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Posted 12/23/11 , edited 1/14/12
Hello everyone~!

OK, so if you're going to Anime Conji 2012 (San Diego, CA), and would like to be part of a panel (or 2!), then glad you ran into this thread!

So, for AC 2012, I'll be hosting 2 panels for it!

So here are the details

My Little Pony: Panels are Magic

If you like (or love) MLP and u plan on cosplaying a character and would like to be part of a panel, then look no further! My GF and I are hosting AC's very first MLP panel!

So auditions are open~

How to auditio

1) gajinka cosplays please! also please show us what the outfit will look like. if you are designing it, you HAVE to show it to us in some form, otherwise i link would be lovely. the outfit MUST be appropriate*. keep in mind this is a kids show panel. *acception is a tied top wish we will allow applejack to ware if they so please. top must still cover and try to avoid as much cleavage as possible.
2) MUST submit a try out video. MUST include an in character skit of whatever you please, and an out of character explanation why you believe you deserve the part
3) video has no time limit, but we don't want to watch a 15 minit video, so be thoughtful, and we will be weary of anything over 6 minuits, though we will still watch.
4) Keep the skits appropriate. you MUST act in character. No cussing, and no pairs. Pair information will be given in the actual panel information.
5) during the panel it is crucial you stay in character, and keep it age appropriate, for we are unsure if we will actually have kids there.
6) list of characters who need auditioners still will be given at the bottom of the page. when one person enters for the character, the name will have an asterisk placed next to it. it will become a system of asterisks, showing how many people are trying for the part. at least one person must enter per character and we need all 6 ponies in order to run the panel well.
7) video MUST be posted threw facebook, and made only visible to Maiyuki Chan and Corrupted Data. this will reduce drama amongst members.
8 ) people can try out for more than one part, but we must get at least 1 entry video for the characters needed first. THEN if there's a secondary or at least not needed character you wish to try out for, you may.
9) as far as ponies go, cutie mark (if any) must be visible some were on the body, preferably both sides but will be allowed one side. the mark may also be in front if desired, but the mark has to be visible some were on the body or face.

Current Deadline: Feb 20th @ 9:30 pm

You can check out the Facebook Event Page:

And here's the Youtube vid that briefly explains it:

List of Character

* = # of ppl auditioning

- Apple Jack

- Rainbow Dash

- Flutter Shy *

- Rarity *

- Twilight Sparkle

- Pinky Pie

- Princess Celestia

- Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon *

- Discord*

Ouran High School Host Club: Know Your Prin

Do you love the OHSHC series? Do you cosplay any of the characters? Do you like panels? Then this is for you!

Auditions for the Ouran panel are open~

How to Auditio

The rules are the same on video auditions. Make an In character portion, showing how well you can pull of the character's personality; and an Out of character portion, stating reasons why you would be the best choice to be the character (minimum of 3 reasons).
After you're done, please send your video auditions to [email protected]; or post it on facebook on private (so that the judges wll be the only ones to see it). This is to prevent any unnecessary and pointless drama from happening.

DEANLINE: Feb.5th @ 12:30 AM

How will you know if you got the part or no

Once videos have been received, 2 judges (including myself, which makes 3) shall be going over the audition videos.

You will be judge on by the following: Acting (how well you can be in character and how well you know the character), Energy (stage presence, etc) and Cosplay (how well you pull off the character).

If you receive an email after judging is done, that means you made it in the panel. (note: if you don't receive an email. please don't message asking why. It just what it is).

Facebook Event Page:
Video: <comming soon>

Characters Needed:



- Gee, why are you being so tough?

Why am I being so tough with these auditions? Well, simple: casting directors are my roll models. It is just like auditioning for a play, movie, etc. I've been to the Show Biz expo before, and have been told by people who actually work for Hollywood what are the mistakes people make when they go for an audition. So if you think this seems tough for you, then I'm sorry.

And that's that~

Contact Info

email: [email protected]
- KawaiiDesuCosplayer:
- Corupted-Data: (my gf's account if you have any questions regarding the MLP panel)

- Maiyuki Chan:
- Corrupted Data: (again, my gf's account if you have any questions about the MLP panel)
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