Welcome to Knightingale
Posted 12/20/11 , edited 12/20/11


Creatures and Monsters have set foot to the mortal world. Light guilds were created to stop the evil deeds and acts of these monsters. With the permission from the immortals of the council, light guilds were permitted to allowed to let demons that have no intention of harm to join their organizations. The main target of the Dark guilds are the people in the Reaper society who holds the power of the grim reaper, if by grim reaper take the lives of ordinary mortals once their time has come.


Grim Reaper/Immortals/Reaper Society--- The neutral guild is made due to the fact that Death grew tired of taking souls. (cam you imagine that? xD) He then gave his obligations to infants that were suppose to be unborn due to abortion/miscarriage. Those infants had magic in them. and those magic are from the elements. The council decide who to kill by a Null chamber in the depths of their territory. If a letter is sent to the target from the council, he/she should give a sacrifice to the Council.

Monsters--- The monsters are demons, wolves, vampires, succubus ad etc. These monsters are mostly in Dark guilds but some kind monsters became loyal to the light guild

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