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Posted 1/9/12 , edited 1/10/12
First, you need to choose what region. (Hoenn, Unova, Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh)
Those will be the Gym Leaders you battle- (in order), and Elite Four. And Frontier Brains, if the region has.
You have to post your challenge here stating your name and who you want to battle. And also, you need to put your Friend Code so you can add each other to your pal pads.
If you defeat them, they will report it and you will get a badge. (which will go in the records forum)


1. You NEED a Friend Code. You can get one by logging on to Wi-Fi.
2. You can only battle people with the same game that they have.
For example, if you challenge Iris, you can only battle her with a copy of Black and/or White versions.
3. Beware that the Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Frontier Brains may have Pokemon that are in extremely high levels. I warned you.
4. I don't know a lot about Action Replay, but don't use it! No cheating!
5. You can only battle Gym Leaders in order. However, you can choose to battle them however times you want (if they accept your challenge).

Any questions? PM -Dattebayo or post in the questions forum!
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