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Posted 1/5/12 , edited 1/6/12
Hey guys,

We've just added some more episodes for Gye Baek and 1000 Kisses !!

- Gye Baek # 21 - 32
-1000 Kisses # 19 - 28


This period drama was produced to shed light on how noble values championed by General Gyebaek of the Baekje kingdom last much longer than the battle cheers of the victors in history. There is no intention to make this a period drama that glorifies Baekje. Nor is it correct to assume that this TV show intends to rewrite Baekje’s history. But for a kingdom that lasted for 680 years, it is time to address the falsehoods that Baekje collapsed due to a tyrant ruler who purportedly was a drunk. There should be a comprehensive look at how Baekje was surrounded by encroaching kingdoms that formed alliances to the detriment of Baekje.

1000 Kisses is a new romantic family drama. This drama portrays the differences in older woman-younger man and younger woman-older man relationship. A single mother with young son falls in love with a man younger than her. Her sister, who has a cheerful and optimistic personality, falls in love with a man much older than her.

*Titles are available in North America.
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Posted 1/8/12 , edited 1/8/12
ooohhh sounds good I will definetly recommend this to my sister ^_^
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Posted 1/8/12 , edited 1/9/12
Gye Baek is pretty good, I've been watching it slowly on here for a while.
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Posted 1/16/12 , edited 1/17/12
Slowly on here for a while.
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