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A Trainer Card is like your personal I.D.
You can have -Dattebayo make you one, or you can go here and create it yourself:

Create Your Own Trainer Card Here!

If you do want us to make it, this is what you have to fill out:

Your Name: (The name you want in your Trainer Card)
Friend Code: (Go to you Pal Pad and click on your friend code. You don't have to give us one if you don't have one)
Trainer Sprite: (You can pick the person you want to look like. Here is the list of trainer sprites: Trainer Sprites
Gives us a number from 1-101)
Badge Set: (Meaning the set of badges you want in your Trainer Card. The only badges which are available are the ones from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Sorry, no Unova.
Your Pokemon: (You can pick ANY Pokemon you want. Any. But if you're a Gym Leader, you have to pick the Pokemon depending on your type. Same with Elite Four)

Here's an example:
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Awesome thank you <33
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WHOO! i love it! <33
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