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Posted 12/23/11 , edited 12/24/11
the song they sang n when all of thm sang together n wen nanami left n they came to get her n sang n i was bout to cry ;')
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12
I think Haruka is a very pointless character. She draws too much attention away from the guys, who are the real focus. If anyone should be a lead character then it should be Tokiya and they should expand a bit on his troubles as both an Idol and a student. Also, They should go into more detail about Shou and his twin brother Kaoru and how they overcome Shou's heart condition which technically prohibits him from being an idol for too long. Cecile is also a pointless character, there for fairytail fans. they should expand on each character more, personally, I'd like to see why Satsuki exists and what will happen to Masato as he has to take over his family business and was only allowed to stay at Saotome for a year. I guess If I had to pick a bit that I liked then I would chose how Saotome rolls his R's and random other letters and doenst need to make any sense, I also liked the scene with Ren in the shower and Ren's recording scene was nice too (damned sexyphone ><) buh yeah...a lot was left unexplained
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Posted 2/8/12 , edited 2/9/12
Who else after watching this show, new favorite # is 1000 and has a new fav song!
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