Anime Hero/Heroine Postage Stamps from Japan
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Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/22/11
I'm wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to purchase directly from Japan Post (i.e. Japan's National Post Office) postage stamps online and have them delivered outside of Japan.

Anime/manga is one of Japan's major cultural exports, and perhaps not surprisingly, anime characters have been featured on their postage stamps in recent years. If you go to Japan Post's shop page, you can see what they have available:
(you can scroll down to アニメ ヒーロー or "anime hero" to see specifically the anime stamps they have available).

I actually have the Patlabor, Keroro Gunsou, and Full Metal Alchemist sheets, which I purchased while in Japan on vacation last year. A recent Animenewsnetwork post also mentions a Lucky Star postage stamp sheet (plus postcards and stickers, apparently) becoming available next year.

As a stamp collector and anime fan, I'd love to get my hands on more of these! Does anyone else like them too?

Anyway, while I'm sure the secondary market might have these things on sale eventually, it'll likely be at a significant mark-up. Buying direct from the post office (as I do for stamps of the U.S. where I live) enables one to buy at their face value, plus perhaps a small surcharge for shipping and handling. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to do so from Japan Post internationally. I can't find any mention of it (i.e. international orders) on Japan Post's site, but my Japanese is quite rudimentary, and the information could well be right there or in the FAQ somewhere. Does anyone know either way?
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Posted 12/25/11 , edited 12/26/11
you should visit many of the auction sites there. like amazon or ebay. found this american site.

or travel to japan and pay directly. visit prefectures where there are alot of english speaking ppl.
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