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Where are you lost?
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Posted 1/27/12 , edited 1/28/12
*saves lollipop boy, his lollipop, and his friend*

Rennie was the pilot of the helicopter and got lost, bringing us to the moon.
Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/29/12
~builts a carrot rocket and blasts us all back to the Earth~ ^^ SUCCESS! >:D
Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/29/12
~they crashed into a maze, I help them out with clues ^^~
Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/30/12
*blocked them with a leaf-attack*
Oh! It's the magical people : D *Guides them to the yellow road, but falls in a hole*
Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/30/12
~pulls out a guitar n starts playing till a traveling band hears n helps us out of the hole~ the band steals all our stuff n traps us in big wooden crates on their way to the circus
Posted 1/30/12 , edited 1/31/12
~lost in Japan by myself because SOMEONE didn't save me xD~
Posted 1/31/12 , edited 1/31/12
well im kinda stuck in a crate now so pshhh
Posted 2/14/12 , edited 2/15/12
*saves all of them, and we sail on parachutes but get stuck in a tree*
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