[2012~JDrama] Teen Court ~ 10-dai Saiban
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/14/11

Date: From 11.58 p.m., Tuesdays, 10 January 2012
Station: NTV

The teen court is a judicial system where teenagers preside as public prosecutors, defence attorneys, baliffs and members of the jury to try offenders of their own age. Nyakoji Misato (Goriki Ayame), a second-year high school student, participates in the court as a public prosecutor. Misato is an ordinary high school girl who is usually surprisingly laid back and aspires to be a fashion magazine model, but displays her genius when she is a public prosecutor. She pairs up with fellow youth to reinvestigate cases that are not convincing to her. Misato always investigates cases through the eyes of the suspects, unveiling the hidden truth with deductions and ideas that adults cannot see.

Goriki Ayame
Murakawa Eri
Mori Ken
Konno Hiroki
Owada Kensuke
Azuma Mikihisa
Maeda Beverly

Credit : JDrama Wordpress
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/16/11

Seto Koji to appear in Goriki Ayame’s new drama series, “Teen Court”\

It’s been announced that D-BOYS‘ Seto Koji (23) will make an appearance in the upcoming NTV drama “Teen Court ~10-dai Saiban~“, which will begin on January 10th.

As reported previously, this drama is set at a “teen court”, where teenagers judge juvenilles who’ve committed delinquent acts. Goriki Ayame will take the lead role as ‘Nyakouji Misato’, a female high school prosecutor. She’s the love interest of Seto’s character, a 17-year-old high school prosecutor who’s placid and suave, but unlucky in everything he does.

Commenting on his role, Seto said, “I want to break my image,” before continuing, “Though it’s a comical role, I don’t want to aim for laughs unnaturally. I want to make people sympathize with this character who grows up while being twisted around by things happening around him.”

Though Seto is 23 years old now, a high school uniform suits him quite well. However, Seto feels that he will soon retire the outfit. “This will be my last look in high school uniforms,” he said. “I would like to [become more] wide-ranged as an actor.”

In related new, D☆DATE — a four-member sub-unit of the D-BOYS — will release a new song called “Love Heaven” on January 11th. As a member, Seto said, “I will try my best to be known by many people as an artist too.”

Source & Image: Sanspo (1 + 2)

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