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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/3/12
Oh, I have sooo many! Here's a few:

A Born Coward (Ama No Jaku) --- Gumi

Interviewer --- Megurine Luka

PoPiPo --- Hatsune Miku

Ura-Omote Lovers --- Hatsune Miku

Iroha Uta --- Kagamine Rin
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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/4/12
I have way to many to list as well, but here is same:

Do You Like Black Wings? (黒い翼は好きですか?) - Hatsune Miku

The Vocaloid Songs - Hatsune Miku

Freely Tomorrow - Hatsune Miku

Black Rock Shooter - Hatsune Miku

Boku-Boku D'n'T - Hatsune Miku

ARiA - Hatsune Miku

Sekiranun Graffiti - Hatsune Miku

Demon Girlfriend - Kagamine Rin

Ponponpon - Kagamine Rin

Remote Control - Kagamine Rin & Len

Migikatano Choo - Kagamine Rin

Endless Rock - Kagamine Rin

Corruption Garden - Megurine Luka

I=Fantasy - SeeU

Comet - Gumi

You can tell that I like Miku and Rin a bit too much, right?
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