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Ron Paul
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Posted 12/18/11 , edited 12/19/11

bemused_Bohemian wrote:

Oh, how I wish the folks in Congress and House of Representatives understood economics as well as the teachings of economists from the likes Ludwig Von Mises to Milton Friedman. Our Legislative Branch, compared to decades ago, is very broken. And it appears the Judicial Branch is morphing into an organ for popular activism rather than highest level arbiter protecting our rights and freedoms from the other branches of government.

Decades ago I was a bleeding heart liberal and voted for McGovern and the Democrat platform in 1972 much to the consternation of the rest of my family who were Republicans. I changed spots when I went from college-degreed with no job for 18 months to college-degreed and self-employed for the next nine years.

In 2 years' time from the beginning of self-employment once I saw what little local, state, and federal governing bodies actually did compared to their collective lip-service about helping the poor, downtrodden, and the little guy I never returned to the Democratic Party or their philosophy ever again. I chose to stay Independent and Republican-leaning because the trickle-down theory worked. Or it did for me while self-employed.

I have always voted in election years and I have always voted for what I felt was the lesser of the 2 evils re candidate choice in the Presidential elections. I have maintained this "lesser of 2 evils" philosophy since the1976 outcome. I usually voted third-party, party affiliations never heard of then or since, and weird-ass parties (ever hear of the Green Buffalo Party...1980?) as recent as 12 years ago. Their platforms were naive, straight-forward, honest, intellectually popular but never conformist and pragmatic like that of the Donkey(Dem's) and/or the Elephant (Republicans). Sure, I was throwing away my vote for these off-the-wall groups but I felt their collective voice reflected mine. I am not or have ever been a Fabian-Socialist, Communist, or Marxist. Aspects of me are liberal; while other aspects about me are conservative as hell.

I listen to conservative talk radio in limited spans of time (especially like Mark Levin), NPR in short bursts (they are getting better since they out-ted their previous CEO), totally ignore the big 3 Democrat and/or Obama worshiping news organs aka NBC / CBS / ABC, seldom stomach FOX, laugh at CNN and MSLSD (countdown to no ratings) when surfing cable for something worth watching.

I don't know Ron Paul that well but if he becomes the Republican nominee I'm 98% sure Mr. Obama would be a shoe-in for another 4 year term. The dead vote early and often. Everyone else anti-Republican will get 2nd and 3rd chances to vote while the Republican and Democrat-leaning toward Independent voters will choose to stay home and max their credit cards out to buy more guns and ammo in preparation for the predicted revolt against damn government sometime in the near future.

Both parties are spending us to the point of economic oblivion and have been doing so since 1981. Bush was bad enough (never let a blank check go unsigned) in his 8 years but Mr. Obama's multi-trillions of dollars gamble has made our economic situation much, much worse.

I liked Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann. Hermann is out (not enough money to fight off the innuendo) and Michelle may well be an also ran in the weeks ahead. Romney is a flip-flopper and I never trusted Newt. I wish Perry would pull his campaign together instead of making pout faces every time he's questioned by anyone. Huntsman is nothing but a trojan horse for the establishment Republicans who are perfectly happy to sit on the sidelines of power forever and not accomplish a damn thing for the good of this country....imho.

2012 is going to be 1 hell of a fight. I do know who I won't vote for; I have yet to decide who I will.

I totally agree with you on a lot of what you said brother, congress needs to take a crash on Austrian Economics. However, i feel all other candidates other than Ron Paul will continue the same Pro-Globalist/UN crap that Bush and Obama did. Research all candidates and leave no door closed. We all need to know the truth about all the candidates. Until then, its not wise to vote on any candidate.

P.S. Ron Paul almost got Reagan to bring back the Gold standard, and actively advocate Austrian Economics. However, one of Reagan's staff members talked him out of it...

Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/3/12
Sean Paul
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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/3/12
I support any candidate who has the knowledge of how to balance a budget and pay off this ridiculous debt Barack Obama and George W. Bush got us into. Also, any candidate who can avoid attacking their enemy (Barack Obama) is a winner for me. I do not like how Barack Obama led this country into the ground, but what I cannot stand is someone who feels that they can't get elected unless they attack him for his personal life. Any candidate who can make ads showing his platform for running and not attack the other party is my bet. I won't be voting Barack Obama this year. I'm typically Democrat since my parents are, but I will not be voting for him. I refuse. I don't know who I will be voting for though.
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Posted 3/3/12 , edited 3/4/12
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