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Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/30/11
You can tell us about your favorite anime, manga, food, hobbies, etc.

Okay, I'm Lily, my favorite anime are Lucky Star, Baccano, and Pandora Hearts, my favorite manga is Koko ni iru yo, my favorite foods are sushi, sweet bean paste, and pocky, my hobbies are drawing and doing ballet(only sometimes though).
Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/30/11
I'm Catie, or I also go by Aoi or Kagura. My favorite Animes would have to be Gintama, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Maid-Sama! and Beelzebub. The Mangas that are my favorite are Mamacolle, Watashi ni xx Shinasai!, Stepping on Roses, and The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. I love pizza and spaghetti. I like reading and writing fanfiction, and playing video games in my spare time.
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