Post Reply Rule of the Black order
Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/17/11
Once recruited, an Exorcist shall not leave the Order.
■Compensation may be paid to the families of Exorcists, but contact is not permitted.
■When personnel die in the line of duty, their remains shall be cremated. The family will not be informed; this is to prevent the possibility of personnel returning as Akuma.
■All information regarding the status of Black Order personnel is strictly classified. Family may not request information.
■Blood relatives of Accommodators may be seized for study. (This policy no longer applies; revoked by Komui Lee.)
you can say bad words
* You can creat your own techniques
* 1 level exorist start with basic powers like eye to see Akuma, the power to exorsit akuma, and heal your self.
* Dont control other peoples characters and no power moding or god.
* Your level only goes up if ur sync rate goes up for the higher it is the stronger ur weapon.

Good luck!!

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