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Posted 10/18/12 , edited 10/18/12
Ah...thank you both kindly, desu...I'd be happy to join the RP and RP along with you all, desu! I'll try my best to stay active! /salutes/
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Posted 10/26/12 , edited 10/26/12
While may, Ken and Mina where on their way to the forest of angles, kai was at the castle in red moon valley. The king called his kinghts and told them to cared him. One hour as passed the king called for the caption of the knights to bring him to me now. So the caption of the kinghts went to get him. When he got to the room kai was siting in the chair near the window. The caption of the knights told him to come with me Kai followed him. "Have a sit" said the king. You must want to know why you all are part of my plan asked the King. 
 "Yes Kai" said 
  "Well because you where with the angels  and you know a lot about angles" said the king.  

"So what it doesn't matter if we know all about angels." Said Kai 

"yes it does" said the king. Why asked Kai. 
  "I know what kind of magic the angel can do" said the king.
  What! yelled Kai 

Mean while at the forest of angels mina , may and Ken where still running to the center of the forest. But one of the knights caught up them. And Ken and the knight started to fight.  
 keep going he told mina and may.  As he fought off the knight.  Ken swing his sword at the knight and the knight swing his sword too. And their swords cashes. 
It was getting dark Kai showed up as Ken swing his sword one more time at the knight.  The knight fall and couldn't get up. 
They all got the center of the forest. Mina , may , Ken and Kai where all happy that the king gave up looking up for the angel. 
But that's what they think. The king is not giving up on looking for the angel. He is trying to think of a plan.  

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