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How To Add Textures in GIMP

Step 1#
Open a photo [File>Open>Picture File]

Step 2#
Open a texture [File>Open as Layers>Texture File]

Step 3#
Mess with mode and opacity

Step 4#
Erase areas if needed [Optional depending on the texture] and your done.

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How To Pixelize On Gimp

Step 1#
First open a photo. I cropped mine. (Ganna use this Mio one.)

Step 2#
Then go to Layers<New From Visible and click ok.

Step 3#
Then go to Filters<Blur<Pixelize and then click ok.

Step 4#
Then go to Fliters<Enchance<Sharpen...... Drag it to 92 and click ok.

Step 5#
Then get a soft brush and erase spots intell it looks better. Then save.

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Step #1

Step #2

Step #3
Then delete the background layer.

Step #4

Step #5

Step #6

Step #7

Step #8
Then go to File>>>Save as then save it as a .png
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Glowing Text

Step #1
Open GIMP And Go To File>>New Then Select Any Size You Like..

Step 2#
Write Any Text You Like With Any Color and Font Face...I Used Fontdinerdotcom Lovable Here..

Step 3#
Go to Filters>>Light and Shadow>>Drop Shadow...Put The Offset X and Y to 0. Put Opacity to 100% and DON'T Allow Resizing...

Step 4#
Repeat Step 3 Until The 'Glow' Is Very Visible..(I Usually Do It 4 times.)

Step 5#
Finally, save it as .png

Finished Product:
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Manga Coloring

Step 1#

Step 2#

Step 3#

Step 4#

Step 5#

Step 6#
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Making Brushes

Step 1#
Open a new image with the following information:

Step 2#
Just Type In Any Text Or Draw Any Design You Like Its All Up To You.

Step 3#
Then Save It To "File Name.gbr"
Save It In Your Brushes Folder In GIMP
Username >> Gimp[version]>> Brushes

Step 4#
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How to make Realist Bubble Effect

Step # 1 : Open a new image . (Any size is fine).

Step # 2 : Select a gradient.

Step # 3 : Choose the Spark Brush.

Step # 4 : Start drawing randomly, and make sure to check the box according to the image.

Step # 5 : Go to Filters > Map > Displace.

Step # 6 : Follow accordingly to the box.

Step # 7 : Clean out the unnecessary part. As shown below.

Step # 8 : You don't have to clean it all. :O

Step # 9 : Create a New Layer and add your text.

Step # 10 : Re - do Step Step # 5.

Welll anyways, my gimp won't do anymore.
Just watch this video.

My finish product was already finish.
I used another name. :D
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Glowing Beams

Step 1#
Open A Photo

Step 2#
Create New Layer (Layer>New Layer)

Step 3#

Step 4#
Click On Path Tool

Step 5#
Click Where You Want Your Beam To Start

Step 6#
Then Click Where You Want It To Go.

Step 7#
Make Another Path Going Down From Your Last Point Then Let Go [Do That Until You Reach The Bottom]

Step 8#
Click On The Clear Circle And Move Your Mouse To The Right Until The Edge Is Round [Do That To All Lines Going Down]

Step 9#
Click On Stroke Path

Step 10#
Choose Thickness Then Click Ok

Step 11#
Go To Filters>Alpha To Logo>Neon

Step 12#
Pick What Color You Want And How Tick You Want The Beam To Be. [Suggest You Don't Change It That Much]

Step 13#
Click Ok.

Step 14#
Delete The Black Layer That Doesn't Let You See Anything Layers>Delete Layer

Step 15#
Click On Neon Tubes And Then Go To Layer>Merge Down

Step 16#
Click On Eraser And Choose The Fuzzy Circle Brush

Step 17#
Delete Every Other Row On Her Until You Can't Anymore.

Step 18#
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Bubble Effect Layout (Part 1)

Well Let's Start!

Fill it with any color you want since it doesn't matter right now. in this case, i fill it with BLACK using the bucket fill tool, and then I renamed the layer's name into "base" so that i don't get confused later on.

Next, create 4 new layers above the "base" layer

Then, create a circle using the "Eclipse select tool"with the position on top just like i did. It depends on you where you put it though...
Then fill it using the bucket fill tool with a color different from the color you chose for the base.

Do that a couple of times in different layers with different colors of circles and you will end up like this:

If you want you can rename the layers ONLY IF YOU WANT.
It doesn't really matter if you do or not.

Next is to delete the "background layer" (or the layer on the bottom most with the color white on it)
Then press "ctrl + m" to merge all the layers.

create a new layer. Then make more circles above the others....
If you want to attach them to the other colorful circles, then its your choice.

When you're done and happy with your circles... just merge it all and save it with a .PNG format.

Remember this! That the box of the "save background color" option SHOULD BE UNCHECKED.
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Bubble Effect Layout (Part 2)

This is what our finished product from the last tutorial went out right?:

Well now i'm going to teach you how to use it and change its color schemes.

First re-open your layout on GIMP and then right click on its layer then choose alpha to selection.

Then, create a new layer above it then fill it (using the bucket fill tool) with any color you want.
after that delete the background layer.
And then you're done.

It should now have a mono-scheme like this one:
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