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Posted 1/3/12 , edited 1/3/12
Name: I think the word "himitsu" (meaning "secret") would make a really cute name! I don't know what my family ( last ) name would be.

My Outfit: I don't really know, maybe just a classic school uniform. It's hard to beat that!

Genre: Probably soft songs, or sad. That's not really my personality, but that's just what suits my voice best!

My Character Item: Probably cream puffs. I'd say carrots, but Gumi beat me to it. Or maybe my iPod.

My Vocaloid Personality: Usually the quiet one, more of a listener than a talker. But when I do say something, it's usually pretty off the wall. I'm known for stalking the other Vocaloids. Lily terrifies me. When I'm alone, I enjoy dancing like a crazy person, but if anyone sees me, I am humiliated. I love all things otaku, and often try getting the other Vocaloids to watch anime or cosplay with me.

My Vocaloid Crush: I'm mostly into people older than me. I like Kaito, Len, and VY2. I have a tendency to flirt with them, but mostly with Len, because we're the closest in age.
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