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Posted 12/19/11 , edited 12/21/11
Here are a list of things pending for approvals

84 - Naming the periodic table characters -
Need confirmation if this thing ever finished

1788- FlyingFringe "favorite anime girls list" game
Need confirmation if this thing ever finished

1849- FlyingFringe "All I Ever Learned, I Learned from Anime" game
Need confirmation if this thing ever finished

2108- AcidK Continuing "Things to run away from"
Need to know WHEN this started

3663 - Zwolf12's hnnng squad
arguement was similar to oish2011's 3pm post, however, the series is of reasonable size so in pending

3643 - smaragdos' /AMP/ History Lesson
can't remember if this is 1st one, but if it is, then this should be the entry (has to be approved. No. Matter. What)

3783 - First avatar blending?
i'll approve this once we have an actual confirmation this is the 1st one. (would be funny if it was lol)

4049 - 321agemo tries to do summer mascot contest (AGAIN)
different post or add on the the 1st post about summer mascot?

4059 - Xarthos Tarot cards
there have been other users who made tarot cards so not sure if this should go in

4121 - mastersansai "sloganmaker"
it was amusing when it was introduce, but then almost instantly forgotten

4172 - 4178 oish2011's It's 3pm. School is Out. What does your child do now?
very short series, not sure if this should be approved or not
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