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Guinea Pig Films
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Posted 11/28/07 , edited 11/29/07
I've heard of them and honestly, I have no interest in seeing them. They're supposed to be really gross, and that serial killer pedophile Tsutomu Miyazaki was into them...
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Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/29/07
the ckips on youtube are seriously disturbing .... how am i gonna sleep now?
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Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/23/07

i watched 'Flower of Flesh & Blood' closely and deeply, then all of a sudden i found out that a girl is actually a guy..........
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Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/24/07

gto734 wrote:

from wikipedia
The first two films in the Japanese Guinea Pig series are designed to look like authentic snuff films; the video is grainy and unsteady, as if recorded by amateurs. In the late 1980s, the Guinea Pig films were one of the inspirations for Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki's murders of preschool girls.

The most infamous Guinea Pig film is probably Flower of Flesh and Blood, in which a woman, apparently drugged, is shown chained to a bed as a man in a samurai costume slowly kills her through torture and dismemberment. After viewing a portion of this film, actor Charlie Sheen was convinced the murder depicted was genuine and contacted the MPAA, who then contacted the FBI.[7] FBI agent Dan Codling informed them that the FBI and the Japanese authorities were already investigating the film makers, who were forced to prove that the special effects were indeed fake. [

While the actual Guinea Pig movies are not snuff films themselves, two of them purport to be based on real snuff films. The Devil's Experiment was supposedly based on a film sent to the Tokyo police in which a small group of people dismember a young woman in an attempt to see how much the body can take. Flower of Flesh and Blood was supposedly made after manga artist, Hideshi Hino, received a letter, 54 stills, and an 8 mm film through the mail. The letter described what was on the film. He watched it and shortly after turned it over to the Tokyo police, who could not identify either the girl or the murderer.

im so interested in watching it.. im sure sunako wanna watch it too..
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
are his really that scary ?
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Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08
you can watch the full flowers of flesh and blood on watch its free, no membership or downloading needed. I watched it, its good
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08

Guys as CR are removing all our lovely Asian horror movies I thought it was my duty as a massive Asian horror movie fan to show you guys this place..

They have New movies added every day and have many more asian horror movies than cr

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