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Posted 1/8/12 , edited 1/8/12
Starting from 1, you have to add one to the last posted number and keep going up in that sequence, posting one number at a time, until one of you reaches 10. If one of you manages to reach 10, everybody in that chain wins and we start again. BUT! If any member of the Staff posts here while you are in the middle of a chain, it is broken and you all have to start again.

This game tests speed, reaction time and how often you are on the Forums, but most of all, it tests the cruelty of the various Staff here in this group. Can you beat them, or will they beat you? Ready, set, go!

Here's the full list of rules for this game:

Game Rules
1. The first post in a game must say 1, the second 2, etc.
2. It doesn't matter what else you put in the post, but the number should be clearly visible or it won't count.
3. Reach 10 to win!
4. Players must take turns - no double posting!
5 .Any Staff member can post at any time to break the chain. If they do, you have to start over!
6. If a player posts the wrong number in the sequence, the game should continue as though they hadn't posted. The person who posted the wrong number is asked to blank the post (or to ask a staff member to delete it). Deleting or blanking the post is not a requirement, but is encouraged, since it lets you get around the "no double posting" rule and also keeps the game neat and tidy.
7. You may NOT edit your posts in this thread once you have posted a number, except to blank it out. If you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified from the current round AND the next one.
8. Breaking a Forum Rule on this thread, no matter how minor, is a permanent DQ. A disqualified player cannot add to the chain. If one does, the game should continue as though they hadn't posted. Disqualified players also do not win if the chain is completed.
9. For the purposes of this game, MODs count as regular players, so if a MOD posts, they do not break the chain.
10. Players are allowed to post as many times as they want in a single chain. However, players may not "Trade Turns" more than once. A "traded turn", is when there is only a single post between two posts between the same player. If this happens more than once, the chain is lost automatically and all players who broke this rule are disqualified from the next X games, where X = the total number of posts they all contributed to the offending chain. (This rule is a rewrite from the original rule to clarify it's meaning)
11. Numbers posted in Smiley or ASCII Art will not count. This is because these designs rely too heavily on factors that are not consistent for everybody. For example, Smiley Art requires that the emoticon(s) used can be seen by all users so the design can be read - but the images may not load or be blocked by certain browsers. These factors can render the intended number unreadable for some, so for the sake of accessibility, I've decided it best to block it entirely.
12. If two chains are completed in a row, the second chain must have at least one new player, or it is declared void.
13. When a player is temporarily banned from this game, and they are told to "wait this many chains", every valid chain that has more than one player is counted, even broken chains.

Hope we can have fun playing this game ^_^
Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
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