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106 / in your shower wa...
Posted 9/28/12 , edited 9/28/12
even a bad game can be a great game try not to think of oh man this could have been great game damn glitch....but think haha arrow in my butt lagged and wont disapear even after reloading game XDD or dragon stuck in wall or epileptic deer being shot off miles away bc it died on a hill rolled onto a rock great times....
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28 / M / Canada
Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
great game the Yeh ole fall out version
too bad the bugs and glitches are the reason that made this game a joke of some kind
and to mention the delay of the released of DLC in our console

but still a great game that can give you reasons to be addicted to it
Posted 3/5/13 , edited 3/6/13
I used to play it alot but got bored and stopted its been at the bottom of my game pile for months
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44 / M / TeeDot
Posted 3/6/13 , edited 3/6/13
Noticed that we got a patch for Skyrim last week or something ... anyone know if the performance improved? I was having abysmal load times once my save game got above 12mb.
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Posted 10/11/13 , edited 10/11/13
Forum cleaning. Inactive for over 6 months.

locked and closed
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