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Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/16/11
Ok so first if you don't know what a Harem is:

A harem anime or manga is basically a series with one main male character, and a bunch of female characters surrounding him. Some examples include Negima, Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, Angel Tales, and many more.

There are also reverse-harems (one female main character with a bunch of males surrounding her... like in Ouran High School Host Club). Those are less common than regular harem anime, but still count as harem since it's one character surrounded by 3 or more characters of the opposite gender.

Harem anime isn't the same as hentai. It's usually comedic in nature. A Harem can also include a bit of Ecchi, but is no wear near that of hentai to to clear that up. :)

So, want some good harems to watch? try these (these include my favorites so don't bash my opinion):

Ai Yori Aoshi
Clannad After-Story
Girls Bravo
IS: Infinite Stratos
Kanon (2006)
Princess Lover!!
Rosario to Vampire
School Days
They are my Noble Masters

So there you go, feel free to post your favorites as well :)


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I've seen all those and have to agree that they are good. Besides the Tenchi Muyo I do enjoy Rosario to Vampire a lot, especially the manga.

other shows I'd recommend are:

The World God Only Knows
Demon King Daimao
Good Luck! Ninomiya-Kun
Dragon Crisis
Omamori Himari

hope you enjoy!
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why doesnt crunchyroll have aesthetica of a rogue hero
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