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Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
[Here's the Role play character creator I'll be Checking this for more members must fill out the chart then post under here then i will copy it on my other forum to say who's in this group role playing.][Amu is taken by me.][I will post a list of available characters.]

Name: (crunchyroll username)
Age:(ur real age)
Grade: (high school 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year ,etc.....,this what ever u'll like BUT ONLY YEAR NO HEADMASTER STUFF)
Gender:(female or male based on ur character)
Character:(who you wanna be)( name)
Description:(what ur like)
Picture:(Put here)

(If I'm missing anything please inform me )

Here's mine:
Grade:12th Year
Character:Amu Hinamori
Description:Good at purifying x-eggs, good at making friends loves to hang out with the Seiyo Elementary guardians, I have 1 dad ,1 mom , and one sister named Ami Hinamori, I enjoy being here at Seiyo Elementary.

(sorry i don't know y but it made double)
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Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Name: Uta_Neko-Chan_Nya
Age: 17
Grade: 10th
Character: Utau Hoshina
Description: Works With Ester To Get The Embro, Has A Sings Carear, Related To Ikuto, Friends With Amu-Chan , Loves To Sing For Her Fans :3
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