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This is where your new life begins, so have fun out there or not.
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I wake up, its dark and head to the bathroom...i come out and leave to head to a store *opens the door*
Joseph: Aaah...whoa
It was bright outside i was almost blind...
Joseph: ok then now lets go to town.
im walking down a road with my gun ready *hears some moans and staple myself to a wall*... *i stick my head out and see some old zombie dude just walking*
Joseph: ok here we go
*i show myself and he comes forth and so i shoot him* i walk more down the road and see the market i look around and rush in the store *thump* a zombie outside bangs the window trying to get in. I walk back slowly hoping she dont break it and *bump* i got grabbed by a zombie fatty and bites my arm.
Joseph: n..n-noo...this can't be........not like this i won't
i grab my gun and i shoot myself
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California 2:12pm
Im riding through the streets making my way to Nevada.
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Nevada 1:47am
I arrive at the boarder of Nevada, i am tired and i need a place to rest. I come across a horde of zombies so i step on the pedal and ran over some. I look back and throw a smoke grenade...i get to a motel and throw my bags up the roof, i get up there and set my sleeping bag.
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