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Post Reply kawaii, funniest,romantic moment of Host Club!! (Anime or Manga)
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27 / F / Cullen Residence,...
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
the most romantic was when tamaki-sempai saved haruhi at the last ep...XD
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
i found episode 16 funny but not when haruhi is afraid :'( xx
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24 / F / Ron's ♥
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
manga: when tamaki kissed haruhi in the forehead:)
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31 / F / Boondocks T__T
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/31/08
For me hmmm i would say something that cracked me up when first saw it and still to this day it had to be ep 3 i think it was when they had the physical exam and Tamaki was going on and on about how he and Haruhi were the main characters of the love story and Hikaru asked what does that make the rest of the Host club and Tamaki drew a line on the ground separating them and said "You guys are the Homo Homo side Characters" I laughed so hard at that because it was random and I wasn't expecting that

Ep 8 when Tamaki found out that Haruhi was scared of thunderstorms it was just so cute how she jumped into his arms and he hugged her tightly
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
to me another funny moment - episode 19. haha.
too funny at the end

episode 22 too. haha. absolutely funny !
i think the funniest. :D

along with the episode 23
when tamaki deflates
+ honey catches him. aww kawaii. ^-^;;
& flying through space.. xD
but then kaoru has a point
tamaki is an idiot cause..
he does realise the relationship
between him + haruhi - father + daughter
haha. too funny (:
& when everyone wanted to be friends with him
"i'll lend you my bunny !" ahah XDDD
& the very ending. haha. ^-^;;

too much desc. gomen. >.<" xx
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20 / F / In the Eva
Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/31/11
i haven't read the manga ((will read soon)) so i'll use only the anime

Kawaii:everytime when Honey is there!He is so cute!,when Hikaru and Kaoru were playing the part of the cat in Haruhi in wondeland ((HIKARU!!CAT EARS!!!SO CUTE!!I'M IN HEAVEN!!))

funny:when Tamaki said the he and Haruhi are the main characters of the story and Hiakru asked "What dos that make the rest of the club?' and Tamaki answered "You are the homo side characters" xD and drew a line separating them,the twins fight,the heloween episode,when Renge appeares with the "High Power Motor" thing,all Tamaki's inner mind theatres and when the twins were going to kill Kasanoda cuz he saw Haruhi's underwear xD actually everything is funnny when the twins are there

romantic:the Hikaru and Haruhi date,the church scene with Hikaru and Haruhi ((most fav scene ever )) and the net scene with Hikaru and Haruhi in the Heloween episode

Posted 3/19/11 , edited 3/20/11

clangwee wrote:

<~~~~ OTAKU!

for me.


anime: episodes when kasanoda appeared. :))

manga: too many to mention. anytime when tamaki's in action ♥


manga and anime: anytime when honey-senpai is there! also, in the manga, when haruhi was
. haha. she's soo cute when she's inlove. :))


anime: the bridge scene with tamaki and haruhi, the church scene with hikaru and haruhi.

manga: i agree. the last chapter, when

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