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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/3/12
I have a hard time choosing between Hatsune Miku and Gumi. I also love Aoki Lapis, even though she's hasn't been officially released yet!

I love Miku because she's just so cute, and her voice is unlike anyone else's! She has a lot of songs I really like :)

Gumi is one of my favorites because her voice is very pure, and the most human-like of the (not new) Vocaloids. She's got cute and sad songs, and sounds great in both!

Aoki Lapis' voice is absolutely ADORABLE! I can't wait for more songs by her!
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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/4/12
My favorite Vocaloid is Hatsune Miku because:

* Her voice is unique and soothing.
* She is one of the biggest reasons Vocaloid is becoming popular fast because she is the most popular.
* Most of my favorite songs are done using her voice.
* Her design is very cute and cool.

I don't normal like main-stream stuff but with Miku that just doesn't matter to me.
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