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Posted 12/22/11 , edited 12/23/11

мerpeople love the dark depths of their oceans but they also enjoy surfacing as well. This is the entrance to the entire ocean for merpeople. Humans heavily surround the outside to prevent any merperson from leaving but entering is a different story. Tension is heavy here because merpeople do their best to not resurface and humans are constantly on the look out for them. Once one resurfaces humans make their way inwards but often merpeople only need a seconds breath before plunging down again. It's a dangerous war here and neither side can seem to get the advantage.

Posted 12/23/11 , edited 12/23/11
Kenshou was in his half eel and half human form swiming around preying on other creatures. He was in the darkest part of the ocean, that's where he likes to be best. He could trap creatures and feel strongest as if he owns that part of the ocean.
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