SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (NA)
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Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/5/12
Note: A thread has already been created about SDGO (SD Gundam Online) in general, HOWEVER, that topic was about the Asian servers. This one is specifically about the new North American server. I wanted to make a topic regarding this, considering that crunchyroll is a site with mainly English speaking people. This thread can also introduce people to this game!

This is the link to the old thread-

Promo for the NA Server-

There's a lot of the major MS & Gundams you would first think of :D. In addition, they are from all of the series in the Gundam metaverse! (UC, Future Century, After Colony, After War, Correct Century, Cosmic Era, Anno Domini, Advanced Generation)

NOTE: the NA server is brand new, and therefore, some MS/Gundams have yet to be released on this server, compared to the Korean, HK, and Wasabi (Taiwanese) server. For example, you're not going to see Stargazer Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Wing Zero Custom (but there was Wing Zero if you played the beta for NA server), etc.

-you can customize your MS greatly
-if you are a fan of grunts, then there's a lot!
-to get MS (mobile suits), you either: get it from gacha (basically, "capsules". Capsules are a pack of chosen MS. You pay some money to basically have a chance at winning any of the MS in that specific capsule), buy the MS directly from the shop, buy the MS's blueprints and build it yourself using other lower ranked MS, or buy it from the website's Gashapon (this one using real money)
-there are co-op missions, quests, single missions (except there's not a lot), and of course, PVP (player vs player)


Anyways, now that's settled, does anyone play this game? What do you think about it? How is it compared to the Korean/Taiwanese/HK servers? If you've never heard of it, do you suppose you're going to try to play it? Discuss!
Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/11/12
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