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Posted 1/8/12 , edited 1/9/12
Put your answers here~! Copy/paste the form at the bottom:


Type of Maid (ex: serves food, cooks):

Describe yourself:

Why should you be employee of the month?
Posted 1/18/12 , edited 1/18/12
Ummm I think that silentrose or sukii should be the employee of the month because I have seen that they have been working really hard. Sometimes nobody would be there to help them yet the kept going and did their best. They tried and tried. They helped other people and at the same time made them laugh and smile. I really like to see them working hard and doing their things because I enjoy to see their sweet smile. They are really kind , caring , honest , respectful and much more. They both make me laugh and I just love their smile.

Username: Sukii-Yami
Maid name: Sukii Y.
Personality:Kind hearted, doesnt like to disappoint, very attracted to guy cutomers
Specialties:Any Seasonal Dish, Dessert, or Drink
Eye Color:deep shade of purple
Hair Color/Length:Mid-back length black hair with bangs that cover one side of her face
Other?:Is made completely of LUST but taking on a human form to stay close to her beloved

Username: silentrose1
Maid name: Elli
Personality: shy, easy going, caring, like to have fun and play games, but will still do her job
Specialty: great with foods especially desserts. will handle drinks when needed :D
-Hair: orange, long, sometimes curly
-Eyes: green
-Other: is a neko so does have ears and tail

:) Good Luck everyone!
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