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20 / F / Behind you ._.
Posted 12/19/11 , edited 12/20/11

This is just where us workers put up our maid picture (or what our maid looks like) And describes our maid.
You will need:

Maid Name (First name last initial!!):
Specialty(1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food):

Here is mine:
Username: LunasLove

Maid Name: Koilani T.

Personality: Somewhat bipolar. She Can never make up her mind. Although she appears mean and demanding, Koilani is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Specialty: Tea (all)
Ramen (all)

-Hair: Short, Dark brown
-Eyes: Bright green
-Other?: Seems very intimadating.


The Maids~♥ (moderaters)
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21 / F / Shedorerumu
Posted 12/21/11 , edited 1/3/12
Username: Sukii-Yami
Maid name: Sukii Y.
Personality:Kind hearted, doesnt like to disappoint, very attracted to guy cutomers
Specialties:Any Seasonal Dish, Dessert, or Drink
Eye Color:deep shade of purple
Hair Color/Length:Mid-back length black hair with bangs that cover one side of her face
Other?:Is made completely of LUST but taking on a human form to stay close to her beloved
The Maids~♥ (moderaters)
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30 / F / In the chains aro...
Posted 1/1/12 , edited 6/4/12
Username: silentrose1
Maid name: Elli
Personality: shy, easy going, caring, like to have fun and play games, but will still do her job
Specialty: great with foods especially desserts. will handle drinks when needed :D
-Hair: orange, long, sometimes curly
-Eyes: green
-Other: neko-tail and pointy ears
Our Customers/Regulars
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23 / F / Where Ever the bo...
Posted 1/1/12 , edited 1/1/12
Maid Name (First name last initial!!): Alice C.
Personality: Sweet, Awkward , and overly honest, She is kind and could love anyone, her only flaw is she's a tad gullible -_-'
Specialty(1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food): Tea (green, milk, spiced apple cider, BLACK), Bento, Kawaii Decorated Ice Cream Parfait.
-Hair Sholderlength light brown/ash blond hair
-Eyes Sapphire Blue
-Other? The kind of smile that wipes away all your problems ;)
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Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Username: AbigailLeBritannia
Maid Name (First name last initial!!): Avril S.
Personality: Shy, Kinda.emo. xD Anti-social, quiet, accident prone.
Specialty(1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food): Rocks in cooking, sucks in serving others.
-Hair. Natural; Blonde....Dyed:Drak Blue
-Eyes: Blue.

The Boss
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19 / F / My Computer...
Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/14/12

Username: SceneUnicorn101
Maid Name: Matsuri
Personality: Nice, kind & sometimes moe ^^"
Specialty: (1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food):
Appearance: Wearing Hello Kitty cosplay maid costume, w/ kitty ears & pink-striped knee-high socks
Hair- light brown/ long length
Eyes- dark brown
Other- Just let me know if you need anything~♪ ^0^
Picture: The Profile Pic is me ^^

Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Username : jaspink5456
Maid Name : Jas or Anii
Personality : Caring , kind , helpful , sometimes selfish , loves family and friends , cheers up people , hyper, sometimes weird
Specialty : Iced Coffee , Bento , Kawaii Decorated Ice Cream Parfait ,
Appearance : Brown hair , green eyes , brown maid costume
Picture :

Our Customers/Regulars
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24 / F / At the beach
Posted 1/7/12 , edited 1/7/12
Username: littleflyingangel
Maid Name (First name last initial!!): Rose
Personality: Nice, calm, funny, cute
Specialty(1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food): Iced tea, The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence, Orange chicken
-Hair: pink
-Eyes blue

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28 / F / tsk tsk not telling
Posted 1/16/12 , edited 1/16/12
User name: Selwhyn
Maid name: Tory
Personality: Persuasive, magnetizing (people seem to fall under her influence), determined, mischievous, hard to read, aloof, calm
Specialty: any french dessert
Posted 2/23/12 , edited 2/24/12
User name: waiting
Maid name: Aoi ~ Chan
Personality: clumsy, loves to read, gets excited easily
Specialty: decorating cakes and cupcakes, baking
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22 / F / NeverLand
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/3/12
Maid Name (First name last initial!!): Sora T.
Personality: Shy, extremly quiet, very good at keeping secrets x3
Specialty(1 Drink,1 Dessert,1 Food): Iced tea, Cute cupcakes, Ramen
Appearance: Black and white lolita maid outfit. Hair always in pigtails.
-Hair: Dark brown with long cowlick
-Eyes: Bright green, kinda freakish
-Other?: Bad at taking orders (due to being so shy) But exxcelent at delivering lots of orders at one time cuz shes very steady on her feet. Bright green eyes.

**SceneUnicorn101 Heres Luna's new maid so dont forget to add me as a Mod and delete her name everywhere cu it'll just confuse pple***
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