So, since this series is out on Crunchyroll...

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Posted 1/10/12 , edited 1/10/12
Since Season 4 is being streamed here, is there any chance we can get Seasons 1-3 streamed here as well? I'd really like to watch it legitimately, rather than, um, get it from less "legal" sources. This way, people who haven't seen the first 3 seasons can get caught up on what's going on, and who all these characters are, and why they're acting the way they do.

And if you guys say "it's too old now", we have shows from the 70's, 80's, and 90's here, such as the original Gundam or Go Lion.

I hope you guys can secure the rights to stream them. I'd love to help the people who created this series. Asking for this isn't too far out is it? Or do they want too much money for it?
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Posted 1/10/12 , edited 1/10/12
Isn't it up to the publisher to put it up here, rather than CR to publish it here? I'm not entirely familiar with all of this, being new here, but y'know.

If that is the case, that I am right, then it is a definite possibility, depending on who the original publisher was here, and who owns the rights now. It is possible that the company that originally brought it over went out of business, or that they lost the rights due to a contract expiring, or other reasons, and now no one owns them.

It could be a huge legal mess, but I'm sure that if the current publisher and the old publisher in North America are the same, then it may very well be brought on here.

EDIT: I just checked, and the contract with Geneon Entertainment did already expire, which means that they would need to reacquire it in order to put it up here. Sorry for the bad news.
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Posted 1/10/12 , edited 1/10/12
love the series
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Posted 1/20/12 , edited 1/20/12
At the moment, I think the only chance for a US domestic distribution would lie in Sentai Filmworks as they have licensed the fourth season for DVD distribution. While Funimation did essentially license rescue the first season from Geneon's library, they didn't renew the license as it already went out of print. As for CR, I can only hope to see the first three being shown here.
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Posted 3/14/12 , edited 3/14/12

If all of you want to see the previous 3 seasons of Zero no Tsukaima then I would advise looking at The episodes are all english subtitled.
YouTube has a time limit on their website so Veoh could be an alternative to watching the episodes.
Take a look & advertise it to the community. I uploaded my episodes (I have all of the episodes on my Mac) on Veoh.

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Posted 5/26/13 , edited 5/26/13
A ray of hope from the Sentai panel at Boston Anime 2013 (emphasis is mine):

Q: You got the rights to the final season of Familiar of Zero. But when will you release it? And will you release the earlier seasons?
A: That's a good question. We want to get Familiar of Zero: F Plus Final out there, but we're still working on acquiring the first 3 seasons, because we want to give those to fans too. Hopefully we'll have an announcement soon.
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