincidence; just when he finally prepared himself, for the mysterious voice… he heard someone knocking on the frame of the sliding shoji door: calling out for his name, “Yoshi kun?” Before it slowly slides open…

Yoshi scrambled about—grabbing one of Seiji’s cool shades in a hurry and clumsily putting it on. To disguise his swollen eyelids; Afterwards, he answered “Yes?”

“Ah! Yoshi kun, you are indeed dependable; you can continue tidying up his room later. As for now, just pick up a pair of comfortable change of clothes for Seiji kun, you know… hospital gowns are rather drafty and please make it snappy,—the taxi’s waiting.”


What the Manager said shocked Yoshi all the way to the very core of his heart. All of the sudden, his mind was overwhelmed by fearful concerns, and he froze… without realizing it.

“Hurry…” reminded, by the warm and kindly woman’s voice that almost sounded like an angel’s whisper, —which somehow brought him back from the state of being trapped in a standstill. He quickly grabbed a pair of warm comfortable clothes from Seiji’s closet and stuffed them inside his school bag, —dashed out and joined the Managing Monk inside the taxi.

It was only few minutes ride to the hospital, but it somehow felt like an eternity to Yoshi, anxiously sitting at the backseat of the cab. Afterwards, assisted by an orderly they whisked through the maze of never-ending corridors before they reached the new designated private room, where Seiji is. Upon entering: Yoshi paused and tried to catch his breath a little, before turning the door knob with his heart still racing…

When the door opened, it revealed a slender gentleman with pale fair complexion and a long whippy braided hair, wearing a pair of finely tailored black suit; sitting on a chair next to the bed on the left hand side; where Seiji himself appeared to be covered with bandages, and fast asleep.

“Good afternoon.” The gentleman stood up and presented himself politely as they entered the room.

“And good afternoon to you too…” replied the Manager with a smile. Approaching each other and casually extending their hands for a friendly handshake.

Meanwhile, Yoshi failed to make another step after seeing Seiji in such a fragile condition, with his both hands fastened on top of his mouth, desperately trying to conceal the agonizing scream as if his heart was being ripped apart… at that very moment, all the ethical reasons in the world doesn’t matter anymore; overwhelmed by deep emotion, Yoshi rushed in and gave Seiji a passionate embrace, while uncontrollable tears runs down on his cheeks.

The crushing load on his bruised and injured chest awaken Seiji up with a painful expression on his face, however, as soon as, he figured out, who was the one doing the damage—his knitted eyebrows and painful expression melted away. Reaching up, and brushing his hair with his hand. Until Yoshi raised his head and looked at him. It was then, Seiji gently removed Yoshi’s sunglasses revealing his red eyes soaked in tears, as Yoshi instinctively attempted to dry them clumsily with his sleeves. Seiji directed his attention towards the little piece of paper next to the lovely flower arrangement on top of his right hand side table, and smiles.

Still sobbing, Yoshi sat upright as he reached for the little note; without saying a single word—happy tears rolled down his blushing cheeks towards the edge of his crimson red lips as he reads through the inscription saying; “I’m not dead yet. Please smile for me… Chiaki–Jade.”

[To be continued…]

Chapter 7: When in Rome....

“Uwaah, ahh… Aaaah!” Seiji’s trembling voice in an agonizing scream echoed through the hallway of the hospital—alerting the orderly and the assigned nurse currently stationed to abandon whatever they were doing and stormed in to the room,—to their surprise, as the sight that welcomed them, turned they pale cheeks into blushing pink in an instant; ‘~Gulp,’ as they joined the lineup of the two equally shocked and speechless guest. Who appeared to be stunned as they witnessed the most effective way of calming a patient in agonizing pain instantaneously without any help from a painkiller—but rather, “A deep affectionate kiss.”

The sight of seeing two guys kissing, without a care in the world in broad daylight would probably be—one of those rare moments, that anyone within the lineup of chance-spectators could have sworn possible only, in manga or fictional literature.

“Ummp,” the sound of Seiji’s muffled cry, while weighing the severity of the painful experiences he is currently undertaking, with Chiaki leaning on his injured rib-cage; against the fluttering butterflies on his tummy as the kiss that he was trying to steal from his beloved’s moist and tender lips is finally being granted—in deep gratitude after reading the short inscription that he wrote for him to ease his mind from worrying.

The heart-warming moment didn’t last very long though,—some of the spectators assumed that the glistening tears at the corner of Seiji’s eyes, were due to the excruciating pain he was enduring under the weight of the young man leaning on his chest; while keeping that very thought in mind, the nurse and the orderly forcibly pulled Chiaki off the patient’s bed, and escorted him out of the room, right in front of the gentleman with long whippy braided hair and the managing monk; still trying their best to conceal their embarrassed expression; only to turn it into one of those conspicuously hidden grin instead.

“Ehem, I suppose, I should be going now.” The monk uttered casually, “I need to catch up with Yoshi kun, before he disappears.” While gently pressing Seiji’s hand. —“Wa…wait!” Seiji cried out. “I, —I would like to go back with you.” He pleaded in husky tone of voice with his left hand reaching out towards the monk, and his right arm bracing himself, as he tries to get up on his own with difficulty.—“Oh! No, you don’t.” The gentleman replied, as he quickly stepped in, to give Seiji a hand. “You will not be able to go anywhere in your current condition, young master.” —“And he is absolutely right,” The monk seconded with worried expression on his face. —“Being stubborn will not serve you well on this occasion, as you’ve already known,” the gentleman insisted; while Seiji on the other hand, summoned a deep sigh that matched the sad expression of someone; —who has been betrayed by a reasonable doubt. And gave the gentleman an earnest look, afterwards, he nodded.

As, the white washed colored wall of his private room, somewhat absorbed the warm shade of colors reflected on the thin clusters of clouds on the clear blue sky as the sun begin to descend beyond the horizon— which somehow, in a way, vaguely reminded the monk what time it is, so he waved farewell for the second time with a kindly smile, before he closed the door quietly behind him, while the gentleman tucked Seiji back into bed with an air of deep concern.

“Would you like me close the windows?”

“No, not yet….”

“It’s a pity, —we couldn’t enjoy this rather fanciful display of spectacle with sake and some savory rice crackers, isn’t it?” The gentleman casually uttered while peeling a green apple from the fruit basket that the monk and Chiaki brought in with them earlier.

“Have you noticed it?” Seiji asked quietly while still gazing at the magnificent shade of colors reflected on the clouds through the window.

“Ah! Yes, I have… it was stiffly breathtaking than this magnificent sunset before us.” The gentleman replied, putting aside the green apples that he finished peeling and slicing to resemble those little cute bunnies with long pointy ears; before he reached for the tip of his long whippy braided hair and play with it with his finger tips, while pretending to look away at the same time with his cheeks blushing all the way to his ears.

“Nice joke,” Seiji got hold of his braided hair and jerkily pulled him closer towards his face.—“Meow!” the gentleman instinctively yelled out. —“I was, sort of… hoping that you’ve noticed it too…. Of course— I am implying about the mysterious aura around Chiaki earlier, and not my… excited… Eherm.” Pointing at the middle section of his body.

Meanwhile, after the orderly accompanied the monk and the young man that caused such a commotion in the Room 66—out on a safe distance. He walked back to the nurse station only to find the residing nurse glued into one of the surveillance monitors while munching a stick of celery.

“Hey, watching another one of those; Korean drama again?”

“Shhhh….” The nurse replied—taking a bite at the celery stick he was holding without even paying attention to the orderly.

“Are you ignoring me?” the orderly peevishly uttered. “What’s so interesting with that, —that you can’t even take your eyes of it, even for a second?”

With his inquiries falling into deaf ears, he decided to get inside the counter and see for himself. “What?! The hell?”—“Shhhh… if you want to watch, just watch.” The nurse sternly suggested after taking another bite off the celery stick.

“~Gulp, Is that? What I think it is?” The orderly nosily inquired, while pointing at the screen.

“You mean, ‘foreplay?’” while still chewing—“Er, the guy with long whippy braided hair, he knows how injured the patient is, isn’t it?”—“Yup!”—“And, do you think, they will still go for it?”—Instead of saying another word the nurse just nod his head; while attentively glued to the screen; with a stick of celery stuck in his mouth like a green leafy cigar.

“By the way, what’s up with the celery stick?”

“I’m trying to give up smoking.”

“You are?! Seriously?”

“I am… seriously.”

The nurse answered after taking the celery out of his mouth and shoving it, into the orderly’s mouth next to him—to shut him up. Afterwards, he quickly rose from his chair and forced the orderly to sit on it instead. Then, he whispered softly into his ear, “Say, it’s been a while since we held each other… visiting hour is already over, and there’s no one in this floor except the occupants of Room 66 and us. It’s you and me, just like we used to be….”—“I thought, you’d never ask.” The orderly replied graciously, after taking the stick of celery out of his mouth, and throwing it in the bin. Then, he wrapped his arms around his neck and closed his eyes, while waiting for him; to grant, what his heart and body is aching for… A passionate kiss,—and everything that might follow afterwards.

Grasping for breath, after a deep penetrating lubricious kiss, the couple let go of each other’s lips. And once again, they checked the surveillance monitor for Room 66, only to find out that the curtains were drawn all around the patient’s bed and the guy with whippy braided hair is nowhere to be found. So they assumed, what would obviously follow suit after a rather sensitive foreplay.

“See? What did I tell you? Hmmn..?”

“Fine! Enough with ‘I told you so...’ and let’s keep going.”

“Going? You mean… going all the way?”

“Obviously, there’s enough love for everyone tonight, so why don’t we skip the formalities and hit level C instead….”

The nurse’s eyes sparkled upon hearing such proposal straight from the lips of the one who always ask for time-out, every time they attempted to go for gold. —“Are you sure..?” Without saying a word, the orderly rose and walked towards the door leading to the constricted little space not bigger than a cloak room. The nurse followed hastily, and then, quietly closed the door behind him. In pitch darkness, he tried to find where the light switch would have been, when he felt a warm sweaty pair of arms grabbing him from behind and turning him over; unwrapping him like a bar of chocolate, while being licked and nibbled at the same time. “Wait for a moment…” The nurse protested. —“What are you complaining about now?” replied the orderly, “you did it the last time, so it’s my turn to take you on.” —“What?! I didn’t even know that we are supposed to take turns.” —“Well, now you know… so, shut up!” Locked up in the closet size compartment with a very tiny fan that wasn’t even working properly, it did not take very long, before they found themselves covered with grains of sweat from head to toe. Exploring all the possible position imaginable in such a tight space; while, glistening teardrops and muffled cry affirmed their impassioned ecstasy, as their body writhe together in perpetual bliss—wearing each other inside out, pushing and pulling in perfect rhythm until… “Uaaaah!” As the pressure erupted from within—like a thoroughly shaken champagne bottle popping its cork and violently spilling the frothy essence of their affection—leaving an intense feeling of euphoria afterwards…. “I need a smoke…” The nurse uttered in a rather sluggish tone, “I am absolutely wiped-out… ~Ah.” —“Stick to your rabbit food, bunny, this cloak room is still part of the non smoking zone.” The orderly replied with exhausted and yet, sated smile on his dial. Meanwhile….

“What are you smiling for?” Seiji asked inquisitively. “I am smiling, because I’m happy; it’s been a while since I get the chance to curl-up next you.” —“Indeed, I missed you too… Mr. Kitty, especially in your true form. Although, needless to say that your human form is quite convincingly handsome as well, Katsura san.”

“Mr. Kitty, I can’t seem to sleep with the lights on, even though it is dimmed already… will you please, cover my eyes with that blindfold thingy again… ~Ah, never mind.” Seiji raised his blanket all the way above his head. “That’s better…~Oh, yeah, before I forget, ‘Thank you,’ —for the warm moist towel wash; you are pretty thorough, I must admit, and it feels—as if I was licked clean all over—however, I’m just wondering though; ‘Why do I need to wear a blindfold for?’ Anyway, once again, ‘Thank you,’ for helping me changed into a pair of comfy pajamas; I feel much better now.”—With a slyly grinning smile the cat responded, “It’s my pleasure my dear master.” —“Please, stop, if I recalled correctly, this the second time you called me master today.” Seiji pulled down the blanket that was covering his face and looked at the black cat curled up comfortably next to him on top of the blanket with an air of kindness, “Please for the last time, I never considered you anything, other than my dearest friend and faithful companion.” And, while he was petting the cat’s head; —Seiji thought of another special someone in his life, —his beloved dear friend and soul-mate. “I hope Chiaki is coping well… after that rather embarrassing scene earlier.” He thought to himself before he closes his eyes.

Back in the Guest House; sitting by the veranda. In deep thought; regarding what just happened in the hospital,—not to mention in front of all those people, the embarrassment… all of the sudden Chiaki felt an irritation from inside his nasal cavity and sneezed, he was trying to reach out for a handkerchief tucked away in one of his pockets—when, a piece of paper fell out. With the lingering happy thought still fresh in his mind; Chiaki smiled, “Even though it only contain two phrases… it certainly succeeded to move me into tears.” He thought, as he picks it up and read it once again; only to find himself wondering in the end, “I must have miss read it the first time, ‘Who is Jade?’”

[To be continued….]

Chapter 8: Fading Light

Another day is about to bid its farewell, in the usual and yet, spectacular way—gracefully descending beyond the horizon. Chiaki by himself; sitting at the veranda, while quietly contemplating about the significance of someone’s name link next to his;—with a simple hyphen that somehow made him feel a bit uncertain and slightly nervous. He kept wondering, “Who is Jade?” When all of the sudden… “Huh?”—“Care to share a cup of tea with an old man?” The monk casually uttered while holding an elevated wooden tray containing a pot of freshly brewed green tea, a couple of teacups and few slices of rectangular sweets with edible silver and gold leaf decoration on it, apparently, made with milk, sugar and finely grounded cashew nuts, afterwards, delicately flavored with a hint of cardamom. “Go on, child,” the old monk continued, “there’s nothing much with the tea in itself, but the sweets is probably worth having a try. It’s a present you see, from a friend that just returned from his Indian pilgrimage, like one of those, ‘Journey to the West,’ kind of stuff, minus the demon slaying adventure.” The monk added with a cheery smile.—Chiaki slightly bowed his head and smiles back with an air of humility. While accepting the cup of green tea which the old monk poured for both of them, afterwards, he turned his head and gaze at the remaining trace of warm colors still reflected on the clouds after the sun finally set.

“Child, if you are still worried about what happened at the hospital earlier… it was nothing out of the ordinary; if you ask me.” Said the old monk; coincidentally, as the last trace of sunlight slowly fades from the sky, another one still glows beautifully.

“Oh!” the monk uttered as he noticed the softly glowing spirit aura over Chiaki in the fading light. “Gulp,” instantly his face turns pale, as if he has seen a ghost. “The Priestess,” the monk murmured. —Chiaki turned around and faced the monk, “Huh? Did you say—something, sir?”

The monk waved his right hand in front of his face simulating a fan, with a seemingly awkward smile on his dial, as if the temperature has got hotter all of the sudden. —“Thank you for the tea and sweets…” Chiaki said, after taking a piece with him. “I hope you don’t mind…” Chiaki uttered kindly; as he rose from his seat, “I think… I should be going.” —The monk, whose gaze never left Chiaki’s spirit aura, nodded and remained on his seat with his heart pounding heavily inside his chest, meanwhile, the short—but significant window of time, where the spirit aura could be seen expires. Quietly, darkness engulfed everything it touches, leaving the glowing lights from butter lamps and paper lanterns; to render the labyrinth passages within the Guest House softly illuminated.

With the exemption of not having a clue about the name “Jade” everything seemed to be back to normal. And, as far as Chiaki is concern; the name could be anything… from the name of Seiji’s favorite pet rock—which he uses as a paper weight, or a name of one of those slutty models in the picture he found hidden in between his mattress earlier, while he was pretending to tidy up his room. Upon approaching the end of the hallway, leading to Seiji’s room and his: He turn his head and looked at Seiji’s room with deep sigh, before he slides open the shoji door and entered his own room.

Meanwhile, the managing monk is still sitting by the veranda, where Chiaki left him; —with chill running up and down his spine. The realization of the legend behind the story of the priestess; taking place during his lifetime is far too much! He wrapped his arms tightly around his body as he shivers uncontrollably, while beads of sweat appearing above his eyebrows; complements the frightened expression on his face.

[To be continued….]

Authors note:

Thank you for sharing your time with me, I deeply appreciate it. *smiles kindly*

However, I do apologize for the inconvenience, my dear friends; as you can see this novel has been written chapter by chapter and unfortunately, the space allocated for it was not sufficient enough, therefore I have no choice, but to post the new chapters after the two personal comments below.

Please keep scrolling down for:

Chapter 9: The Priestess, Butterfly Effect
Chapter 10: Familiar Spirit
Chapter 11: Providence

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Author’s note:

~Minnasan, Thank you, for the precious time; and attention that you shared with me, as you read my story… You made it possible for me to share few fragments of my heart to all of you. Honestly speaking, it is rather, difficult to write anything humorous by nature; even if it’s intended to be.

My writing style comes from the deepest crevices of my heart. I hope you could forgive me for writing stories that usually developed into detailed intimacy… At least, they were original… and not merely a fan-flick.

For those who are fond of sharing their feelings through writing and composition. I bet you know what I am talking about… To formulate a story from the scratch is not a walk in the park. ~Yep! I am talking about “Original Stories”. Just think about it—there must be millions, if not billions of original stories out there. And yet, there are still room for more… for novice writers like us, who wishes nothing more than to share our feelings and ideas to our dear friends. It is an honor for me, to be able to share this precious moment you. Once again let me express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart… Arigatou Gozaimasu… *smiles*

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Chapter 9: The Priestess, Butterfly Effect

“The legend of the priestess is as mysterious as the moon itself.” The old monk recalled, while still gazing at the same moon, —the priestess would have fixed her undivided attention with… until the moment she sacrificed her life; to keep the secret with her for all eternity. “There was no existing record about her, except for the fact that she died almost three hundred years ago, And before that the legacy of her divine existence was mentioned only in prose and poetry during the Heian era, it was as if; she was never been born, but appeared out of nowhere fully grown and never aging… she was known as ‘The Eternal Priestess of Beauty, Wisdom, and Grace.’” The old monk added.

Lost in his thoughts, the monk remained sitting on the same spot with his trembling hands firmly grasping the string of prayer beads, while uttering the same prayer over and over quietly—until he regained, his mind’s natural aptitude, and restores his senses—calmly enough; to keep an open mind. “If only the moon would be, so kind, as to whisper into his ears, the last wish of the priestess that very night; when she stares at the same moon in silence.” He thought earnestly, with misty eyes. And once again, he held the prayer beads firmly, contemplating that his predecessor must have held it the same way, as he is now; while desperately wishing, if they could only trade places with her holiness until the very last moment.

In the still of the night, the old monk rekindled the same resolution that his predecessor once made: “To offer his very life, if her holiness would have asked it from him, with sincere commitment and absolute loyalty.” With this solemn promise, the old monk put his hand together—clasping the prayer beads, and lowering his head in reverence towards the moon as his witness. When, a breeze of fresh crisp air blew-in the last remaining multi colored autumn leaves from the nearby trees like confetti.

Meanwhile, the same gust of fresh air, rattled the wind chime that was quietly keeping its soothing melodious tunes to itself—into a frenzy of bright and playful random tunes, which somehow instinctively prompted Chiaki to stop,—whatever he was doing; and listen attentively, as if there was some sort of encrypted message whispered kindly by the wind just for him. And then, he smiles. It could have been just a gust of wind, but somehow, after hearing the wind-chime’s rather enchanting melody Chiaki felt light hearted and almost happy… without knowing why?

He was thinking of having a bath before his dinner arrives; when, his feet dragged him towards the corner of the room and presented himself in front the dressing mirror. At first glance, in a certain angle—it somehow… looked, as if the image reflected in the mirror was reaching out; trying to pull Chiaki inside the two dimension glass prison with a grinning smile. When, he heard someone knocking on the door, which snapped him right back into his usual self once again.

“Coming!” Chiaki instinctively replied, after shaking his head a little—wondering, why was he is standing in front of the dressing mirror, when he clearly remembered that he was thinking about having a bath. Without any further hesitation, he rushed towards the door —thinking, it might be his dinner which in this case, he might need to eat it immediately before the noodles becomes soggy, and he was right! An elevated wooden tray was waiting outside his door containing his dinner.

“Oh? That’s odd,” he thought, poking his head a bit further out of the door; trying to catch a glimpse of the person who left the, seafood appetizer special. When he thought, he ordered a regular miso ramen, but there was no one around. “It’s not polite to dine on someone else’s dinner, however, I am rather starving,” without any further hesitation, he put his hands together and uttered, “Ittadakimas.” While savoring every bite of his unusual—but tasty dinner. He thought, “It feels, as if I was having an appetizer for a main course. Ah! I’m still hungry….” Chiaki added. And right after he made that remark, he heard a knock on the door. Cross sitting on a cushion in-front of the television with a pair of earphones on—which is a necessity, otherwise, he will never be able to hear the sound of what he was watching on the television with those prayer chanting going on,—in which somehow, he thought a bit more louder than the usual, especially, with those long brass horns, that could literally shake the grounds when sounded. And then, he gaze towards the direction of the shoji door, upon hearing another knock, and wondered; “What is it this time..?” With a leg cramp from cross sitting, he didn’t bother to stand up, but instead, he lazily crawled with his hands and knees towards the door, and slide it open,—to his surprise. “Whoaa!” There was another elevated wooden tray containing a large bowl of miso ramen with few slices of pickled radish in a little serving dish next to it… and once again, he pokes his head out, to catch a glimpse of the person who delivered it, but there was no one there; not a sound… not even a shadow. Suddenly, cold chill went up and down his spine; and goose-bumps crawled all over his skin. However, the enticing aroma of the steaming hot freshly made miso ramen made his stomach growl, “Hmmn… it smells so good,” he thought to himself. He carried the tray right in-front of the television with a smile on his dial. After uttering the usual, “ittadakimas,” he digs in into his main course. Few moments later… “Wow! That certainly hit the spot, ‘gochisousama deshita’” Chiaki uttered; and then, resting his back on the tatami mat licking his lips and patting his—now very satisfied tummy, while staring at the ceiling for a moment or two, with his thought’s filled with gratitude; before he sit right up again and started to file up the empty dishes neatly, on the wooden tray… when he noticed a small piece of paper that fell-off from bottom of the ramen bowl, which reads, “Thank you for the compliments…”

The little note fell from Chiaki hands as soon as he finished reading it: shocked and speechless… and now shaking, he wondered with his both hands glued across his lips. “How did that note managed to know what I was thinking…?” before, he fainted….

[To be continued…]

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Chapter 10: Familiar Spirit

“‘Walpurgis Night,’ where the moon itself appeared; as if it was soaked in blood,” the old monk thought to himself, while staring at the moon;“Could it be..? That the butterfly effect has already begun… The spirit of the priestess inhabiting a vessel is technically the same as being reincarnated.” The old monk quietly uttered while grasping the string of prayer beads firmly within his shaking hand;—meanwhile, every monk in the shrine were busy performing the fortification prayer ritual to strengthen the spirit barrier. Almost to a certain extent,—as if it is one of those compulsory exercises that must be performed every time the moon turns red regardless.

The coagulated chanting combined with the ground shaking sound of the brass instruments being used to repel evil spirits reverberates throughout the town… enough to make everyone who hears it shudder.

“Seiji…” the cat whispered. “Are you… still awake?”

“I am… And yes, I can feel it…”

“Do you think your friend will be alright..?”

Seiji nodded. —“Come on, say something…” the cat insisted, after jumping on top of Seiji’s chest to look directly into his eyes. —“Aaah… Yaaaowch! You’re sitting on my injured chest Mr. Kitty!”

“Meooow! Sorry… ” the cat gracefully leaped over and land on the pillow beside Seiji’s face instead; caressing Seiji’s cheek with his, apologetically with gentle purring sound. —Seiji smiled, “Mr. Kitty, I think… you better hide under the sheets. It’s almost time for the nurse to take his round, unless of course… you don’t mind getting kicked out, that is… ” Seiji teasingly uttered,—while the cat finds his way under the sheets quietly.

The door opened quietly soon after; the nurse and the orderly walked in;—only to stop in-front of the open window blinds and quivers at the ominous sight of the bloody moon, while they were closing the blinds. Afterwards, the orderly checked the thermostat settings for the room temperature; raise it a couple of degrees to compensate for the sudden cold chill in the air. While the nurse takes Seiji’s pulse reading, regulates his dextrose drips frequency, and straightened the blankets. Afterwards, closing the door quietly behind them, as soon as, they were satisfied with the stabilized condition of the patient.

However, despite his best effort to fall sleep. The sound of neighboring dog hauling against the bloody moon, and the anomalous uneasy feeling lingering in his heart… Seiji wondered; “if he is alright,” with an expression of tenderness on his face, while looking at the direction towards the shrine where Chiaki is.

Meanwhile, Chiaki was still unconscious on the tatami mat in front of the television, when the old monk decided to check-up on him; —with a pretense of bringing a jug of fresh drinking water and soothing aromatic-incense to help him sleep peacefully. Upon laying his eyes on Chiaki; he put everything down immediately, and stand very still,—while sensing if there is an abnormality in the atmosphere… And there is; a couple of very faint spirit signature, among the wooden tray and the dressing mirror. However, the lingering spirit signature that he could sense were not hostile, but rather, warm and kindly… the dressing mirror for instance, was owned by the priestess herself to begin with… while the little note next to Chiaki..? “Hmmn…” the old monk picked it up and examined it carefully… “It’s just a piece of paper with nothing on it.” He thought, before he put it inside the hidden pocket within his robe. Afterwards, he carried Chiaki off to bed and tucked him in carefully: Turn-off the television and takes the wooden trays out with him, after placing the jug of fresh drinking water on his bedside table and the scented incense sticks into someplace close. “Sleep well… my beloved priestess the spirit barrier has been fortified… And thank you— for gracing us with her holiness once again.” The old monk thought tenderly, as he slides the shoji door open on his way out.

[To be continued…]

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Chapter 11: Providence

A new day filled with hope and curiosity emerges—like a butterfly fresh out of its cocoon for the old monk; who gracefully slides open the main door, while Jade was busy fitting her shoes before she heads for school as Chiaki. “Itteirasshai-mase,” the old monk kindly uttered; with his head slightly lowered and a gentle smile on his lips, as he watch the priestess past through the door in a body of the young man called Chiaki. —“Itte kimasu,” Jade replied cheerfully; which somehow brings about another flash of discreet smile from the old monk’s lips, as he watched her descend down the stairs and passes through the main arch—into the new world after almost 300 years of confinement within the spirit barrier. “Welcome to the 21st century: ‘ji ~yosaishi’.” The old monk muttered, with his hand firmly grasping the string of prayer beads; while the feeling of fluttering butterflies resides in his tummy. “This must have been what it feels like for those parents, when they send their precious child to school on her own for the very first time.” The old monk continued, “Oh! How dreadful…”

Jade, on the other hand, was brimming with curiosity, when the path she was taking merges with one of the roads leading to the school—with young lads wearing the same uniform as she is; all headed towards the same direction. “Blend-in, blend-in—I must blend in…” the thought that she keeps reminding herself nervously, when… someone with a rude tone of voice called out to her.

“Oi! You there, STOP!”

She, suddenly found herself in an awkward situation,—when a young man wearing the same school uniform, with similar age as Chiaki confronted her. “Hey! Yoshimura, don’t you think, it’s a bit too early for skipping classes?”

“~Er…” Jade stutters as she pretends to play along, scratching her head and smiling innocently to the complete stranger who seemed to know Chiaki quite well. “I must have been day dreaming again… gomen nasai.”

“Whatever you are dreaming, it must have been pretty darn good! —You just walked past the school gate dude?! And if I didn’t call out to you… who knows,—where you might end up… silly!” The young man grabbed her by the hand and rushed towards the gate, “Hurry up! The gate is closing!”

Jade would have given this young man a piece of her mind, and an intimate introduction to her iron fist. If only this young man knew—who she really was. Unfortunately, she had no choice; but to pretend as Chiaki Yoshimura for the time being… eventually, both of them made it safely through the gate, and the young man let go of her hand.

“Safe and sound…” said the young man—drawing a deep breath afterwards, as he walked one step ahead of Jade; roughly slinging his bag over his shoulder. When Jade noticed an inscription similar to what was written on Chiaki’s bag tag, 1-B Blue Gum—“This guy is Chiaki’s classmate? No wonder…” Thinking that she found herself a personal guide; Jade’s face lit-up, “Now, all I have to do is to tail this rude guy all the way to my designated seat,” She thought quietly.

Overwhelmed by mixed emotion, Jade couldn’t shake the thought; —“What if… I didn’t meet Seiji? Will I ever find myself, outside the comfort zone that I’ve become accustomed to—until now?” But before she could answer her own questions, the bell rang and everyone rushed in a hurry,—including her personal guide. The entire school grounds become desolated in a blink of an eye.

Jade suddenly found herself in a precarious situation all over again with an impossible task of figuring out where the hell is the Room 1-B Blue Gum; to begin with,—with knitted eyebrows and fierce expression on her face. Once again, she reminded herself of the fact that, ever since she met Seiji; her uncomplicated existence was turned upside down and inside out. And just, when she felt; as if she could scream at the top of her lungs to release her frustration: Suddenly, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder…

“You looked a little lost there, Missy…”

“Mis-s-y?” She thought her heart skipped a beat just then… “But, Chiaki is a boy… who would have…?” When she turned around: there he is… “Seiji!” she shouted, —instinctively wrapping her arms around him in a tight emotional embrace. “I’m so glad to see you! This place is so vast, and I feel a little… lost.”

“I’m glad to see you too,” Seiji replied with a kindly smile while he pats her head lightly, “You didn’t think that I am going to miss your first day in our school, aren’t you?” He said casually. “You did well, but first; let me walk you to your class room… Yoshimura, Chiaki kun.”

“Hmm… Nice big building, just like one of those ‘Heritage’ buildings shown in Discovery Channel.” Jade murmured as they walk through the grand hallway within the majestically designed neoclassical colonial architecture establishment.—“Yes, indeed, and I will give you a nice little tour around someday, if you’ll let me…” Seiji stopped in front of those—rather large door with a sign “Room 1-B Blue Gum” written above it, and squeezed her hand gently; “As for now; please try to blend in, your seat will be on the right hand side of the guy you meet this morning. All you have to do is to observe quietly for now… I’ll pick you up later.” He whispered, before he turned the door knob and opened the door for her.

As soon as, Jade entered the room and closed the door behind her… She becomes what everyone think she is; Yoshimura, Chiaki. While Seiji run-off to the nearest corner and nursed his injured chest, after taking the toll for his escape from the hospital and the tight embrace Jade has given him earlier… He took a couple of pain killers from his pocket and swallowed it immediately; hoping to ease the pain a little,—with visible beads of cold sweat on his forehead saturating his eyebrows; Seiji lean on the wall and waited for the pain to subside a bit. With his hand on his chest and after an agonizing groan, “~Uaaah…” he looked at his wrist watch and thought to himself: “My class is not due for the next 30 minutes. I have plenty of time… to change into a school uniform. I should be fine… soon enough.” Suddenly… he heard someone said:

“Hey, stranger…”

Seiji noticed a familiar face with a big grinning smile in the corner of his eye. “Don’t just stand there…” he said, “help me out, will ya?”

“Oh, yeah… right! And why would I do that?” The fellow arrogantly replied.

“Because it is part of your bloody job description… ‘Prefect!’” Seiji sternly emphasized.

“The last time I checked—you are supposed to be my partner, Mr. Prefect yourself! Where were you the last four days? ~Hmm…?”

“Do… I detect a hint of jealousy in your voice, Maxxie my dear… Isn’t it obvious? I was in the hospital the last four days!” Seiji, folds his sleeves to show the hospital tag which was still attached to his wrist. The fellow walked closer and checked the tag himself. Afterwards, he lifted his hand and slapped Seiji’s cheek;—with misty eyes, he leaned over and murmured, “Am I that worthless? —that you didn’t even bother to let me know… what was going on? I covered for you, silly!”

Seiji blushes and smiled innocently at him, “I’m deeply sorry… my dear friend, it can’t be helped, I was passed out most of the time.” He replied earnestly, “Thank you for covering for me… I owe you one.”

“You can rest assure that the favor will cost you dearly.”

“Whoa! Dear Me! I hope you don’t intend that I should pay for it right away, are you?” Seiji replied teasingly.

“No, not right away… but when the time comes, you’re not allowed to say ‘No,” Max leaned even more closely with an intimidating gesture. “Do we have a deal?”

“Great!” Seiji replied instantaneously, while wearing a smirk on his dial, “Now that we have an understanding: if you don’t mind…” he pushed Max away. “We have an exam in the next twenty-five minutes and I need to change into a pair of school uniform before that…”

Max watched Seiji walked away with an unusual pace: bracing his ribs with both arms. When he decided to chase after him, and started poking on the part of his torso that he seemed to be so eagerly careful to protect. “Hey, what are you hiding in there?” He inquired teasingly.

“Ouch! Will you please stop that?”

“Stop what?” Max replied teasingly and then continued poking…

Seiji glared at him and sternly uttered, “Please stop poking my ribs with your bony finger, it hurts!”

“Oh, touchy-touchy…” Max keeps teasing, “For a little dude, you’re pretty feisty.”

Seiji grabbed Max’s shirt by the collar and pulled him closer toward his face; “I am not little; —it was you who happened to be abnormally huge!”

“Got it! —I got it, wakakatta.” Max surrendered with his hands raised in the air. “Despite being in a bad mood, and not to mention; in so much pain, you still looked so… Cute!” He continued teasing, while pinching both of his cheeks. By the time Seiji could have said something, Max has already whisked him away in his arms towards the infirmary. “Shhh… if you want to make it on time for the exam, then trust me;”—while the school nurse was re-dressing Seiji’s injury with extra bandages, Max fetch Seiji’s spare school uniform from his locker. However, before they left the infirmary, the school nurse reminded Seiji to come back for a shot of pain killer later on. Otherwise, he might not be able to make it for the rest of the day.

“I’ll bring him back right away as soon as the first volley of exams is over, Sensei.” Max promised before he close the door behind him.

It was high noon by the time they finally managed to breathe a sigh of relief. “How are you holding up?” Max asked,—tapping Seiji on his shoulder, while he seemed to be resting his forehead on top of his desk using his arm as pillow. “Hey, I’m talking to you, buddy? Oi! Are you even listening?” Max shook him a bit more, and then, carefully placed his hand on his forehead; “Darn, he’s passed out and burning up with fever.” Max’s panic stricken reaction attracted the rest of their classmates into crowding over them out of curiosity. “For crying out loud; people, clear the way!” He shouted, while carrying Seiji in his arms and rushing towards the door like a man on fire.

The school nurse was not surprised, when she saw Max carrying Seiji in his arms once again; rushing towards the infirmary through the surveillance camera monitor. She opened the door and assisted Max as he put him down gently on one of the beds. The nurse administered a couple of injection immediately; afterwards, she hooked him up into an intravenous drip. While Max fell, rather than sat down on the seat beside Seiji’s bed, as if he was about to faint himself.

Meanwhile, a number of sticky-beak student gossiping as they walked past,—caught Jade’s attention, while she was looking out at the part of school grounds visible from one of the colossal window across her classroom;—trying to fill-up, bit by bit the fragmented wide timeline gap that divides the civilization between her time and now. In her hands was a canvas pouch containing her bento box that she wishes to share with someone…“Oh, Seiji...” the solitary name that lingered in her mind as she sigh deeply.

“Yo! Day-dreaming again, Yoshimura kun?”“Damn, this rude kid again?” Jade thought as she tries to ignore him.

“Hey, are you going to eat that?” Takeshi asked, while eyeing her bento box pouch. “Y’know lunch time is almost over…”

“Please tell me,” inquired Jade. “Have I ever shared my lunch with you before?”

“Nope, but there’s always a first time;—right?” Takeshi replied with a smirk on his dial.

Jade turned around and give Takeshi a good look. “Listen, ~oh, by the way, what was your name again?” She asked.

“Man, that’s harsh! And I thought we were friends… Yoshimura kun.” Takeshi turned away and fiddled with his fingertips, pretending; as if he was sulking.

Hinting the possibility; that lies before her—Jade grins. “Look at me… ‘Oh, Friend of mine,’ my lunch is yours in one condition…” Jade dangled her bento box pouch under Takeshi’s nose. “Take me to the infirmary right now, and you shall have my delicious lunch;” she continued, while handing over her lunch pouch to Takeshi.

Takeshi’s eyes sparkled, “Is that all?” He asked, “Follow me…”

Jade followed with an overwhelming sense of apprehension; as she paused momentarily in-front of the infirmary door before she could turn the door knob and push it open slowly. —Revealing the interior of the infirmary consisting of twenty beds; ten on each side, under a high arch ceiling with soft light filtered through the delicate white curtains hanging over the colossal arch window panes, all the way to the marble finished floor. However, there was one bed surrounded with curtain all around it, compelled by curiosity Jade swiped open the curtain without any hesitation. Only to confirm her deep concern… “Seiji!” She cried out, rushing to his side and pressing his hand with both of hers with teary eyes. Unfortunately, when she realized that they were not alone, it was too late.

From behind the curtain a silhouette of a person sitting quietly on a chair stood up; sliding the curtain on one-side and presented himself, “Hi, you must be Seiji’s friend,” he stretched out his hand towards Jade for a friendly hand shake; “I’m his classmate, ‘Satoichi Himura,’ but he said it was one hell of a serious name and started calling me ‘Max’ instead.” —“I can see why,” Jade replied with a dainty little smile; while measuring Max’s height by looking at him from head to toe.

Although, slightly worried at the thought that this person could have seen her emotional scene just then. She still reached out and shakes his hand politely, “I’m ‘Chiaki Yoshimura,’ but he calls me ‘Jade’ from time to time as well. I often wondered that his memory must be, so bad that he had to assign a name—that would make it easier for him to remember what he wishes to retain in his memory.”

“Spot on!” Max enthusiastically agreed.

At this moment, a smile appeared on Seiji’s lips, followed by one of his usual sarcastic remarks before he opened his eyes; “Didn’t your mother ever told you? That it’s not, — in good form to talk about someone while he is still unconscious?”

“Hey! You’re awake?” Max exclaimed. “Please, don’t scare me like that again dude! I’m still too young to die.” He added teasingly. Meanwhile, Jade gave Seiji one of those deeply concerned look. When he reached out for her hand… And then, the bell rang.

“I feel much better now… We should go back to our respective classes.”

“Straight as an arrow, as usual... We will go back to our class, but you must remain here,” said Max, “Taking an exam in that condition might not be a good idea.” He added.

“I appreciate your concern Max… I really am; but I feel much better now, than I was this morning, besides there’s only one more exam left to take, after that… it will be just normal class, isn’t it?” Seiji insisted, while he struggles to sit right up. ~But, Max placed his hand on top of his forehead and pushed his head right back on his pillow, “No, you don’t! You’ll stay here for the rest of the afternoon… like a good little boy… Got that! ~Hmm…?” Without any hesitation, Max quickly secured both of Seiji’s wrist and ankles with leather restraint attached to the bed. Afterwards, he leaned very close and whispered something that somehow made Seiji blush all the way to his ears.

“Whatever he whispered; it worked like a charm.” Jade though,—Seiji stopped struggling and calmed down dramatically, while he was being tucked nicely under the blanket. After all that—Max turned his attention to her and uttered, “Let’s go Yoshimura… or, you’ll be late for your class.” However, before they could step outside the infirmary they heard Seiji’s cry for help. Max immediately turned around and picked up the surgical gauze tape on top of the nurse’s desk and stuck an ample length to seal Seiji’s lips, “You don’t need your lips; when you are supposed to be resting: Sleep well… I’ll be back later.” Upon witnessing all that, Jade was stunned and remain rooted on the same spot until… she felt a heavy handed pat on her back. “Let’s go.” Max said, “Don’t worry about him, at least this way we can be rest-assured, that he will stay foot quietly, and have a good rest, okay?”

Jade walked back to her class without knowing how she got there; and on top of her desk she found her empty bento box pouch with a thank you sticky note on its side. —Looking around her strange but wonderful new surrounding with adrenalin surging on her veins—causing the quivering sensation running up and down her spine, as she fonder at the possibilities… Asking herself out loud… “Is it really happening? Am I really… FREE?!” When a white board eraser landed on her head, along with the teacher’s inexorable speech, “If you are too busy conversing with yourself; please feel free to step outside, Brave-Heart-san!” Followed by sudden outburst of laughter and humiliating applause from her classmates. In return, Jade stood up from her seat and bowed politely—as if she was on stage; before she walked out of the door to stand outside and wait until further notice.

Time waits for no one, as the old saying goes. Back in the Guest house the old monk received a phone call from the hospital regarding a patients request to be discharged under his supervision. Which makes the old monk wonder; why would Seiji asked to be discharged under his supervision, if Mr. Katsura is around to take care of him instead? Few moments later, just when he was about get into a taxi, he received another phone call from the school infirmary regarding a student named Seiji Akira, but the phone call was cut off due to his mobile phones insufficient battery charge. On his way to the hospital to sign the release papers and to take Seiji back to the Guest House. The old monk couldn’t stop wondering,—if there are two Seiji Akira or it was just his imagination.

The release papers were processed immediately, since the hospitals bill was already paid in advance and Seiji’s condition seemed to have improved a lot, judging by his cheery smiles. The taxi that picked the old monk was also the same one that dropped him back; just outside the red main gate—to climb the steep stairwell all the way to the top. Which Seiji didn’t seem to have any difficulties, as far as the old monk could observe with his eyes, he walked with him all the way to his room; but before he left, Seiji made an unusual request for large order of fresh mixed sashimi and a warm glass of milk; which the old monk promised to deliver without delay. Meanwhile…

The shadow that was cast on the ground reminded the old monk that the priestess should be arriving soon from her first day in school. Eagerly awaiting her arrival he almost forgot about the sashimi that he was supposed to order for Seiji. So he picked up a phone and started to place an order for delivery, when he heard the door bell rang. “It’s her,” the old monk thought, —he quickly confirm the order and then put the phone down and rushed towards the front door to personally welcome her arrival.

A voice called-out from the outside, “Tadaima” before the front door slides open. “Okaeri nasai,” the old monk politely replied with his head slightly lowered. However, Jade was not alone… the old monk turned pale when he saw another Seiji unconsciously being carried on the back of another student.

“Ojisan, I hope you don’t mind…” Max apologetically asked.

“I don’t mind,” the old monk replied kindly. “Please, let me lead you to his room.”

Max walked quietly behind Jade, while the old monk leads the way gripping his prayer beads tightly as he tries to contain his very own anxiety, every step brings him closer to the realization of what he thought… would be impossible. “~Gulp,” as he paused momentarily, before he slides open the shoji door into Seiji’s Room, and stepped aside with his eyes tightly shut; bracing himself for the horrified reaction of his young guest.

Time passed by… seconds turn into minutes… But, the old monk couldn’t bear to open his eyes, until,—until he heard the voice of a young man casually asked him, if he could please stay for the night. When he opened his eyes; the first thing he saw was a pair of puppy dog begging eyes looking at him. How could he possibly say no… to his beloved priestess.

The old monk, breathe a sigh of relief: wiping the build-up of cold sweat on his brows. As he take a quick peek inside the room and then, close the sliding door behind him; wondering what happened to the other Seiji that he could have sworn, he left lying on the bed less than an hour ago. —When he felt something brushing on his legs; “Huh? Where did you come from?” The old monk whispered to the cat.

The cat sat right in front of him; looked into his eyes and mewed, as if it was trying to say something. When the door bell rang… the old monk pet the head of the cat gently, before he head straight towards the front door, without knowing the cat closely following behind him carrying one of Seiji’s debit-card in between its teeth.

[To be continued…]

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Chapter 12: Scientific Mystery

“Science contribution to human race did not end with the capability to exterminate everything that lives with a push of a button. The world as we know it,—is not based solely on facts and figures. There are still remaining facts that can never be figured out, or not meant to be considered as figures; as much as, everything that counts cannot be counted.” The old monk thought, after seeing a cat with a debit card held in between its teeth.

“I suppose you little fellow…” poised into position to fetch the debit card off the cat, “would like to pay for your own dinner, at your master’s expense, are you?” —The cat dropped the debit card on the floor and mewed, followed by a wink.

“Clever cat,” the sashimi delivery boy impressively uttered with a smile; while swiping the debit card into one of those mobile electronic bank charging devices. “I wonder how long did it take for its owner to teach that trick?” He inquisitively asked. —“So, am I,” The old monk curiously replied, while taken aback by the reaction the cat just showed him. “You are indeed, a very clever cat.” He added, as he gingerly pets it with his finger under its chin.

The cat waited for the old monk to serve its dinner with a bowl of warm milk before it started eating, under a healthy dose of curios supervision and amazement; which the cat did not seemed to mind in the slightest. While the old monk recalls and contemplates about the unexpected benefit from scientific contributions of the 21st century as he watches the cat savoring every morsel of his favorite meal, which somehow falls in the category: “Anything that cannot be explained, or proven; does not exist,” —this could have been one of the best reason, why mystical creatures can co-exist with humans now-a-days provided; if they can blend in—as one of the old saying from the fence builder goes, “Only the one that stands out will be hammered.”

The old monk placed Seiji’s debit card next to the emptied sashimi platter and wondered; —“If this cat could actually talk…” But before he could finish his train of thought—the cat looked at him and mewed once again after licking every drop of milk in the bowl, as if it was saying, “Thank you for the food”. Afterwards, it started licking its paws and preening its whiskers… just like any other cat would normally do after a meal.

While the cat was still busy grooming itself, the old monk must have had concocted enough ways to interrogate—the poor creature using all the possible means imaginable. But he also thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to do so. Since the law of natural selection applies to everyone, and what he sees is non-the-less, a living proof of the natural evolution theory in its most peculiar application. However, out of curiosity, the old monk lifted the cat’s tail and look under the hood. “Oh! You’re a boy.” The old monk blurted out with smile,—the cat glared at the old monk as he tucked his tail tightly around his body in an instant. And then, nudged the debit card a couple of times towards the old monk with its nose and mewed once again; as if the clever cat was asking a favor to pick it up and keep it safe for him. Just then, after he complied with the cat’s request, it jumped on his lap and curled up like a sleepy little child. —“The possibility that this cat is capable of speaking in its current form; must have sounded like a hair brained idea,” the old monk thought. Even though he was still recovering from the amazement of how easily this cat managed to communicate its request, by mere gestures is absolutely astonishing. Which further convinced him,—that the Seiji that he picked up from the hospital and this cat is the same entity, or perhaps, an apparition. Either way, the old monk found himself charmed, and already felt attached to the little bundle of purr curled up on his lap. Thinking that, “A friendship like this is far too precious to be severed by some trifling curiosity.” He decided to keep his curiosity to himself for the meantime, and just enjoy the company of his new found friend. While he gently brushes his fur with his hand and listens as the cat purrs out of pleasure. “Everything has a reason more or less,” the old monk reminded himself.

Meanwhile, the sound of the creaking floor boards alerted the old monk and his little companion to a point, that he cradled the cat into his arms and rose from his seat with an anticipation of his guest appearing just behind the corner at any moment. ~And they did, Jade introduced Satoichi Himura as Seiji’s classmate named, “Max”—to the old monk before they make an inquiry regarding dinner arrangements.

“Dinner?” the old monk replied. “Ah! Yes of course,” with a kindly look in his eyes. “You could place an order, ‘while pointing at the menu posted on the information board just behind the reception counter,’ or you can dial a home delivery meal just in case that you fancy something different than the one listed on the menu.”

Max walked behind the reception counter and examined the set dish listed on the menu. “Jeez! What is this?” He asked, “Weight watchers diet menu?! The only thing missing was the number of calories superimposed next to the dish.” —“Shhhh,” Jade tugged the hem of Max’s sleeves as a quick reminder to shut up. Afterwards, she turned towards the old monk and apologetically said, “Sorry about that Ojisan, could you please, show us the list of home delivery shops as well?”

The old monk smiled, “Of course,” he put the cat down and reached for the well presented compilation of restaurants that offers home delivery services,—on the shelf just below the information board next to the phone directory, and gracefully handed it over to Jade. “Here it is…”

Meanwhile, the sun continues to descend beyond the horizon, while the two youngsters were still busy squabbling about the best dinner dish to order from the home delivery menu: In an almost similar mannered, as flock of bird competing for the best roosting place for the night.

“If you’ll excuse me,” said the old monk. “I will return shortly, please make yourself at home.” After he noticed that the cat has disappeared from where he left him,—he instinctively picked up the pace and walked towards the direction of Seiji’s room. ~And there he was… sitting next to the shoji door waiting for him,—after sliding the door open; the cat walked in, as if he owns the place, jumped up on the bed, and carefully looked around, for the warmest,—most comfortable spot… and he found it; within his master’s warm embrace next to his beating heart.

As the sole witness of this tender moment, the old monk find himself, emotionally stirred at the affection the cat bestowed upon Seiji, as left he the room quietly wondering… “Who are you, Seiji Akira?”

[To be continued…]
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Chapter 13: Images of Spring

“Ah! Days passed by into weeks rather quickly and before I knew it,—it was spring…” The old monk said with a kindly expression on his face, while busy minding—phone inquiries and organizing the guest booking reservation list for the spring holiday makers as the weather gets warmer. When a familiar face pokes his head out of the main entrance door and inquired about Seiji’s whereabouts in an audible whisper mode. The old monk nods his head while pointing his finger out towards the garden without putting the phone down.

Meanwhile, the guest house itself received a lot of attention from the resident training monks doing various task concerning maintenance of its facilities and its surrounding garden. ~While clattering noises dominated the usual sound of tranquility; Seiji seemed to be quite content, lying lazily on a neatly mowed lawn—while bathing under the glimmering sunlight filtered through variegated shades of green leaves without a care in the world.

Until, tranquility deserted him in a blink of an eye. “Hey, this world that you were in right now!—what would you call it?” Max inquired sarcastically with a smirking smile on his dial. But Seiji did not even twitch an eyelid and remained motionless, while still staring at the same mesmerizing glimmer of sunlight above him.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, pal!” Max furiously added, while leaning forward an arm’s length over Seiji’s face. When he suddenly felt numbness all over his body,—almost immediately, after feeling the sensation of Seiji’s finger tips digging on the delicate part of his neck adjoining his shoulder. And before he completely lost consciousness, the last thing he remembered was… A pair of an unusually bright emerald green eyes—glaring at him, while sternly saying, “Stop bothering me!” Eventually, Max blacked-out and fell on top of Seiji’s body with his face; most likely would have landed face to face with him; if Seiji did not move his head away from its path.

Few hours later; swaying gently in the fresh afternoon breeze; the tinkling sound of crystal wind chime—In contrast with the dull clacking sound coming from a computer keyboard, awaken Max’s senses. “Uh… where am I?” —“~Ah! You’re finally awake…” Seiji replied with a slight tinge of concerned look in his eyes. “How are you feeling?” he continued, after getting up from his study desk and sitting next to him with a kindly expression on his face. “It’s already late afternoon sleepy head… you must be starving? Would you like some coffee, tea, or perhaps, something stronger?”

Max sat right up with his hand pressed against his forehead—and dazed look in his eyes. When he asked, “How did I get here?” —“Whoa!” Seiji cried out defensively, with a surprised look on his dial. “Hold on a sec, buddy… please don’t give me that look, while asking that sort of question, at the same time. ~I mean… I haven’t taken your virginity just yet, besides, you will definitely feel it—if did! Regarding your clothes, well…” Seiji looked away in a desperate attempt to hide his blushing cheeks, while pointing the way—towards the veranda. When, Max grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him so close to his face,—to a point that he could almost feel his breathing. “What did you do?!” — Seiji’s teasing grin was replaced by a penetrating glare that made the hair at the back of Max neck; stood up, while feeling a cold chill running up and down his spine simultaneously. His tight grip on Seiji’s shirt collar eventually loosened; and yet, for some reason, he couldn’t even blink his eyes or shake off the hypnotic spell that he was under. As if, he was freefalling within the eternal darkness that he saw in Seiji’s eyes… Until, he felt,—a heavy handed slap that snapped him right out of that illusion, which left him shuddering afterwards. “Sorry about that…” Seiji said apologetically, while patting his head gently, after slapping him.

“Are you disappointed?” Seiji asked, with his usual teasing grin again, while Max’s memory was still muddled, regarding what he just saw through Seiji’s eyes and the paralyzing experience he just went through. — “Your clothes…”

“They were laid out to dry at the veranda, after I found you passed out in the garden on the wet patch of grass this morning. You were soaked all the way to your underpants… Thanks to the new sprinklers they were testing. He he he…”

“~Gulp,” embarrassed upon realization that he was stark naked, Max raised the blanket all the way up—over his head and curled-up in a fetal position; after remembering the secret deal, that apparently, made Seiji blushed all the way to his ears and behaved like a country gentleman;—while he was being restrained in the school infirmary back then. “Darn, after all this time he still remembered..?” Max thought, while his heart pounds heavily within his chest, “I was just teasing him!”

“Relax… I know you were just teasing,—back then. Although, I must admit, I was rather touched by your selfless act; to actually promise, something absolutely embarrassing like that though,” Seiji replied earnestly.

“~EH?!” Once again, Max suddenly felt the hair at the back of his neck stood up. “I don’t remember saying it out loud… How did he..?”

He felt a gentle touch caressing the top of his head from outside the blanket and yet, he couldn’t find any strength to pull the blanket down and have a look.

“I’m deeply sorry about this morning… Maxxie;—you see no one likes being bossed around… especially not Mr. Kitty.”

“Oh, god! So, it wasn’t hallucination!” Max was stupefied, as he listens to Seiji’s private confession regarding his pet,—quivering, while hiding under the blanket. Until all of the sudden; he felt something heavy pounced on top of him. The throbbing of his heart and the cold sweat on his brows, amplified his basic instinct; to a certain extent—that he wanted to jump out and run for his life and yet, he couldn’t move a single muscle, as if he was petrified,—petrified with fear itself: When suddenly, razor sharp claws ripped through the thick blanket few centimeters away from his face; as if they were hot knives through butter, giving him the idea of what was waiting for him…

Max woke up horrified, breathless, and in cold sweat; frantically turning on the light switch accessible from the right hand side of his bed. “I’m in my own room. ‘Thank goodness! It was just a dream…’” He stammered with trembling voice,—while his hands were gripping the top of his chest and heaving a sigh of relief, from what he thought as… The most realistic nightmare he ever had.

After convincing himself that it was nothing more than a nightmare; he finally managed to calm down, and yet, for some reason he couldn’t go back to sleep, subconsciously weary that his nightmare might continue where it left off. As time passed by slowly…

The moonless night leisurely give way for the beginning of yet another day, Max looked out of the window, and for the first time; he noticed the line of hibernating cherry blossom trees—once a bleak reminder of harsh winter are now in full bloom. Inspiring images of spring soothe his rattled nerves, as he heaved a deep sigh of relief and went back to bed shortly afterwards.

[To be continued…]

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Chapter 14: “Blush”

After passing the night in a confusing and yet; somehow, very realistic dream that haunted him till dawn, Max finally slipped into a deep slumber. Rest assured that nightmares manifest itself only at night—as he recalls the saying that only superstitious women would probably believe. According to those couldn't care-less.

As it is, while one finally able to sleep soundly;—others, were just beginning to wake up. Another day just begun for the residence of the eccentric guest house, with promises and compromises, as the initial day of the much awaited spring break finally arrives with one particular task to endure… the mandatory, “Spring Cleaning and annual maintenance of the guest house itself.” With the sound of busy bodies murmuring and moving about giving the impression that the inevitable has just started…

“Ah! They are already at it—for crying out loud!” Seiji commented with indifference, while burying his head on his pillow. In desperate attempt to snare five more minutes of sleeping time. Unfortunately, “Resident monk in training takes too much blooming pride with their discipline, like eager beavers just about.” He thought, followed by a deep sigh. Meanwhile, the sound of creaking floor boards and clacking of roof tiles consequentially robbed him of those blissful moments of snooze time.

“There is no point checking what time it is,” Seiji reminded himself, “because, as far as they are concerned;—‘It’s spring cleaning time!’ Even though it feels, as if I just went to bed five minutes ago.”

He sluggishly, peeled himself off from his bed. Pausing momentarily,—to scan his room and the mess thereof; as if he was waiting for someone to convince him otherwise, that it was fine the way it is. However, even if he could manage to rationalize an excuse to do nothing and go back to bed; the annoying noise surrounding him gets louder and louder…

“I suppose it can’t be helped; that’s it, I give up!” Ruffling his hair out of frustration, and dragging his feet out of bed to freshen-up hoping that something might turn this boring day into an adventure. While Max, awaken by someone persistently knocking on his door. On the other hand was wishing for the day with a little less excitement than the one he had on his nightmare. However, for Chiaki… The adventure has already kick-started, when he found a trunk-full of beautifully preserved silk kimono with color and design patterns that would rival the beauty of nature—hidden in the secret compartment within the cabinet used for futon and winter blankets storage.

“My…” Chiaki gasp, with glimmering starry expression in his eyes. “What a wonderful surprise, so beautiful…” he thought, as he delicately caresses the silky fabric with his finger tips; when a faint apparition of woman—wearing a similar kimono flashes before his eyes.

“Huh?” Chiaki stood by holding the silky kimono stupefied, bewildered, stunned; “Gulp, is that what I think it is..?” Blinking a few times, followed by a quick glance around cautiously and almost mechanically with his heart pounding uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Seiji emerged after taking a long bath to find Mr. Kitty curled up on his fluffy slippers just outside the bathroom door.
“Mr. Kitty,” he called out affectionately; “if you are this worried every time I step in,—to have a bath, why don’t you join me, rather than waiting outside… hmm?” But, the cat simply moved out of his way pointing his nose towards his fluffy slippers and mewed.

“Ah! So warm…” Seiji smiled and pet the cat on the head. “Thank you for warming them with your body. Hmm, how about, a warm glass of milk with me?” Seiji head straight towards the mini-refrigerator and pulled out a couple of fresh milk in little bottles, removing the thick cardboard seal before popping it in the microwave for ten seconds, and then, pouring the lukewarm milk into Mr. Kitty’s favorite ceramic drinking bowl, as for the other; he just drink it straight up from the chilled bottle. When all of the sudden, Chiaki rushed through the door—pale and agitated; tripping over Mr. Kitty’s drinking bowl in the process; losing his balance and crashes on top of Seiji on the floor. The cat mewed out angrily over the spilled milk and his broken favorite drinking bowl before he could get the chance to lick it at least once.

“Well, well… look what the cat dragged in,” thought Seiji with a smirking smile.

“Gho…ghost! In…in there!” Chiaki replied pointing towards his room with his trembling and terrified expression.

“Ghost,—in broad daylight?” Seiji commented; wiping away the smirking smile off his face before Chiaki notices the trace of twisted scheme that occurred in his thought just then.

“I must admit, it is rather interesting…” thought he, “that he remained clueless,—regarding the real beauty that he has inside him. Perhaps, Jade did not intend to possess his body in the first place. And it was all an accident; could it be..?” While instinctively petting Chiaki on his head like a puppy. “That Chiaki has similar thought and feeling as her at the time? Yes! — ‘as if, a glowing light bulb suddenly appeared above his head’ that must be it! —Anyhow, what on Earth did I do this time?—to find myself in the middle of all this,—this rather complicated mess; however, kind to think of it… hmm? It sounded as if it was one of those buy one—get another one free special offer; when I thought, all I am getting would be a consolation price. Am I..? Supposed to give myself a pat on the back and say, ‘Congratulations, Seiji you just hit the jackpot! Two in one super special; a beautiful priestess and your best buddy. Unfortunately with a catch, your best buddy happened to be a dude with the girl you adore possessing him and not the other way around!’”

“Earth to Seiji, —Earth calling Seiji… do you copy?” While inquisitively poking him on his cheeks with his fingers, “sempai… are you alright?”

“Oi, you are spacing out again, did you hurt your head sempai? Hey!!”

“Enough with the spraying will ya! I just had a shower and a bath.” Taking the towel that was wrapped around his waist and wipes his face with it.

“Aaaah!” Chiaki shouted with a quick reflex action, as he takes the towel from Seiji’s face to cover the sensitive part of his anatomy in a hurry, while blushing deeply. “Streaking is… is…”

At this point, Seiji sit up straight and looked deeply into Chiaki eyes. “You mean, I’m not allowed to show up in bare minimum, even in front of my supposed to be lover, who happened to storm into my room—unannounced with pretense of having to have seen a ghost in broad daylight?”

Chiaki embarrassedly turned his face away while murmuring… “Lo… lover?”

Meanwhile, the noise that woke Seiji up subsided dramatically for some reason; the clacking sound on the roof and the sound of busy bodies roaming around everywhere somewhat… disappeared. While even Mr. Kitty seemed to must have been embarrassed as the scene before him unfolds into a romantic encounter. Trying to cover his ears but couldn’t take his eyes away, let alone wiping what seemed to resemble as, —a teasing smile off his furry little face.

“This feeling,” Seiji thought to himself, “somewhat reminded me of those,—what they used to call as, ‘Dramatic pause’ and it usually happens when there’s an audience involved,” he continued. “Perhaps, it’s time; to take a bow and close the curtains from my eavesdropping audience for now, for I certainly do not intend to share my goddess with them.” Seiji rose and quickly put some clothes on, grabbing Chiaki by the hand afterwards, “Let’s go,—introduce me to the beautiful apparition that was haunting your room in broad daylight.” Just then, a sound of something, or perhaps, someone who lost his footing on the roof; drawn both of their attention to look up towards the ceiling, after hearing the old monk yelling from the outside, “GET BACK TO WORK!” Seiji smirked, while Chiaki’s cheek blushed deeply as they left the room and heads for his; hand in hand,—like lovers do.

Poise to slide-open the door Chiaki pressed and tugged his hand shyly. “Sempai, if you don’t mind…” Seiji paused, and pretends to glanced around cautiously before quietly asking, “Why? Is she here… somewhere? Where…?” —“It’s not about where the ghost is sempai… but rather, I’m just wondering; how did you know that it was a she and a beautiful one at that?”

Seiji turned pale in an instant, letting his hand slipped away from his grip slowly… and finding himself suddenly caught in a dilemma; whether he should, or should not tell Chiaki the truth;—that the one he saw was probably a projection of her spirit inside of him. When Jade herself tried so hard to conceal her presence; rather than selfishly taking over his body. Therefore, instead of giving a direct answer; Seiji wrapped his left arm around Chiaki’s body pulling him closer with gentle persuasion, while his other hand caresses the sensitive part of his neck to keep his head steady,—followed by a tender kiss at first; to express kindness, and then, afterwards, he slipped his tongue in deeper—in an even more passionate kiss to express his sincerity. —Thinking that Chiaki might have been a bit insecure that’s all.

After a while, when the feeling that he wishes to express was finally understood, Seiji leaned next to his ear and whispered softly, “We are in this together, you and I.” Chiaki embraced him in return, and then… suddenly, he lost consciousness. It didn’t take very long before Jade woke up in Chiaki’s body… with a cheerful smile on her dial.

“Seiji! Seiji, I have something wonderful to show you.” She enthusiastically slides open the door and then literally dragging him inside the room. “Look! Look, he found it for me! Y…your lover that is,” with a quick change of expression from elated greeting into some sort of sinister glare; as she pronounced the word, ‘Lover,’” afterwards, pointed at the trunk full of silky kimonos. Her facial expression brightened up again when she reached inside and felt the silky texture of the fabric under her finger tips.

“Ah! It’s been so long since the last time I wore one. ” said she, while caressing a brightly colored one with her cheek. But when she was about to take her shirt off, she noticed that I was looking at her.

“Turn around! And no peeking!!”

“Hai…” Seiji turned around hesitantly. “Come on we used to take a bath together; remember? What else is there that I haven’t seen before, anyway?”

“No more chatter, just do as you told,” she sternly replied. “I will ask for an opinion, if I need one.”

“Hmp! What a bossy lady,” he murmured with his back turned—when a light pocket book hit the back of his head. “Aww!” Instinctively, he turned his head around; only to face another incoming projectile aimed straight in between his eyes. “Ugh! That’s it…” he blurted out, while nursing the bump at the back of his head, and the possible bruise on his face. But before I could finish what he was about to say, he spied from the corner of his eye, the hard bound reference book that she was aiming at his head; with quick thinking he narrowly evaded the incoming threat by docking while pretending to sit down, and then, eventually lie down on his side carelessly using an arm as a pillow. “Do whatever you like, and wake me up when you’re through will ya.” Seiji said, while thinking, “even though, all I’ve been doing was simply trying to salvage whatever remains of my shattered pride for giving-in. —At the same time; as bracing myself for another wave of salvo from her, after the tactless comment I just made, ‘Gulp.’”

Few moments later or probably longer… a series of gentle tap on his shoulder woke him up. “Seiji,” she whispered softly, “would please help me out?”

“I thought I was struck by lightning, when I finally recognize the identity of the person standing next to me.”

“Chi… Chiaki in a drag..?” was the first impression that flashed in my mind. So, I turned my face away in order to hide the obvious change in my countenance. Bursting frantically with laughter is not advisable and rather rude. Especially, if I wished value my own life, that is.

“I nearly didn’t recognize you. You looked stunningly beautiful… ” I said affectionately, when I finally managed to get my composure.

“Re...really?” Jade replied shyly, raising her hand slightly above her lips; to hide her dainty little smile behind the long flowing sleeve of her kimono. Afterwards, she showed me the remaining length of the obi (sash) which supposed to be tied at her back to secure her kimono and serve as a stylish ornament as well. “I can’t do it by myself… you see.”

“No problem. I’ll do my best.”

Seiji, rose and walked around her with his well tuned observation skill, while she assume the position of a Japanese Barbie doll;—pulling here and tugging there, tidying up any loose edge and tightened the obi around her body to keep the kimono in place, before he started working on the ornamental design on her back. After a while, Seiji takes his cell phone out from his back pocket and took a picture. And then, he handed over the cell phone to her.

“Do you think this design suited the personality of the lovely lady that wears the kimono?”

Jade blushed, “indeed, and she loves it.” Hastily, she walked in front of the dressing mirror and tried to see a bit more of it by turning on one side, and then, the other.

“Ne, Seiji kun… I didn’t know you can tie an obi very well.” She asked, out of curiosity, “for someone like you. When did you learn it?”

Seiji smiled, “I didn’t.”

“Then, how did you…?”

“How did I…? Simple,—back calculation.” He replied, with a slyly smile on his dial. “Let say, I have enough experience undoing it, that’s all. And, of course lest we forget…” Seiji put his right hand on his chest and bowed respectfully, “there’s one thing that do not belong in your outfit, my lady.”

“One thing…?” Jade curiously asked, “What thing doesn’t belong in this outfit?”

“If my lady won’t mind…?”—“I won’t mind… what?” Jade inquired.
“Good!” swiftly, Seiji reached down in-between the overlap of her kimono, pulling her underwear down before she could react to it, causing her; to lose her balance and fall backwards landing on her bottom in the process. “Fine ladies during your time that wears such majestic clothes;—do not wear panties, let alone—a pair of boxer shorts.” He blurted out followed by a loud and rather humiliating laugh, after taking snap shots using his cell phone camera.

“Gotcha! —a rare memory of your blushing expression in a very seductive helpless damsel in distress—reenacting a disheveled kimono pose; now captured, and preserved for all eternity.”

“WHAT?!” Jade exclaimed with fierce expression on her dial.

[To be continued…]

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After receiving an eviction notice effective immediately from the dorm manager for the purpose of maintenance and repairs of the rooms during the holiday. Max suddenly found himself nowhere to go except for the guesthouse and face the inevitable realization of his nightmare.


Chapter 15: “Tempting Fate”

Awaken by the persistent knocking of the door; Max was forced to get up in order to give this persistent visitor a piece of his mind, which caused him to experience some sort of hangover in the process,—zigzagging towards the door monitor with his hand bracing his head as if it was about to fall-off; wearing a fierce expression on his face, he pressed the view button on the door monitor with hostile intention to scare whoever it is behind his door. However, the view finder revealed no one, except the little white envelop slipped under his door—bearing a red stamp which spells, “URGENT” in bold letters.

The fierce expression he was wearing was subdued, as if a cold bucket of water was poured over his head after reading the header written in bold letters.“E…eviction Notice?! What kind of prank is this?” Max grabbed a pair of jeans and wore it in a hurry, opening the door hastily and racing through the hallway,—down the stairs all the way to the lobby hoping to catch up with the person responsible for delivering the eviction notice.

“Hey! Wait, wait a moment… STOP!!” Max cried out towards the first silhouette of a person that he saw from a distance. His heart was still racing and breathing heavily from running as fast as could, when he finally caught up with someone. “The person…that delivered this letter…where did he go?” he asked while breathing heavily.

The person wearing a pair blue overall standing next to a tool kit, poised to operate on an electrical circuit breaker switch box with a screw driver—looked at him from head to foot, licked his lips, and then afterwards, winked teasingly. —At the sight of Max’s moist bare skin wearing nothing but a pair of half way buttoned up stone washed grungy style blue jeans.

“That’s it! You little…” Max uttered angrily, in a wink of an eye,—he grabbed the screw driver from the guy’s hand and pointed it up his nose, while his other hand was firmly strangling his throat—after he forcefully pushed him against the wall. “Perhaps, if I unscramble your twisted brain through your nose with your own screw driver…” pausing momentarily while glaring fiercely at him, when he stressed-out, “you might learn that answering quickly and politely would save your life! Am I understood?” —The guy expressively blinked his eyes in terrified manner, while raising both of his arms in the air as a gesture for surrender. Only then; Max was able to let the poor terrified creature go to catch his breath, before he turns completely blue out of suffocation. —Overhearing the guy cough successively from a distance, as he walked away with remorse for losing his temper; he was then, about to mount the stairwell. When he felt a pair of clammy hands reaching from behind, clinging to his torso,—with the excited part of his body sticking on his backside; turning his head for confirmation….

“YOU… AGAIN?!” Max exclaimed angrily, and in one swift motion; he turned around, grabbed the guy by the top of his head; so he could deliver the blow that will definitely knock his lights out; when… the guy blocked his sorry mug with a piece of paper. “Please take it,” says he, with hoarse voice, “it’s my name and phone number. If you need someone to release your frustration with I’m available… handsome.” He added kneeling before Max with yet, another indescribable expression on his face.

Max’s grip on the guy’s head remained firm, while his clenched fist was still aimed at his face, when he was interrupted. This time, it was a familiar voice. “Himura, Satoichi kun, why are you still here?” The lady dorm manager sternly uttered. “And why are you keeping this man from doing his job?” she continued, tapping the tip of her folded fan on the back of Max’s hand that was still gripping the poor guy’s head. So, hesitantly Max let go, not knowing that the guy managed to slipped in the piece of paper with his name and phone number in one of his back pocket before he run off unscathed.

“So, this temporary eviction notice is not a prank then?”

“Indeed… and I am expecting that you already went back home for the spring break, Himura kun,” the lady dorm manager continued, “Is he the one keeping you here?” turning her head towards the direction where the electrician is.

“Absolutely not!” With his face red as beetroot; bowing respectfully as the last resort to avoid any further inquiries, “if you’ll please excuse me, Ma’am,” he uttered meekly with his head still down. “I need to pack some of my gear I’ll drop by to your office to return the card key as soon as possible.” The lady manager turned around without any further notion and head back to her office. While Max raced back to his room; put on some clothes,—while chucking into his gym bag the rest of clothing articles and toiletries that he could get his hands on in a hurry, thinking… “I’ll just crash in Seiji’s place temporarily. And then,” he shuddered; upon remembering the dream like premonition that he just had;—his feet grew heavier with every step away from the main gate of the school dormitory after returning the card key in the manager’s office.
Al fresco style coffee tables under the shade of colorful umbrellas sprung up like mushrooms along the promenade. Savoring the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread from the delicatessen in the same street,—lined with souvenir shops, book shops, and restaurants. Max pulled out his wallet and checked for his credit card balance at the first automated teller machine he comes across. However, when the machine asked for the pin number, he couldn’t remember the combination. Tapping his fingertips on the monitor of the ATM, sighing deeply… Fortunately, he remembered jotting it down on the little notebook that he definitely chucked in; when he was packing in a hurry—without looking he reached for the gym bag that he put down next to his feet. But it was no longer there… he looked around frantically without losing sight of his transaction card which was still inside one of those old fashioned ATM that swallows the card and regurgitates it only after the transaction is done, when he spotted his gym bag being carried away by a stranger.

“HEY,—YOU! Give back my frigging… HEY! STOP!” Max cried-out angrily, pointing at the thief who suddenly picked up the pace—taking his gym bag with him: Desperate, but unable to do anything, because his transaction card was still stuck inside the ATM.

Cheesed off as he watches the thief disappear with his gear, even though his transaction card was released eventually; the distance between them is now beyond his best effort. “Damn… I wonder; what would Seiji do in times like this…” He thought; as he walks away hesitantly from the source of the delightful aroma that made his stomach growl. “Darn it! Why am I suddenly thinking of him—as if he is going to come and rescue me, when he is the primary source of all this….” His train of thought was interrupted when he realized that he was standing at the foot of the stairwell that might lead to the scene of his nightmare.

Turning pale with cold sweat forming on his brows as the realization of his nightmare slowly but surely starts to unfold; “What am I going to do now? Damn!” Max lifted his eyes towards the sky as if he was petitioning for a divine intervention. When he noticed in the corner of his eye—how weird he must have looked from others point of view. —It was then, when the delightfully mouth watering aroma of freshly baked bread once again made his stomach growl.
“Is there any other way to get to the guest house from here?” A home delivery boy wearing a blue apron and white cap with inscription, “No Fear” stood next to him and asked.

“I think this is it, the quickest way to get there.” He replied, while staring at the inscription, “No Fear.”

Both heaved a deep breath and gathered all their strength as they commit their best effort to tackle the ascending path aptly named, “Stairwell to Heaven” by the locals. Regardless, whether, it is about carrying 50 loaves of French bread or having to face the realization of a nightmarish fate. Both of them put their foot forward and started to mount the stairs.

Meanwhile, the guess house atmosphere is bustling with all sorts of activities. From the old monk who’s both hand are tied-up with the task of managing the incoming reservations; from get together parties all the way to the lovey-dovey couples who think spending a night or two in a haunted guess house would spice up their intimacy.—Leaking roof-tiles were fixed, old tatami floor boards were replaced and most especially; the garden and the fish pond received a well deserved make-over.

The new sprinkler system for the garden and lawn was undergoing a test drive, when they reached the top of the stairs. With their knees shaking and almost out of breath, they rested side by side for few moments of well earned break. After a couple of minutes, the delivery boy dust off his pants and rose first. While Max remained seated burying his head with his hands over his lap, which somewhat gives off the impression; as if he was about to kiss his backside goodbye at first glance.

The delivery boy tapped his shoulder and asked curiously, “Hey, are you alright? I’m on my way back to the shop, but somehow… it looks, as if you are in the verge of despair and about to kiss your @ss goodbye.”
“SHUT UP!” Max exclaimed while glaring fiercely at the delivery boy to make a point. “Mind your own business!”—The delivery boy nearly lost his footing out of fright and run off.

Rising slowly from his seat, Max walked towards the guess house swerving from side to side dragging his feet on the ground,—an unwilling participant on the fated event that awaits him. “Everything is exactly as they are…” murmured he, sighing deeply as he looked around before he knocks on the main sliding door; expecting to see the managing monk preoccupied with paper work behind the front desk as soon as he slides open the door and take a peek.

“Himura kun, welcome… please come in.” greeted the old monk.

Removing his shoes at the threshold and changing into comfortable pair of slippers. Max walked slowly towards the bench across the front desk and quietly sits down. “Oji-san,” he called out softly, “May I please have a glass of water?”

“Of course… certainly,” the old monk replied kindly.

“Tempting fate… given the same situation, Seiji might choose to change it, even if that option is not available, because that’s the kind of person he is…” Max thought, while watching the old monk disappear into the corner to fetch a glass of water as per request. “It’s not half bad for an idea…”

“Himura kun,—are you feeling well? You looked rather pale.” The old monk uttered with concern, while placing the glass of water on the little coffee table next to him. —Returning to his paper work afterwards, while Max stood up bowed his head after emptying the glass of water. “I would like to say ‘Hello’ to my friends, if you don’t mind.” The old monk simply smiled and kept going with his job, thinking how unusually polite Max was.

Approaching the part of the corridor where Seiji and Chiaki’s room were just across each other. Max paused momentarily to clear his mind, “This is it…” he thought, mentally preparing himself for any surprises that might come out of the woodwork. “I changed it myself… I should be fine...everything should turn out differently this time.” Suddenly, his keen sense of hearing picked up something… “Sounds of struggle?” following the source; lead him right in-front of Chiaki’s door, when he overheard him yelling, “Give it! Give it to me now!”—itching to know what was really happening, he slide the shoji door open without asking. And found Chiaki riding on top of Seiji like a pro-wrestler would;—wearing a ladies kimono, and locked in a fierce struggle; to reach for the cell phone—which Seiji is holding at the end of his out stretched right hand while the other was on top of Chiaki’s face to obstruct his progress.

“Co…cosplaying?” Max stutters out shock.

At this point Seiji shouted, “CATCH!” tossing the cell phone in the air towards Max in an instant. However, as soon as he caught it…he was knockout cold by a thick hardbound reference book that hit him on his forehead. “Strike One!” Jade cried out excitedly, afterwards she quickly grabbed another thick reference book and knocked Seiji’s lights out with it, “Strike two! That’s for taking my underpants off… pervert!”

[To be continued…]

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Fate slightly changed for Max; although he still ended-up passed out in the end, but this time he is not alone; and for entirely different reason. Regardless, every event is connected in delicate balance of cause and effect. ~The day is not over yet… [Caution: This Chapter contains Hard Yaoi]

Chapter 16: Inevitable

Jade heaved a deep sigh of relief; confirming that Seiji and Max are simply passed-out; after having to hit both of them with thick reference book in her double knockout—fine play performance. “Now,” said she, “To the victor goes the spoil.” as she pried Seiji’s cell phone out of Max’s tight grip, and then, hastily walked through Seiji’s room all the way to the veranda on the other end. She took one last look at the cell phone that captured her embarrassing picture and then; aimed for the deepest part of the pond, taking her best shot. Unfortunately; her grinning smile faded away rather quickly, when the cell phone hit an overhanging branch and landed directly on the face of the young man resting under the shade of the tree instead.

The pupil of her eye began to dilate, and her eyelids trembled with the same movement that may be perceived on an individual on the verge of a nervous breakdown; when she caught a glimpse and recognized the identity of the young man. In an instant, she darted a lightning glance where Seiji and Max were supposed to be—in order to confirm her suspicion. “There are two Seiji’s?” she murmured.

She was about to hop out of the veranda to chase after the cell phone and have a closer look on the other Seiji…when she realized that she was still wearing a ladies kimono. “Tch,” indescribable frustration was written all over her; as she runs back to her room and change into Chiaki’s clothes immediately.

“Don’t you dare move away from where you are,” Jade murmured in a threatening gesture, when she tiptoed next to Seiji and then, to Max,—afterwards, she took off like a rocket to pick-up the trail of her intended target. Looking around cautiously; when she reached the place. Under the scrub and she even checked the branches of the trees just in case, but with no avail. Her best efforts went down to nothing.

Meanwhile, the apprentice-monks that were doing the maintenance work—were already gone for lunch. And the once busy atmosphere succumbed into the spirit of solitude once again; leaving her confused and disoriented with more questions than she could possibly able to answer. ~Momentarily distracted by the sensation of freshly mowed grass in-between her toes and the softly filtered glimmer of sunlight streaming through the leafy overhanging tree branch… “It’s beautiful!” she gasped. “You have to give it to Seiji; he knows all the best spot to appreciate the blissful feeling of being alive.”

Then, she realized… “Hold on, a moment—why on Earth Am I praising that pervert for?” shaking her head, “No! No—way! His body double just got his cell phone back!” Jade’s fury ignited once again, but, it was put out rather quickly just before it reaches its peak; when the sprinkler system activated, leaving her soaked all the way to her underwear. “Darn! Everyone’s conspiring against me, Grrrr!” The once soft and fluffy lawn was transformed into mushy waterlogged green carpet under her feet as she runs back to the guest house, leaving a trail of muddy footprints in her wake.

“Goodness! Child, what happened?” The old monk asked curiously, when he saw Jade standing at the threshold dripping like a wet puppy, “Please, wait there for a moment…” Jade watched the old monk disappear behind the corner and returned back in few seconds with a neatly folded bath-towel with him. “It seemed to me that the newly installed sprinklers worked rather well.” ~Jade, reached out for the towel and pats away the excess water on her hair, and then, wrapped it around her shoulder afterwards, while the old monk placed the comfortable slippers right in-front of her, so she could hop into it easily. The sweet smile—when she uttered, “Thank you” made the heart of the old monk swell with gratitude.

“Should I send a pot of freshly brewed green tea in your room? It will help warm you up from inside-out”

Jade turned her head slightly towards him and said, “Yes, please…” However, as soon as, she passed through the first corner, Jade raced where she left off the two unfortunate victims of circumstance. But they were no longer there—her instinct leads her to check Seiji’s room first… And she was spot on. Both of them looked as cozy as two bugs in the rug. Someone must have dragged them both over a futon and spread a thick blanket over them.

“Lovely! His double just pulled a fast one on me! Grrrr…”—her head was still poking through the gap in between the door, when she remembered…“The Cell Phone!”

“Cell phone..?” A familiar voice echoed what she just said from behind her.

“Gulp,” Jade’s head sunk between her shoulders and froze momentarily.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” prompted the old monk carrying an elevated wooden tray containing a pot of freshly brewed tea and a couple of peach flavored sweet mochi. —“Oh! No…not at all.” Jade frantically waved her hands while wearing an indescribable expression of someone trying to cover up some sort of fishy activity, when she slammed the sliding door behind her immediately, forcing a fake smile; while nervously shuddering at the same time; gliding sideways awkwardly, one step at a time across the hallway towards her room. And then, she remembered; “YIKES! The silk kimonos!” Just before she slides open her door. Once again, overhanging cloud of frustration lingered above her head ominously; as she leans on the door with her hands clenched into a fist.

Upon witnessing Jade’s unusual behavior the old monk; still carrying the refreshment tray, cleared his throat to catch her attention; slowly lowering his head graciously, when he uttered; “Will it be alright to leave the tray here with you? I just remembered that I still have some matters to attend to—at the reception desk.” The cloud of frustration dissipated, realizing how kindly the old monk was, Jade relaxed her clench fist and turn around to take the refreshment tray from the old monk. “Please, take a warm bath as soon as possible before you catch cold.” The old monk reminded kindly, before he left.

Meanwhile; the sound of Max’s rumbling stomach woke him up with a matching headache and a bump on his forehead as far as he could tell—by the feel of it. When suddenly, an arm and a leg landed heavily on top of him; the first one on his chest, along with a relatively cool soft hand caressing his cheeks, while the second, goes in between his legs; rubbing up and down, seductively—bouncing his delicate sensitive crown jewels like a pair of miniature soccer balls with his knee. Overcome by shock, Max gasped for breath, while blushing all the way to his ears,—covering his mouth with his hands to keep himself from screaming at the top of his voice. But, before he knew it, Seiji’s hand was already underneath his shirt exploring the sensitive ridges in between his ribs, kneading his chest in the palm of his hand and playfully tickling the cherry bit that adorns it with his fingertips.—While, his knee continuously rubs the sensual bottom half of his body,—he tried to squeeze his leg out, by attempting to close the gap in between his legs; as much as possible, but it only caused the sensation to become even more prominent, as it rubs in between the higher part of his inner thigh—driving his body temperature to rise exponentially, until beads of cold sweat moistened every inch of his skin. It was then, when Seiji rose and rides him like a surfboard caressing his stiffening excitement with his.—He thought, his heart, that seemed to be pounding restlessly from within finally burst out of his chest—when he felt his bare hands ripping off his shirt and forcefully removing the rest of his clothing article one after the other. Exposing the tower of his excitement visible in its prolonged form, dripping wet with slippery juices all the way to his backside as if, it already came once, but still, not satisfied… Standing at the very edge of his sanity and about to freefall into infinite darkness with his throbbing body;—the fully dilated pupil in his eyes mirrored the readiness of his virgin rear-end opening, waiting to be violated for the very first time… Even the faint clinking sound of Seiji’s belt buckle, heightened his excitement—making every fiber in his body trembles,—when he felt his fingers massaging his spot from within. Instinctively; he raised his hips a bit higher and spread his legs wider, to accommodate his long and bulky spearhead all the way through. While the gentle in and out movement gradually slides faster and faster as the opening grew wider. The sharp pain that he experienced during its first entry slowly diminished. Eventually, he succumbed into the feeling of pure ecstasy, and before he knew it,—they were slamming into each other without a care in the world; saturating the air with their deep and heavy breathing—until, the pressure building inside of them violently erupted!—Intoxicated and utterly wasted, He pats Seiji’s head with lingering happy thought, afterwards, he gathered his remaining strength to brush off Seiji’s hair away from his face. When he discovered, that Seiji’s eyes were tightly shut! —Only then, he realized that Seiji was in deep sleep the whole time. “Sleep F**king Me?!”

[To be continued...]

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Someone once said, “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” However, whatever happens afterwards still depends on his tenacity to endure the ever shifting hand of fate.


Chapter 17: “Scare Tactics”

Few hours later: swaying gently in the fresh afternoon breeze. The tinkling sound of crystal wind chime—in contrast with the dull clacking sound coming from a computer keyboard, awaken Max’s senses.

“Damn you…”

“Ah! You’re finally awake…” Seiji replied with a slight tinge of concerned look in his eyes. “How are you feeling?” he continued, getting up from his study desk to sit by his side. “It’s already late afternoon sleepy head… you must be starving? Would you like some coffee, tea, or perhaps, something stronger?”

“Pain killer, do you happen to have any?” asked Max.

“Of course,” Seiji replied, followed by sudden heavy handed slap on Max’s cheek, which was more than enough to rattle his brain a little; rather than merely clear his mind of whatever it is that seemed to bother him.

“You should have given me that much! To wake me up, —what were you thinking?!”

“I… I didn’t know…” Max stuttered, while trace of blood trickled from the corner of his lips slowly… he turned his confused and somewhat embarrassed countenance away from his interrogator and uttered, “I didn’t know… what to do… alright!”

Seiji’s enraged expression faded away in a momentarily pause and embraced Max with tearful expression of contrition. “I’m… not sure… what to say…” Seiji whispered apologetically.

As for Max, what was expressed in that momentarily pause was something that no amount of words would be able to describe,—with his heartbeat drumming inside of his chest; and the subsequent feeling of mixed emotions welling up from within him... he extended his arms around Seiji in an affectionate embrace. “Then forget about it…” Max replied. “It is not entirely your fault…” he continued with a barely audible voice.

Seiji pats Max’s back to ease off from the emotional embrace and bestowed a kindly smile with sincerity as he looked into his eyes.

“*Please, don’t look at me like that…*” Max thought, —while trying to ignore the mesmerized feeling that seemed about to overflow, despite the sheer unadulterated guilt that hunted his conscience at the very thought of having to enjoy the rough and tumble first experience he just had by accident.

“I… I’ll be fine…”

Upon hearing this, Seiji rose—taking a set of his neatly folded yukata from the dressing cabinet and presented it to Max, “I hope you don’t mind wearing this temporarily. —Max received it with both hands and placed it just above his pillow before he uttered, “Thanks… but what about painkillers? Do you have any?” while leaning away at the same time, just in-case he decides to smack him again.

With a slight nod, Seiji turn around and reach out for the first aid kit on the top shelf of his bookshelf. “Some chewable Aspirin should suffice.” Taking out a half filled bottle of Aspirin tablets from inside and placing it on Max’s hand, “Here… help yourself, although, three tablets should be enough.”

Walking back to his desk, the cat that was imposingly sitting next to Max jumped out and rubs against Seiji’s legs to get his attention. “Ah, you must be hungry too Mr. Kitty, should we order something?” The cat made an eye contact and mewed.

Upon reaching his study desk, Seiji started looking for the whereabouts of his cell phone, when the cat mewed twice to catch his attention once again, and then, points its nose towards one of the fluffy slipper below his desk. Consequently, Seiji bend down to fetch the cell phone and then, comfortably sits down on his chair,—with a grinning smile on his dial; while looking at the cell phone, he thought, he lost earlier on. —Tapping his hand on his lap a couple of times followed by a quick glance at the cat, while scrolling at the speed dial numbers of home delivery services.—Without delay, the cat jumped up and curl-up on his lap, purring… while he keeps flicking through the menu.

“What a clever cat.” Max thought; curiously observing. “Hmmm… If I remembered correctly…” continued he, while tracing the bump on his forehead with his fingertips, “I was knocked out cold after Seiji passed that phone to me.” At this point; while waiting for the painkiller to take effect, Max lie down and stared at the ceiling as he contemplates, “What was so special about that cell phone?”


Max felt chills running up and down his spine, upon hearing the remorseful voice brimming with anger and anguish before the door slides wide open and a gush of cold breeze followed through.—In a split second; he saw Seiji sprung from his seat and shuts the door, but somehow, remained standing against the gap; murmuring something to whatever it is on the other side for few seconds; before he turned around with a quirky smile on his mug.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” Exclaimed Max; anxiously pulling the thick blanket all the way over his shoulders.

“THAT?! That… would probably be, one of those tricks that they played when there’s a new guest around here, he he… Y’know, as an infamous haunted guest house they have to keep up with their reputation, ehe he…”

“But, you have been staying here for more than a year already? Isn’t it?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun… But, I think, that was meant for you…”

“For ME?!” Max dropped his jaw wide open out of shock. And afterwards, when he regained his composure… with his head lowered to hide his eyes, he asked shyly; “How did you know?”

Seiji slightly smiled,“You see, the Dorm Manager inquired from the reception, while you were sleeping, if you could stay here for the time being… as you can see, even here, due to spring break every room is fully-booked. So, I answered… ‘If you don’t mind sharing with me, I would certainly be happy to have you.’ ” —It was then… with teary eyes, Max jumped out of bed and hugged Seiji, to express his gratitude.

When suddenly… the door slides open once again, but this time, it was the welcoming scare-crew’s voice that echoed along the hallway; when they saw a dude in his birthday suit—clinging in a lovey-dovey pose with Seiji.

As for the old monk, it was music into his ears to hear that his patrons and his crew were having such a good time. So, he poured himself some sake, and smiled, while viewing the crescent moon on the moon lit side of the Guest House veranda.

[To be continued…]
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