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Tell us your favorite S/mileage Member(s)

It can be from the new s/mileage~!!

or the old S/mileage ^^

please only use nice language and say nothing mean about ppl's favorite or the members in s/mileage~!!

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Meimi is my first favorite :DD i think she will become a a great singer one day and
Become a Big fan favorite ^^ Her personality is funny and i like her the best out of
all the 2nd generation members~!! Her smile is pretty and i cant stand, when people
call her a vampire~! >< it's not nice at all ~~ gggrr, but she has a good potential
and will be a very successful singer in H!P

Kanon is my second favorite she's cute, funny and has a cute smile.
she sings really good ^^ and i thinks he deserves more solo lines
in S/mileage's new singles~! i hope she doesn't graduate till she's
like 24 or something~ cuz i want her in s/mileage for a long long time XD

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2nd generation:Takeuchi Akari
1st gen:Kanon
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