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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 2/2/08
2007 KBS Drama Awards

A new rising actress and model 'Park Min Young' gave Wonder Girls Ahn SoHee a run for her money at the 2007 KBS Drama Awards (연기대상) on 12/31/07 by replicating the trademark "Omona" expression.

Park Min Young who won the 'Rookie Award', performed a perfect dance rendition of the Wonder Girls smash hit "Tell Me," and won the crowd over.
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08

Up-and-coming actress Park Min-young has recently been the media's center of attention with her doll-like appearance on the popular television drama 'I Am Sam.'

Some of her photos on her personal website were taken on the set of 'I Am Sam.' Fans have been raving over her adorable appearance, describing the actress as a "living doll."

Viewers are also talking about the equally adorable hair and fashion styles she has been sporting on the drama.

In the drama, Park is a bubbly and trouble-making high school student who is also the only daughter of a gangster boss. Audacious and stubborn on the outside, she is actually a lovable and naive character who has captured the hearts of TV viewers.

Her cute school look in the drama has also caused a fashion sensation among younger generation fans.
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2007 MBC Drama Awards

At the just concluded MBC Drama Awards 2007 held last night, Park Min Young picked up a Best Newcomer award (sitcom category) for her role in “Unstoppable High Kick”. Congratulations to her and her co-star, Jung Il Woo also for picking up a similar award in the same category.


Park Min Young ready for her next project

After two months of rest and relaxation, Park Min Young is ready to step right back into work and her next project is likely to be a drama or movie with MBC TV station. Further discussion and details still needs to be worked out though.

Because of less then ideal ratings for her last drama, “I Am Sam” plus accompanying negative reports, it affected the plans that her management company, SidusHQ had put in place. SidusHQ decided to take it easy and let Min Young have a 2 months long vacation so that the rumours would die down.

During her long vacation, SidusHQ specially arranged for Min Young to go for cultural, singing, dancing classes, etc. From these, we can see that the “vacation” is for a better future for her. Can Min Young top her performance in 2007 and create another miracle in 2008, let’s wait and see.

Source: Baidu
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Park Min Young in Thailand for Photo shoot (2008-02-26)

The young actress Park Min Young has just had a trip to Thailand to take photographs for a famous fashion magazine .

Her photograph set is divided into 2 parts with different titles such as “pure" and "sexy". Park Min Young could show her image with different styles by herself to reveal all her attraction.

One member of photographers revealed "In dramas, Park Min Young expressed a playful and lovely girl". In this photograph set, she will demonstrate her adult aspect. Especially, with such contrast images as pure and attractive, she will show all her allure.

In addition, on February 28, she will hold a press conference in hotel W to publish this photograph set.

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Park Min Young's Photograph Set Press Conference (2008-02-28)

The press conference for Park Min Young’s pictorial book was held today at the W Seoul Walkerhill hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/7/08
Park Min-young Transforms for KBS "Hometown Legends" (2008.07.04)

Actress Park Min-young returns to the small screen in the 9-year comeback of KBS 2TV's "Hometown Legends." Park will play a Gumiho.

The 2008 "Gumiho" is based on the story of the Gumiho-bloodline throughout the generations, and no one knows who will transform into the next Gumiho.

Park Min-young plays the part of "Myeong-ok," the youngest daughter at the Lee household. She's a bright character who brings a light to the otherwise dark atmosphere of the family.

Director Kwak Jung-hwan, who had also done the TV drama, "Hansung," will be in charge of "Gumiho," the first of the "Hometown Legends" series. The first serial begins on August 6th and it will be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays through the whole month.

Source: KBS Global
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Park Min Young Confirmed for Princess Ja Myung Go 2008.10.26

Park Min Young has been confirmed for SBS Princess Ja Myung Go which will be shown in the Mon-Tue timeslot in February 2009 (tentative).

Princess Ja Myung Go is based loosely on a historical Korean love story (recorded in Samguk Sagi and other texts) between Princess Nangnang and Prince Hodong of Goguryeo. The saeguk drama will talk about a love triangle scandal between Princess Nangnang and her elder sister, Princess Ja Myung Go with Park Min Young taking on the role of Princess Nangnang.

According to a representative from SBS, “Park Min Young participation in Princess Ja Myung Go has finally been confirmed. What’s left for us to do is to ink the contract. Jung Ryeo Won and Jung Kyung Ho have also been casted for the drama but they have yet to make a decision on their participation.”

Source & credits to: coolsmurf
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Park Min Young at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards 2009.01.01

Park Min Young was at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards last night, (2008.12.31) and managed to get a Best Actress in a Special Drama/One-Act Drama for her role in Hometown Legends: Return of the Gumiho. She looked stunning in her black dress.

Source & credits to: coolsmurf
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