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lucid dreaming
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Posted 3/14/12 , edited 3/15/12
Honestly dont believe the directions in the first post for lucid dreaming.

I certainly dont do any of that, I go to sleep naturally, and I AM a lucid dreamer. Ive always been able to do it, but I have more "control" of my lucid dreaming now that Im older. Lucid dreaming, for me, most likely started because I had some pretty awful night terrors as a child. Lucid dreaming way a way for me to put myself at ease. But yeah, no special mental powers for me to dream lucidly. I just pull the covers on and go to bed *shrugs*

I am totally aware of when I am in a dream. If I dont like what Im dreaming Im able to wake myself up, or chant during the dream "this is just a dream, take a chill pill." I can also change the course of my dream if need be. What I particularly like about my lucid dreaming is that Im capable of going BACK to a dream that I was having if I liked it, its like I hit the pause button and then hit play.

Yeah, I know, its a pretty awesome talent.
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