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Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/7/12
Kukai thoats: i mean alls gowing well i kissed her she liked it i think >o<"no no way its cool you got this dude i mean just look at how nerves she is yea well acctully she looks a bit annoyed ??? !!! omg what did i do !!! awwwwww awww spining head back an forth

Utau's thoughts: think think how to win a guy over thinks back!!! ive got it! make him feel comphterble right thats how that stupid little amu did it stress bubble *pop* never mind just have to ignore that right now

Utau: so uh.hhh kukai thanks for buying the ramen cough wisper evan though i can buy it easily on my own

Kukai hun..! ow yea sure wait did utau just give me a compliment and not say something mean about me

Utau: i mean not that you needed to expeshially since ur so financhially still talking....

Kukai: and for once i thought she woudnt bring up are diffrences (money difrences that is) but no its not any diffrent lets continue to let her ramble

Utau : still talking....

Kukai: ow well at least she tried rolls eyes --__--

hey stupid !!!

Kukai: hun hun??

Utau: i was taking to you ,you stupid kid <_<

Kukai: grabs utaus face and hand i am not a kid with a serious face

Utau: face blushes >///<

Kukai: kisses her

Utau: gomena im sorry

Kukai: ... ... ... ow yae im a stud
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