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What do you do when your world is falling apart?
Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
I look towards the future, moving forward, even if at first I'm stumbling on everything in my path.

I eventually accept the fact that I cannot change the past, what has just happened in my life, but I can change my present and my future.

This is easier said than done, believe me, but, I can do it.
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/29/12
I experienced such a thing before. Only thing that got me out of it was making a things to do before I die list and actually knocking stuff off of it. I monitor who I give my time to very carefully. I got rid of the wrong people who felt right at the time but really did a lot of damage with their mere presence. I read a lot. Reading helps in the most strangest ways. I read a bit of everything.

Hope you are well. Know that you are stronger than you ever will know. And if it was so bad that you felt like dying you would already be dead. So if you aren't dead that means you must be alive for some purpose, however unknown to you.
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Posted 7/19/12 , edited 7/19/12
I try to stand back up on my 2 feet and move forward. Remember every time you manage to get up once you are knocked down, you become more stronger than the past you.

You have 3 important body parts on you..

First is your brain, past memories that you've experience that makes you.. well you.

Secondly, your heart. Sure it keeps you alive, but it also makes you human, provides you all the emotions that you've experienced and the courage to move forward.

And finally, your legs.. you need it to always keep standing back up each and every time you are knocked really hard down no matter what happens.

We've all been through it.
Posted 7/19/12 , edited 7/19/12

mylronnie wrote:

What are your advices for a pre-midlife crisis?

Not that your motivation for posting this topic isn't worthy (especially since I have no idea what it is) but I really hope you're not serious about a pre-midlife crisis if you're only 20. If you wait a year you can drink legally and own a handgun though I do not advise mixing the two. Each is a great outlet for stress though both are much more fun when engaging in activities with friends. (Barhopping and gunrange days respectively).

As for when you do close in on midlife say 30-40 range, a lot of people want to feel young and pretty again. (for guys its young and tough)

So common outlets are:

Getting a tattoo. Natural ice breakers, each one tells a story and you enter a sub culture that for the most part is fairly close knit in the sense that they have no qualms asking you what yours stands for or why you got it.

Buying a new sports vehicle. Short of Lamborghinis, Maserati's and any other over 200k super vehicle a lot of people wanting to reignite their youth and feel young again will buy something that reflects energy and style. Think Camaro, MUSTANG especially, Charger. A lot of guys might lean towards a Harley Motorcycle, lifted Jeep or Sport Bike like Yamaha R6's and Honda CBR's. Mainly because a new car exudes a feeling of newness for the owner and the type can instill a sense of adventure, outdoorsman nature, or energy in the form of speed.

Getting a younger significant other. Ahh the most commonly sought salve for the mid life crisis individual. Want to feel young and in charge? Want to feel like you still got the sex appeal? Get a younger significant other. Clearly this causes issues if you're currently married. But for a lot of singles a new, younger lover is just the ticket to feeling like you really aren't on the steady march towards bad joints, worse eyesight and a reserved room in a nursing home to die alone and in the dark.
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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/23/12

mylronnie wrote:

What are your advices for a pre-midlife crisis?

Are you a little too young to be asking for advise? Personally I don't find " My World falling apart " and if it was, I guess I'd cry about it first, then get the advise from the Brothers at my congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Remember YOU asked.
Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/25/12
When my world is falling apart...

You'll find me having my coffee and my favorite choco doughnut
I like to think and rationalize things how and why they happen and find some significant reasons for my self.

I call it a state of Stillness midst of chaos

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Posted 8/11/12 , edited 8/12/12
If all else fails start from the ground up---
you have to lose a few battles in order for you to win the war...
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