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27 / F / Where ever the wi...
Posted 5/12/12 , edited 5/12/12
⇢ Name :Yuri Tezuka
⇢ Age :15
⇢ Gender :Female
⇢ Class: { Class A || Class B } B
⇢ Personality: quiet, shy, smart, friendly, nice, polite
⇢ Bio/History : Yuri is the daughter of two well known scientist she has always been the top of her class. she enjoys reading and jasmine tea her home life is something she likes to call mechanical because her parents are like robots she was raised by her older brother and his wife for some years. she has a full time job at a cosplay cafe and now lives by herself her brother and sister-in-law check up on her now and again to make sure everything is alright. her relationship with her parents is something she doesnt like talking about. She has a small group of friends she's had since middle school Yuri has trouble talking to guys especially handsome guys. she plans on going to college when she is done with college but she is just a normal girl trying to get through highschool.
⇢ Picture: { i n . s p o i l e r }
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F / Ʋиιʌɛяƨιтʏ σғ тнɛ...
Posted 12/20/12 , edited 12/21/12

Character Form

⇢ Name : Kat Toki
⇢ Age : 15
⇢ Gender : Girly-
⇢ Class: { Class A ✔|| Class B✖}
⇢ Personality: shy,kind,blushie,cuddle lover,one of a kind.
⇢ Bio/History :has High grades,always passes,has a special talent of her own.
Has a Crush but he doesn't know she exists.Only Child .Lives with dad & wealthy .
Never ever has a bad grade! Looks for happiness while in pain of being alone.
⇢ Picture: { i n . s p o i l e r }

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