DOA5 demo included in Ninja Gaiden 3
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/16/11
The Alpha build of DOA5 is only available for people who purchase the limited edition of NG3. Several sources have confirmed that the demo will have characters specific to the console.

PS3 owners will have access to Hayate and Ayane, Xbox 360 owners will have access to Ryu and Hitomi.

EDIT: Buyers of the pricier collectors edition will have access to all four characters. Also, the demo will not be available anywhere outside of the Nninja Gaiden 3 bonus.


And while on the topic of DOA5, Team Ninja has tweeted that they will implement sidestepping, a feature that was in DOA 3.1, which was a Japan only release.

Dead or Alive is a must buy, now it's shaping up to be the best fighter of 2012, hands down.

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Posted 12/17/11 , edited 12/17/11
I've been waiting, MY FRIEND!
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