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Posted 1/7/12 , edited 1/7/12
Dramas and their subtle advertisement is one thing... but some dramas introduces cultural cuisines that makes me go hunting left and right specifically for it. The following are dishes I discovered in dramas...

Coffee Prince : Jjajangmyun
In episode 1, Eun Hye had jajangmyun eating contest with her little sister's suitor. Never heard of the dish before since it's not served at every korean restaurant. It turns out, they don't sell it at korean bbq houses, but there are jjajangmyun restaurants. It is good.

Lunch Queen : Omurice
The whole episode evolves around the protagonist love for omurice with demi glace sauce. Sadly, they don't serve them at any of the Japanese restaurant I frequent. My Japanese friends say they just make it at home since it's rice omelet. But I wanted to try it in a restaurant. And so I did when I went to Japan; it was a lot more tasty onscreen.

Color of Woman : Jjampong
All the talk about code word for kiss and warm noodles in the winter weather got me curious about this dish. It looks a lot like the italian dish "spaghetti fruitti de mar". Not sure if it was the restaurant I went to, but I prefer spicy tofu soup over this.

Strange how dramas centered around food i.e. Pasta, Jewel Palace, Bambino, Ramyun Flower Shop does not do the same for my appetite.
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