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Things on Crunchy roll that make you say hm…

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F / somewhere in silence
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
Ok this is a list of ish on crunchy roll that I have noticed that just makes me shake my head or just think Wow…Yes this is kind of like that Myspace bulletin that goes around about 10 things lames do on myspace. You can add your own things that make you say hm on crunchy roll read a few to get an idea. If you would like to disagree with someone please pm them about your beef this isn’t a battle thread but if you would like to second something feel free to Quote it and say you get this or that, but no negative remarks.

***You don’t have to use my format but please don’t post I hate this and that…or lame things like this thread sucks just pm me if you think so (^_^), please no singling a person out its not for that.

1. The little fishers

Explanation: Ok people please put away your fishing rods, If you really think your ugly or fat, or w.e then sorry for you. And the people who fall for things like that kills me your just falling into their little web, most of the time ppl who post like that just want ppl to tell them how skinny they are or how pretty etc…don’t be their Looking Glass ( snow white reference). One, people who really feel fat only share their weight with ppl on a need to know bases. Two, if you really thought you looked that bad in a picture you wouldn’t post it, everyone knows ppl only post what they feel are their best pictures hm.

Referring for help: if you really are like 5'7 and weigh 100 pounds and think your fat then you should definitetly get some help, b/c thats not a healthy way to think. And if you think your ugly all I can suggest is maybe support groups, and not posting your picture?

2. Hush hush on Black Women (yes I used the words)

Explanation: Yes it seems as though you are allowed to talk about every other race, and or sub group except Black women. I have seen titles with “Asian guys girls” in the title And “White guys girls” in the title, or just focusing on problems Asians must face. But dare I to have made a Topic and titled it Black Women and a certain mod Changed the title to “relationship stereotypes” which if you would have read the first post it had nothing to with said title. Which by changing the title only furthered my point about black women being the under dogs. If you find the topic ppl actual said now that sounds better but no one seemed to have a problem with Titles as said b4 using other nationalities.

Referring sites for help: For those black women or anyone who wishes to discuss the topic of black women in a mature environment there are several myspace groups were black women and others willing to actual discuss this topic hm.

3. To be emo or not to be tis the question?

Explanation: For all those who I’ve noticed love (.‘\\) saying emo after someone post, or saying a thread is emo, please. I have not seen one person on here who is an active poster or not, that hasn’t jumped at the chance to post about a “sob” story or some dramatic event in their life. So to single anyone out is just plain hm. Which carries into my next hm.

4. Sorry but it goes unread?

Explanation: For those of you who write these long heart felt post, or majority of post, sorry to say but chances are they will go unread, Most ppl just read the first topic my skim the first couple of post and then maybe the last couple post. Some may even skim some until they find one they can quote and or relate to, then write what they have to say. Its kind of like seriously how many of you do that and then expect that others will read or care about what you have to say hm.

5. I only read the first post

Explanation: For those people who only read the first post well call them FPR. They tend to read the first post maybe not thoroughly, or even comprehend what the topic is actually about and post accordingly. Chances are things will be said a zillion times in a thread, or some ppl just don’t get the hint about things (yes I’m including the Anime is not a Cartoon thread). Sometimes there post make you say hm.

6. Just putting it out there.

Explanation: When we make a post , we take that chance just to put things out there, and yes we all do it or have done it at some point when we think we’ve posted a button pusher or have quoted someone for what ever reason. We all go back and check up on if anyone has responded or just even commented on anything we have said. For some your heart may race once you see your name and start reading the paragraph to see if you’ve been “praised” or “attacked”, some ppl even like to cushion the blow like “I know I will get flamed but I don’t care” sure you don’t. Hmm…

7. I’ll post what I want

Explanation: For those ppl who clearly did not understand the purpose of a thread or just didn’t care and post things that either have nothing to do with said title or just completely goes off on their own side topic but never actually getting on topic. Example- The When did you lose your virginity thread, explain to me why its exactly like the Virgin thread, majority of ppl who posted are virgins, saying why they are proud of being virgins or how they are going to wait…ok not the thread for that hm..

8. Mini Mods to the Res…cue?

Explanation: I’m surely not the first to notice, ok first off yes it does seem to be mostly CR supporters, present or past, who feel the security of not being banned, or just better about themselves b/c they have a star next to their name. Who go around being arrogant and talking to other members like they own the place. Ex. those ppl who like to go off topic and then try and tell other ppl to stay on topic when they deem fit. Shinji assigned moderators and you are not one of them. If your going to help them out then do us all a favor and do it appropriately. It’s like they want Shinji to see their post and instantly make them a Honorary Mod, or want the mods to praise them…hm.

9. Can I kiss your butt?

Explanation: All the suck ups on crunchy roll make my day sometimes, I never knew how desperate ppl were sometimes for approval that they have to look for it from ppl they don’t even know. Yes I’m talking about you ppl who constantly praise someone like you know anything about them. Oh he post some links on a topic and goes on and on about something he googled, and then this person is like “the smartest person you’ve ever met” . Or I’m going to make a post praising Crunchy roll, (read last sentence in #8 for the reast)

10. A fib or Two

Explanation: For those of you who in my opinion post bogus A** post. It really makes me laugh when ppl actually believe it and don’t see past the ish. Examples: The money thread, now either ppl are retarded and want to be robbed or they are lying about how much money they carry on them. Also the weight thread girls don’t generally like to share their weight so I’m sure a lot embellished on their weight. Or the “humbled ppl” please, I can call your bluff and raise you…It makes me laugh b/c if you really feel better about your self from ppl envying you for something you lied about then you have another bag of issues. You know who you are, and you may or may not be able to lie to yourself about it either way sorry for ya.

11. Learn to Speak clearly

Explanation: This is for all the ppl who spell words out like your five and just learning how to spell (English being first language or known well w.e) You know who you are and Im certain on crunchy roll you have seen it. The unintelligible words ppl post and you can’t tell what they are saying. Some ppl do it to be cute, and I’m hear to say it surely is not. I don’t mean the ppl who use internet abbreviation which goes to the next hm

12. Don’t use computer talk on the computer?

Explanation: Wow, for all you ppl who try to make online more formal? WTH. Yes I mean you complainers of ppl using internet short cuts using these complaints. “That’s so lazy like it takes that much effort”. Uhm actually it does save a lot of time and space to use short cuts, maybe using a paragraph of all shortcuts like while txting may be pushing it but Don’t get mad b/c you haven’t learned them, just ask someone, if not ignore what they write. For example when I write ppl its obvious that it means people, or a short cut for with is w/, a short cut that I use for because is b/c… And yes the infamous “u” “ur” get over it, its how ppl write “you” “your” now, why b/c when you read it, it is pronounced the exact same…and the point gets across all the same.

13. Lets make several sub groups to annoy ppl

Explanation: I’m talking about Ppl who make post like Example “ Who plays more Guys or Girls” then someone else will make a post “ Who sings better Guys or Girls”, and it never stops until there is a Guy vs. Girl for any retarded topic you can think of, just b/c your bored and want to post a topic. Atleast have the sense to Make it a broad topic like just saying Guys vs. Girls save ppl the agony…hm…

14. Asian nut sackers

Explanation: I was going to make this a separate rant and it should be one b/c this issue is out of hand on Crunchy roll so many ppl with this issue…Its ok to like things other then Asians or Asian made things it won’t make you any less of a hardcore anime fan honestly…I’m talking about the ppl who

A)only want to be some ones friend b/c they are Asian (Asian friend collectors in real life and on the net)
for every favorite topic their answer just so happens to be something Asian
C) your avatar is you posing like an anime character or making a face like they or Asian celeb has made and thinks its cute when it surely is not (please tell me you know what I mean)
D) you think Anime are not the same as cartoons (sorry couldn’t help it)
E) your delusional about the real Japan being like anime/manga and its obvious by the way you “talk”
F) you act like an expert about Asia to ppl who don’t know you, and or are not as familiar with Asian culture, even though the only knowledge you have is what you learned from anime/ Asian Dramas also the only words you know are from anime/ dramas
G) you worship your Asian friends either in real life or on the net, and follow them around like a lap dog (yes I’ve seen this oh so many times)
H)you complain about every American remake of Asian movies, and insist the Asian versions are better. Same goes for when an artist sings in English or anything western concerning Asia is awful
I) You say Japan is the best country even though you have never been there

Lol I’m sure others will have more to add I have plenty of things I could add…

15. Trapped in a corner

Explanation: When things don’t go your way in a battle you try and place the blame on the other person. Like its happened to me plenty, I like to have the last words apparently just b/c I reply when some one makes a rude remark or ask me a question they try and make themselves look better by being the one to “end it” most of the time its b/c they are frustrated its not for any other reason, so to save face pretend to be leaving on your own accord. Or the person says when confronted about the back and forth say “its not me its them I’m not doing anything wrong“…hm

16. Recognition

Explanation: Hardly anyone will Pm another for this simple reason. Because if Quoted Negatively you want people to see your reply, you could easily PM that person and explain to them but what good will that do, others won’t be able to see it and take a side and tell you “good one” “or nice comeback”. what will others think hmm…(this came to mind when [see example 15] ppl tried complaining about me replying back like they weren’t doing the same thing). It’s like if you really didn’t want to go finger to finger (typing lol) with someone then don’t reply negatively to them. Everyone wants their side of the story heard hm…

17. Prejudice ppl

Explanation: for the ppl who make post and no one says ish to you. Or you think your big and bad and can rant on and on what you don’t like about a particular group of ppl. It seems like a lot of it that goes un punished. Like when there is a thread talking about Black history month, and ppl show their true colors its nice to have a screen to hide behind, turned into a thread to basically demean blacks, and ppl basically get it off their chest the things black ppl do that annoy them. Majority of ppl who posted were of another race talking about ish they know nothing about if your not black then you have no idea what its like a day in the life of one. Also the “How many blacks watch anime thread” yeah might not have meant to be harmful but when other races start posting their opinions on why and which blacks watch anime, and so on like there aren’t blacks on the site to speak for them selves it becomes a problem and since we aren’t the majority on here ppl think its ok to say to the ones that stand up for themselves that they are overreacting no not overreacting just reacting (yes other things besides blacks but im black so im using it as an example).

18. Go with the crowd

Explanation: It seems like majority of ppl are afraid to go against what every one else thinks, and has to follow the Crowd. Example, the American hating fad, lets bad mouth Americans, like literally everything turns out to be compared to America and Americans, just read the threads that ask you about something chances are its going to come around to America/ns (yes more things then just America ppl go with the crowd on but I’m American so again I use it as an example)

Erm I’ll update if anymore come to me, yes I like pushing the envelope and bringing injustice to ppls attention, and saying what others are thinking and dare not say.
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Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
lol,i dont even start talking about some of the things you
mentioned lilprince,that would go off topic in a sec.

also are we supposed to discuss the things here or just adding other points?

is that not like the what do you hate about crunchyroll thread?

but ok,i hate if people who you give facts in a discussion,suddenly
end it by something like:"..well,we just have a different opinion on it"
or if they criticize my english,if their arguments are getting less.

oh,and i hate people who pretend to have had a sex-change,
post pics of someone else and pretend its them,and creating
a second account,to use it as their imagined boyfriend
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29 / F / California
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
This thread is a tad hypocritical lilprince.

First of all. CR is a community...another society. Nothing is going to be perfect and you're just going to have to suck it up. Posting this huge post isn't going to provide any revelations for people. The people you want to read this (which corresponds to number 4) won't read it. It's too long. So what exactly is your point in posting this? Attention? You just want to rant?

Actually one of the reasons why I don't like people who use 'ur' is because I think it may be influencing why people don't understand the difference between 'you're' and 'your'. I do think it's annoying, but I find it more annoying when people don't understand simple grammar and spelling. You're a perfect example lilprince.

"CR caters to those who likes Asian films, music, etc." Of course users on this site are going to enjoy Asians and Asian things. This doesn't mean people are racist. No, it's just the way for the community to relate to each other since that is what the site was built upon.
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F / somewhere in silence
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
well no its not really suppose to be what you hate about crunchy roll its more about things that happen no one says things about, Or ish you've noticed that was just like wow am I the only one one this lol, and yeah you can post your own things or add to something I said

And yeah I agree with that ppl swtich their genders and stuff...(lol at boyfriend thing)

And When ppl nip pick with spelling errors if there are so many you can't get what they post ok but if they have one here and there scattered I'm sure its from fast typing....These are not formal essays being turned in so it doesnt long as the point gets across...

Lmao you already proved most of my points you could have just PMd me...(''/), and like i said i wasnt singling anyone out just like the anime thread I made about ish that annoys ppl about anime its just a cartoon so anything can happen but it doesnt mean things dont bother them about it. And I didnt say ppl don't read long post I'm sure some ppl do, I'm just saying for the most part ppls post go unread, and revalations lmao they arent revelations just s that goes ignored, ppl see it but don't say it and I'm allowed to I havent attack indiviuals and or used racist slurrs.
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29 / F / UK
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
O_O such a long post i feel it would be wrong not to read ans reply! ^-^

1- The little fishers.
I agree with this and notice it alot in the real world aswell. It's just a form of defence. People want to put a picture up but are either modest or afraid. By saying they are 'ugly' first; others can't be as scarey! It also means your more likely to get a response ^-^. It can be a little irritating but i think it's just part of human nature. I suggest replying; why? what do you think makes you look ugly? That way you may be able to respond with something than can help their self esteem ^-^

2- Black women
Hmm i can't comment on this as i personally haven't noticed it ^-^ sorry!

3- Emo
I never got the whole emo thing anyway o_O

4- Sorry but it goes unread?
Of course; noone read every post -you would go insane! Like you said; people will skim to find one they relate to. So if everyone decides there's no point posting because it wont be read; what will there be to skim?
I do pay more attention to longer posts thought when i skim ^-^. I think others might too.

5- First Post
I agree that reading more than the first post is important! You often see little comments that say 'yes that's true' or 'no of course not!'. It's better to read the first and last couple of pages ^-^

6- Putting it out there
Didn't really get this one ^-^

7- Post what i want
True ^-^. There are alot of topics now though so some things will overlap. There are a few threads that could be joined together ^-^

8- Mini-mods
Half agree and half don't. I think it's good that members look after CR and help mods by pointing out duplicates and reporting things ^-^. However i do agree that it can be mean. Sometimes it can turn a thread into a flaming!
I also get confused why members will say 'this is going to get locked' yet don't report it. ^-^ It just seems a bit odd.
On a personal note; i always try to answer the the thread before pointing out it's a duplicate. Saying things nicely often works much better in teaching new members the ways of the forum ^-^

9 - can i kiss your butt?
I agree that happens but it's nice that people praise each other ^-^

10- Fibs
The internet is well known to be a place where people lie. If it boost someones esteem then i suppose it's a good thing. I do, however, worry about them in the 'real' world. ^-^

----Taking a Break! I'll be back in a bit to complete this.^-^
----- Ok to continue! ^-^

11- Learn to speak clearly
Do you mean things like l33t? I so then agreed! I can't read it though so that might be why i don't like it! I've never uNDerStoOd WhY pEoPLe wRiTe LIke tHiS. It's irritating to read and write! How's it cute? *confused*
I suppose you have to understand that it's popular with younger people. Repect the fact that they will probably look back on it in a few years and cringe!

12- Don't use computer talk?
I was never sure about this. It's online so technically why can't we use computer talk? It's quick and almost universally understood. At the same time i prefer reading posts that are written properly. It's also a personal thing because to me the short way of saying 'readin, writin, goin' reminds me of an 'accent'. This particular accent can be quite annoying to listen to and, to be stereotypical, doesn't make the speaker seem very intelligent. ^-^
I also agree with Reds comment on 'ur'. I had to teach my 14 year old brother the differenc the other day! That's bad!
(note: i never heard of 'w/' before here and i thought it was a stupid short version at the time! Makes no sense! ^-^)

13- subgroups
Agreed ^-^. Some things deserve seperate thread but some could be merged.

14- asian nutsackers
It's an asian site ^-^ - people here love asian things! I admit some things are a bit obsessive/odd but i like the fact that people here are so interested in another culture ^-^

15- Trapped in a corner
Sorry, no opinion ^-^. I haven't noticed or experienced things like this.

16- Recogniton
Yep, that happens. People want recognition. People like community. People like to share feelings. People like to look good/ mean. Any of them ^-^
I think it's good that people share things in the forums but at the same time i feel bad for the poor people being attacked!

17- Prejudice
I haven't seen any prejudice on here actually. Most likely there's some hidden by members or deleted. The UK is VERY sensitive about race issues which can be a little extreme sometimes. I don't really get some of it but obey it because, well, it's the law.
Eg: 'You bald git' - just an insult
'You black git' - instantly racist
Perhaps that's just me. I think people can be too sensitive sometimes and see racism where there is none.
I have a black friend and when i point her out to people i will say 'the black one'. Because she is and that is the most identifyible feature! If she had a bright yellow jumpsuit on i would point that out instead. Identification and reference to differences is not racism most of the time ^-^
This site includes people from all over the world who are interested in asian culture. This means they are more likely to be open minded to different people and culutes in general ^-^

18- Follow the crowd
I agree this happens sometimes but not alot as far as i have seen. There are many debates on here from people with different views. Stereotypes are used but that's often for humour and if it goes too far; people comment on it. ^-^

Overall; the internet reflects the real world to an extent. There are unwritten rules, odd little human habits and friendship groups.
I agree with some of your points; you're not the only one to have noticed them ^-^. However., there are some which i haven't seen or have but think are excusable. In the end; CR is a group of people so they are going to do things that people do! We aren't all perfect and neither is the forum ^-^.
If there's no bad things on the forum; how will we recognise the good ones?

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Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
..oh boy.

I'm a bit confused by this. The title leads to me believe it's like that other thread of yours (the ones about the things in anime that make you say what the fuck), but then it just seems like you decided to rant.

I do agree with you on the first point though. :/ It's so annoying when people (who know they are gorgeous) post pictures and say they're ugly and other bullshit.

I have not seen one person on here who is an active poster or not, that hasn’t jumped at the chance to post about a “sob” story or some dramatic event in their life.

:/ I'd like to think I'm an active poster, and yet I can't recall a time when I posted a sob story.

For your fourth point, you mentioned that people won't read long posts. I'd have to say this post is fairly long. I'm sure that those who are going to read this will just skim it.

I'm really going to have to disagree with you regarding your mini mods rant. ^^; First off, I only recently acquired a star next to my name, and quite honestly, the only reason I have it is simply for the fact that I wanted a star. Those of us that report duplicate threads, etc. are doing it in order to help out the mods and make their jobs easier. I've always been an arrogant bitch. It doesn't matter whether or not I have a star next to my name.

11. Learn to Speak clearly

... why on earth would you post that & yet use 'ppl' 'w.e', etc?

Just like redgarnettk said, this is an Asian media website. Of course the people here are into Asian things.

Meh. I'm not one to follow the crowd at all.

I think you've made some pretty ridiculous generalizations in this post.
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39 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
There are a lot of points I agree with you on, but there are a lot of points I disagree with you on.
However, I just really wanted to know, what the hell is ish?
<--- i think i'm too old to know..
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32 / M / California
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07

lilprince wrote:
2. Hush hush on Black Women (yes I used the words)

Explanation: Yes it seems as though you are allowed to talk about every other race, and or sub group except Black women. I have seen titles with “Asian guys girls” in the title And “White guys girls” in the title, or just focusing on problems Asians must face. But dare I to have made a Topic and titled it Black Women and a certain mod Changed the title to “relationship stereotypes” which if you would have read the first post it had nothing to with said title. Which by changing the title only furthered my point about black women being the under dogs. If you find the topic ppl actual said now that sounds better but no one seemed to have a problem with Titles as said b4 using other nationalities.

Referring sites for help: For those black women or anyone who wishes to discuss the topic of black women in a mature environment there are several myspace groups were black women and others willing to actual discuss this topic hm.

Yea i changed the topic. The first post itself (yes, your post) stated things about multiple races. So I decided to make it a general thread on stereotypes rather than waiting for a bunch of other people to make sub-threads for no reason when ONE thread was plenty.

Don't even try to insinuate that I'm racist. I'm Pakistani American with Jewish friends, black friends, white friends, Hispanic friends, Asian friends, etc (and a Korean honey bunny ). My decision had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race. There's two types of racism .... you might be showing signs of the latter by putting up a race barrier where there is none.

A true non-racist doesn't even separate things into races to begin with.

You didn't want people to comment on what was said, but that's almost impossible since when you made such a long winded post.
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30 / z
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
I get annoyed at most replies. esp people who write a flippin essay on it. Great dork, Im not going to read it.

I agree with most of the stuff here, its quite funny. but pissing people off online is 1/2 the fun if they talk back and are angry.
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F / somewhere in silence
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
AIYA ppl are definitely not understanding my post and it is like the Anime thread only using ppl, and wasnt to post what you Disagree with you can agree but like i didnt know ppl were going to disagree I said pm if you have a problem or question...and its not impossible to not post a disagree statement but like i said ppl like to be recognized so its hard for them to resist, and nope i dont think your racist

Any way the titles were just on what the topic was about, not actually being my opinion in itself

And again I'm not saying no one reads long post, but majority of ppl don't but ppl put it out there not saying anything wrong with it but agian its pointing things out

And yeah a lot of ppl don't consider what they write gushing or as I put it a "sob" story but to others they can come off as dramatic whether intended to or not...

lol with all the misunderstandings thats why I said pm me before ppl posted things making assumption about what I was implying (''.) just trying to avoid that!
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29 / F / California
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
lilprince, many of your points are invalid because you do a lot of them yourself.

Let me get this straight. You want people not to debate on the forum yet point 14 states that you dislike it when people conform with each other? Well if a person can only PM if they disagree, the entire forum will consist of only conformity. I fail to see where the line is drawn in that point. You make a lot of generalizations so it would be best to state all of your points a bit clearer so they don't overlap so much. This is what causes the hypocrisy in your statements.

You don't seem to be addressing the points with these responses lilprince, something you should do to strengthen your points. Rather than strengthening your points, you've been focusing on defending yourself. Please don't use point 16 as a copout.
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29 / F / UK
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
Slightly off-topic but:

BasouKazuma wrote:
A true non-racist doesn't even separate things into races to begin with.

Really? I was always taught that you're not racist if you see the differences but don't care. Like how i see one of my friends as spanish, one as african, one as malysian etc. I know they are different and seperate them in terms of race. However, i don't 'care'- it's not the word i'm looking for but i hope you understand!
It's just, i like the things that seperate them ^-^. A turkish friend and i will moan about how our malaysian friend get's the nice skin!
I think race is like any difference. It's there and we should notice it; just not judge on it ^-^

^-^ Just my thoughts; i always wondered whether my idea of racism was wrong or not!
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F / somewhere in silence
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
If you feel that way ok (^_^) and 16 isnt a cop out lol, I'm just saying that it will take up to much space if ppl cry to me about what thng I said made them made instead of just pming me, and explain my ideas to me they are clear and if someone doesnt understand again I said to pm me like I pmed you but again you had to post here to reply instead of replying to the pm , it gets to chatty and back and forth for ppl to reply to each others comments on a topic

and how would that be conforming b/c ppl can just post their own "hms" that may disagree but to quote and disagree I already said not to. I say get over ppl typing short hand and you could write a post about Why ppl shouldnt you dont have to qoute me to do that and single me out b/c im not the only one who feels its ok to use short hands... I said there were misunderstandings so if you dont get something just pm me and Ill explain best I can
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36 / M / 中国
Posted 6/12/07 , edited 6/12/07
First and foremost -

Welcome to the internet, now pull your head out of your fucking ass.

This place is basically a glorified daycare, don't go looking for depth in a puddle. Most of the problems you listed are typical of any online forum.

It's understood most people here are into asian things - like it has been said before, this is an asian media site. Personally, asian entertainment is a minority in my diet. Sure I watch anime on occasion, and on rarer occasion I'll even listen to j-pop or watch something live action. I understand most people here don't share my love for western culture, so I don't expect it.

I do get pissed off at the ignorant fanboyism that runs rampant here about asian culture, but it's hardly unexpected. Personally, I have been to japan and have probably seen more anime than most people here (certainly a larger variety at least). So the blind fanboyism is frustrating to say the least. I've posted about it before, but it's so pervasive here that it's not worth commenting. The vast majority of these people are going to stop watching anime during college anyways.

As far as race issues..... the bottom line is you are an extreme minority here. Hell, I think being white is being a minority on this site to be honest. Once again, I just assume there is going to be a bias towards asian related issues (which there invariably is). I view it as an opportunity to learn about their culture not so much get their feedback on mine. Since there a so few blacks here, don't be surprised when non-blacks start posting in a racially charged thread about their opinions. This is a public forum after all.

Bottom line, this is an asian media site - topics relating exclusively to black culture aren't going to garner much interest.

I will admit the mini-mod thing pisses me off as well. I just enjoy flaming the ever living shit out of people when they act like a dumbass - but I would turn down the moderator position if it were ever offered to me. No thanks - I know better.

I don't think mild internet slang is a problem, but it's that damned text message grammar that drives me crazy - it's like I'm seeing the collapse of the english language right before my eyes.

Bottom line is, this is an asian media site filled with high school posters. Don't expect to deal with adults. They're ignorant and young and behave in such a manner. The only reason I stay here (aside from having little better to do) are the few interesting/entertaining posters who keep this place from descending into a Gaia like cesspool of stupidity - that and the active moderation this place receives.
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Your post is highly opinionated.

The internet typing shortcuts you're referring to does screw up people's spelling though. My friend used to write in internet slang without even noticing.

I know the phoneys you're referring to who act profusely modest to get attention on themselves, but what can I say? Better than arrogance.
Low self-esteem > High self-esteem.

Other than that, you're basically complaining about the inevitable people of society you meet. I've given up on complaining about it, everybody's got a vice anyway.
I prefer complaining about the recycled stereotypical cliche elements that I always seem to come across in anime and dramas, that I watch of course.

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