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All humans on Earth are descendants of Noah and his family, who survived the Great Flood and populated the Earth once more. Every so often, and when there is a vacancy within the Family, a gene within a random human, called the "Noah gene", awakens, turning that human into a Noah and causing them to fall under the influence of his hatred and memories stored within their blood.
At their greatest, the Noah Family will have fourteen members, including the Millennium Earl who leads them.Each member of the Noah Family is known as an 'Apostle', and each Apostle has their own Noah name, though a few choose to continue to go by their human name.Members of the Noah Family, when they are in their Noah forms, are distinguished by their darkened skin, amber eyes, bluish black hair (with the exception of Jasdevi, Wisely, and Allen) and the line of black, cross-like markings that go across their foreheads, called stigmata.

Noah family

Personality:(nice,cool, werid,tricky)
Name of Apocryphost weapon:
Powers or abilities:
One weakness:(dont have to tell)
Bio:(how u became apart of the Noah family)
Eye color:
Hair color:
Orentation:(straight, gay,Bi):
Did u read the rules Yes/No:


Human name:
Bio:(how u became a akuma)
Did u read the rules Yes/No:
Pic human form:
Pic Akuma Form:
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