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Retaliation to Authority
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12

Aero-Mach wrote:

SIT! Sit girl!

no really... i would

Your parents must really like that, and it would make you an excellent girlfriend.


usually when i want to retaliate i simply have a full blown rant in my head...then i just am too afraid to do it in real lol

Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12

underlock wrote:

Aero-Mach wrote:

Your parents must really like that, and it would make you an excellent girlfriend.


But you won't have to train her, unlike a dog.

Yep, although I can see something awful happening too.

Me: *Puts my 1000$ dollar bill down on a table and goes to get something to eat*

Random Guy: "Can I have that money right there?*

Nikki: "Well... I'm not sure..."

Random Guy: "Please? I'll love you forever!"

Nikki: "Okay!" *Gives him the money!*

Me: "Where's my money?"

Nikki: "Uhmm...."

Me: "NOOO!!!!!!"

End of the story.

Speaking of which, I wonder if dogs ever think to retaliate against their authority.
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12
Try to steal their food when they're hungry and you'll see how much shit they give about authority.
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/5/12
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While not a retaliation or anything, this is strange enough to mention I guess.

A couple of months ago I got called into a meeting, but since I was unable to show for that meeting I called well in advance to cansel it and set a new date, if possible.
The conversation started with them saying there needed to be a really, and they ment really good reason for me not showing up.
Then suring the conversation I noticed that according to the law I can´t go on that meeting, that kind of meeting being for people in a specific situation (one I am not in), they went "Well if you can´t come you can´t right".
And finaly I asked for a meeting, since there are a few things I would like to know. Now they turned all "don´t call us, we will call you" on me.
They never did call, so I went there this week and had to wait almost an hour to get my long wished for meeting.

Yaa, waste of space goverments are nice are they not.
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