Sony's "Other OS" Lawsuit Dismissed by Court
Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/14/11
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/14/11

Yeah that sums up my feelings, but hey it's the united states people.. people with the most money make the decisions despite this being the last Sony console i buy. I will give sony one thing however at least they are not bricking consoles and banning psn accounts left and right like Micro$oft did back in 09 with modded consoles.. i think that number reached 1million users when it was all said/done. Aye Sony you fucked up to much this time around, the only thing you got right was your handheld and thankfully for me i can read 2 out three of the Japanese alphabets....however This does not affect my "preowned 20 gig ps3" due in part of all that lovely home-brew.. thank you guys over at.
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