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Posted 12/18/11 , edited 12/18/11
We didn't reallly know how to handle ourselves, how much more to handle a club, right? But we believe that in every Otaku lies a need for us to acknowledge other Otaku and be ONE with them. We were all misunderstood by our 'real' friends. They think that we are 'weird' and even calling us names. This made us isolated from the 'real' world. 'Against' (That's what we call 'them') say that we loved ANiME too much we want to marry them (albeit I don't see anything wrong wanting to be L's waifu!) 'Against' would also say that we should 'grow up' and face the 'real' world and that ANiMEs are for kids and not for adult and young-adult.

Don't get us wrong, we don't hate the 'Against' but we prefer not to listen to them rant about how miserable their lives are. Simply because, ANiME makes us happy and it's effect are like illegal drugs to us.

What they do not know is that because of ANiME that we learn. And being an Otaku, we have learned:

:::The value of relartionships -like the brothers of FMA or the Twins Mikage and Tomomi
:::How beatiful friendships were -who would have forgotten the bestfriends Miaka and Yui (Fushigi Yuugi), Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto) and Ayane, Chizuru and Sawako (Kimi Ni Todoke)
:::The bountiful fruit of hard work and team work -the epic example would be Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slamdunk), the brothers of Voltes V and other mecha-volt-in robots.
:::That dreams can come true -You know, George Koizumi (Paradise Kiss)
:::Ponder to the true meaning of Justice -I can hear your mind saying,"L, Light, and Lelouch" LOL.

And about anything else...

:::The power of L♥ve Well you kow who you want! <333

Thanks to MAL, we have had made friends with people who really understood us. Friends that did not judge us when we say we have a (hidden) crush on <insert name of character>. Friends, who will do cosplay with us and tell cheats on games. Friends, who we could talk to for hours about <insert name of character of anime/manga/game> without the thought of being judged. Friends. Yes. Real friends that will be able to recognize other Otaku's ideas and experiences about ANiME and LiFE. Yes. ANiME is the LiFE of an Otaku. And We, ANiME NEXUS are proud to be ONE.

Below are the goals that we wanted to achieve and will definitely make us happy:

:::Stop the whole DUBS vs. SUBS debate. It's pointless.
:::Expand more ANiME DVDs worldwide.
:::More timeslots for ANiME on Television. There are ANiME that has much more morale and value and sense compared to a Mexican telenovela.
:::Make 'Against' to understand that ANiME may not change the world BUT we could definitely try! Yey!

Why name the club ANIME NEXUS?
I've thought of a lot of things but eventually great things come in small packages when it . And ANiME NEXUS was born!

And now, I'm leading new era of ANiME for the whole world to see ANiME NEXUS is more different, inspirational, influenced, creative than anything and yet worth it.
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