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Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/29/11
Name: Luda of the Twilight Eklipse clan
Age:19 constant age
Likes:flirting, playing,
Dislikes:anyone' stupidity but his own
hair: Short spiky red hair
Background Info. Fell from heaven in war with the devil now roams world as the grim reaper. Wings are gone but is able glide in the wind and hover. Can't return to heaven. slightly corrupted by the human world.
Personality:Cool, patient guy, will not stand for bullies.
looks: Short spiky red hair that covers his left eye, wears black pants and a dark red shirt. Wears armor on his arms and no where else.

Closes pic that looks like him
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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/31/11
Name:Shadow Knight
Element:Ice and Water
Likes:Art,Music,Dance,Singing,Writing,Animals,the colors black and blue,Archery,Sword fighting
Dislikes:Pretty boys,Girly girls,Players,Pervs
type:Whitelighter (It's sorta like a fallen angel only different)
hair:Long,Fluffeh blue
Background Info:Shadow is very anti social and by that I mean she doesn't speak to anyone when she doesn't have to so she doesn't speak much it would be a miracle if you can get her to trust you.She isn't full whitelighter so she can be killed any way but since she is part whitelighter she can also very easily be killed with an arrow from a darklgihter's bow but she hasn't seen any of those around in a while which means there hiding.She has other powers besides the element one.
looks:Long fluffeh blue hair that reaches her knees black hoodie zipped up with a blue tank top under neath a pair of jeans and black converse

Sorta like this just not wearing that and her skin is actually cream peach color she's wearing her demon costume in this picture
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