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apparently you can marry an npc in skyrim i know you guys are like "YOU CAN MARRY ON SKYRIM NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!(0o0)" i was too in a WTF state when i heard about it but for all you WTFed people its true you can marry a npc. but it is very beneficial since you can get really cool and nice stuff so that should be cool (oh i almost forgot if you want to watch how you get married (teehee marriage teehee) in skyrim then go to this( you go hope you did.

how to marry:

*you need to get the amulet of mara you can get it by either looting it, getting it by talking to the priest or buying it

*talk to marmal about marriage

*now find the person you want to marry

*make them like you, like do quests for them

*ask her/him to marry you

*when they accept talk to the priest

*in 24 hours meet your partner at the church

*and get married (yay yay congrats yay yay)

what are the benefits:

* you get some money just ask if the shops doing well or has any money

* get lovers comfort its just like lovers stone

*get home cooked meal it changes magika, stamina and health

well thats the shocking news. 0o0
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Posted 1/9/12 , edited 1/9/12
ive seen people collect 300 coins \ from their wife if she owns a store. it might just accullmate over time not to sure. but its always nice to have a steady income;) and thanks a ton for saying how to marry someone ive been wondering how that worked lol
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Skyrim! I've been debating buying this for a while, I'm in the mood for a decent fantasy RPG
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You should seriously consider it...amazing game with so much scope to do things in.

Alternatively if youve ever played the Dragonage games and enjoyed them, then perhaps the new Kingdoms of Amalur:reckoning might be for you.

Both are solid choices and will last for ages with multiple playthroughs possible
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